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Pakistan is a country rich in young talent and intelligence. But unfortunately there are only a few platforms which promote this very talent. Miss Veet Pakistan is one of the greatest talent hunting shows across the country which allows girls show their agility and virtuosity. Zainab Raja from Islamabad was selected as Miss Veet Pakistan 2016. Zainab is a young, beautiful girl of 20 and belongs to a family where girls are not allowed to go for the field of media and modeling. It was the biggest challenge for Zainab to convince her family for being a part of Miss Veet Pakistan. The beautiful lady impressed the judges in her first encounter with them revealing that it was the hardest task to make her family allow her break the stereotypes attached to the glamour of media industry and showbiz to show her hidden abilities in front of the world but it was the first step to the ladder of her dreams which gave her confidence.

Zainab’s parents were quite helpful and they supported her throughout. She is attached to her brother after her parents. Her brother is her best friend and they share a very friendly environment at home. It was her brother who helped her and supported her in accomplishing the goal of Miss Veet 2016. Miss Veet challenge is not only about modeling and acting but also about overcoming your fears and exposing to drastic life changes. Zainab was daring enough to accept all the provocations and stood tall in all the tough rounds of the contest.

“I was afraid of water and reptiles but Veet academy gave me an opportunity to vanquish my fear and taught me how to look straight into the eyes of my fear and stand all the hardships because I had to do some shoots with animals and reptiles and also in water after all your greatest talent is much powerful than your biggest fear” Zainab says. “I am sure when I’d leave the academy I will be more confident and a flexible person because this program induced more acceptance in me and now I see myself as a more submissive and calm person” she adds.

Zainab Raja as a person is very soft and kind hearted. She was attached to her grandmother more than her own mother and she passed away. “I feel more affection for the old people may be because I was quite close to my grandmother and she left us, I see her face in the old ladies and I love them”, she said with her eyes wet in the interview. Zainab was delighted when she was assigned the task with old age home and she believed that she would do it with her heart. When the loving Zainab went to old age home she got emotional as she missed her grandmother but she had a perfect control over her nerves. She met all the ladies in the house and started knowing their interests. All the women shared a common interest that they love makeup and hairdo and hence, ‘Miss Veet to be’ bought some cosmetics and hair dyes for them and became their beautician for a day. “I was very excited when I bought cosmetics for them because I knew it would make them smile, then I cooked food for those ladies and served them by myself” she said when she came back from the old age home. The pure hearted girl took care of them for a few days will all the sincerity and left cherishing memories there. This sensitive aspect of her personality impressed the judges and they appreciated her a lot.

The bold and brilliant Zainab has outstanding verbal and social abilities. She as a sweet and polite voice and it is her voice which makes her stand out in crowd. In Miss Veet Pakistan, you are not judged on the bases of your looks or smartness etc. Miss Veet judges select an all-rounder who knows how to wear a particular style, how creative and innovative you are, how amazingly you accept others and yourself as well, how wonderfully you act and speak in a given situation, are you emotionally intelligent and do have control over your emotions. Zainab Raja met all these requirements and proved herself to be the strongest and most deserved candidate of Miss Veet 2016.

When Zainab was crowned as Miss Veet 2016, she was grateful to God and all the people who helped her making her way to success. “I feel like I am dreaming and when I’ll wake up the dream will be over but I am thankful to God that it’s not a dream and I am declared as Miss Veet Pakistan 2016 in reality” She expressed her feeling at the end.

The stunning Zainab pays her gratitude on Facebook in these words “I am overwhelmed with the response I have received so far – Thank you everyone for your love and support. There have been so many people who have helped me complete my goal. Not only have they helped me in my endeavor, they believed in me, and that has made all the difference.”

Zainab Raja is an inspiration for all the young girls who are talented and want their talent to be their identity. Here are some of the youtube videos of Zainab in Miss veet 2016, watch yourself the success story of a multidimensional beauty with brains.





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