Who exactly is Momina Mustehsan ?

Everything you need to know about gorgeous Momina Mustehsan


Momina Mustehsan is a thing of beauty which means she will be joy forever. She was born in 1988. Her birthday is 2nd april. She is aries by zodiac sign. She was brought up in United States of America. She is an engineer by profession. (So boring isnt it).


She tried to flirt with violin in her college days. She really had such luck. She is a pro as far as her violin playing skills are concerned.

She was in fact a hidden treasure until the release of coke studio season 9. She debuted with the legendary singer Rahat Ali Khan (who is a nephew of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and his protege as well) with the legendary song ” Afreen Afreen” in Season 9 and Episode 2. Have a look at her blushing face before going further.

What can i say about her. Look at her lovely smile and beautiful lips. She is really such a beauty. But her hairs doesnot look good. So bad of her.

Her second song in the season was Tera wo pyar. It was also lovely song. You can her Momina Mustehsan Song here.

Although her voice is not as charming as she is infact, yet it is purely a joy to watch. In this song, her hairstyle is pretty better than the last time where she is looking horrible.


Smile of Momina Mustehsan

She is really a beautiful lady. Had i not in true love, i must have gone after her. She smiles like a kid. She is so beautiful. I can watch her smile for hours.

Momina Mustehsan without Makeup

You can watch momina here without makeup. You will definitely love her. Its not only good make up and camera lens. Watch the video.


Her Favorite Color

Her favorite color is baby pink. But she also likes to flirt with shades of blue.


Her other Songs

Her other songs include the following.

Is Momina really engaged?

Yeah, sorry to break your hearts, momina is really engaged. Fiance of Momina Mustehsan is Ali Naqvi who is a banker by profession. He may have money and career but he definitely lacks Fame as google is silent about him.

You can watch engagement pictures of momina here in this video.


Was Momina in relationship with Danyal zafar (brother of Ali zafar).

Well, whatever it was, it was over.  There is no official confirmation of denial from either side. Although, following picture was circulating in the media.

relationships of momina mustehsan



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