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Zareen Ghazal is a Pakistani Stage Artist and Stage Dancer. Zareen started her career many years back. She belongs to a very normal Background. Zareen belongs to a middle-class family. Zareen came into this field of acting to support her family and to be an independent lady. Zareen is a very successful stage actress and she has earned much fame by working in this field. Zareen Ghazal is a very beautiful actress. Zareen is a very bold lady as she has performed on stage in many shows. She loves to wear bold dresses and that definitely is a part of her job as well. She is bold and very open type of lady. It is not the thing that Zareen was bold since her childhood but when she came out to start working and she entered the field of stage, she turned this way. Zareen is a very responsible lady and she loves her parents and siblings so that is why she has worked throughout to support the family.


Zareen is not only a stage actress who is liked by many people but also she is a very good dancer. People come to see her dance because they admire her dancing skills. She grabs attention of millions of people because of her hot figure and very attractive dance. She is also very good at acting, she acts so well. Zareen is a very pretty lady and that is why many men have had crush on her. People not only love her acting and stage dramas but they also love her beautiful face and very charming personality.

All the work she has done, she did to support her family. She is a very caring person who always gives priority to her family and then anything else is prior to her. Zareen has always been a great support to her parents and younger siblings. Other than her work, Zareen is not much a very social person and she wants to spend her most of time with her family. Zareen is also a very down-to-earth person. She always keeps an eye on the deserving people around her and supports them as much as she can. Zareen always try to meet people with big smile on her face and she loves to take care of the people around her.

When we talk about Zareen Ghazal’s very personal life, we can see that she is happily married. Zareen has worked too much on stage but after marriage, she took a break from her stage work. She is often seen on different events and many occasions related to the Pakistan Media Industry. And the fact is that she has taken side from her stage work and she doesn’t do stage dramas and dances anymore because she wants to keep the grace of her husband.


Zareen Ghazal has been very popular in the News because she married a very famous man of Pakistan in fact of south Asia. Zareen Ghazal is married to Omer Sharif. They got married in 2005. As we all know this man, the Great Omer Sharif, he is a Pakistani stand-up Comedian, and moreover, he also is a very popular films, Television and Stage actor. He is a known artist throughout the world. He has convinced people to praise him from throughout the whole world. He has done variety of shows on stage, TV in many countries of the world. Omer Sharif is a very successful man and everyone adorns this man. He has represented Pakistan and Pakistani Artists on various platforms in many countries of the world. It has always been a problem with Omer Sharif that he was never considered a successful man regarding his personal or marriage life. Omer Sharif is in the list of those celebrities who married thrice in their lives. Omer Sharif got married the first time when he was very young. They couldn’t settle and they finally got divorced. He got married again and that marriage was also a failure, he again got divorced and that chapter also ended. People started to assume that Omer Sharif is a failure and he couldn’t settle down in his life. But then he met Zareen Ghazal during the stage work. They both liked each other and finally decided to get married. They married in 2005. And they are living a perfect life with each other. They have proved all those people wrong who though that Omer couldn’t settle down ever. They are living a very healthy and lovely life. They really love each other and both have supported fully each other up till now. We can surely say that Omer is a lucky man who got such a loving and pretty wife.


Zareen Ghazal started her career many years back. She is a very famous name whenever we talk about stage dramas and stage work. She is an Independent lady who started working on stage so that she could get some work to start her career. Zareen is much adorned because of her acting on stage. Not only her acting skills are applauded but also she is a perfect dancer. She sets the fire on stage whenever she danced. People are definitely in love with her hot personality. Zareen Ghazal has worked in various Stages Dramas and she has danced many times. She is heart-taking lady and people definitely love her.


Full Name:                               Zareen Ghazal

Date of Birth:                          N/A

Zodiac Sign:                             N/A

Nick Name:                              N/A

Age:                                           N/A

Eyes:                                          Black Color

Hair:                                           Black Color

Complexion:                             Whitish

Body Type:                                Healthy

Ethnicity:                                   Pakistani

Marital Status:                          Married

Husband:                                    Umer Shareef (Omer Sharif)

Marriage Year:                           2005

Kids:                                              N/A

Religion:                                       Islam

Famous For:                                Stage Actress, Stage Dancer

HomeTown:                                 Karachi, Pakistan

Languages known:                      Urdu, English


Hobbies:                                  Long Drive, Travelling, Dancing

Favorite Food:                        Desi Food, Home Made Food


Place of Birth:                                  Karachi, Pakistan

Current Address:                             Karachi

Mobile Number:                              N/A


Zareen Ghazal is not as much social on social media accounts like our young stars and celebrities. She loves to spend most of the time with her Husband whom she loves so much. Zareen is also not a selfie lover and she doesn’t take much pictures. You won’t be able to find more of her pictures anywhere. But she is on Facebook and she can b followed on fb using the link:

Other than that, she uses Instagram using the name: szareenghazal


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