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Wasim Akram is a former and popular player. He is known by his left arm bowling style. So, he is famous for his left handed batsman cricketer in Pakistani cricket team. He served himself for cricket world for many years.



Wasim Akram is very known player in the scenario of Pakistani cricket. He has Pakistani nationality. He secured his early education from his town and then take turned his career. He was very committed and loyal toward his professional life. He faced number of challenges initial stages but he covered all problems with patience level. Owing to his responsible behavior he got captaincy rank in Pakistani cricket world. He was born on 6 June 1966. Moreover, he was the greatest fast bowler in the history of cricket world.  He represented himself in many test matches and one day international tournaments.


He got his early education from his hometown. After that he moved for higher study to Islamia College Lahore. So, he completed his study from Lahore.



He belongs to liberal and well educated family. His parents are very modern and supportive. His parents have proud for his son. But he belonged to middle class family.


He is blessed with two sisters and one brother. He has strong bonding and very frankly environment at home. He loves his family.


Wasim Akram played cricket from his early days of college. He was very passionate about his game. So, officially he entered in cricket world in 1980s. After that he became opening batsman due to his extraordinary performance. He was selected for different matches and tournaments at early stage of his professional life. So, he got popularity and achieved unbelievable success. He got his fan followers in millions.



Full name:                                                               Wasim Akram

Nickname:                                                             WAZ,Sultan of Swing

Born:                                                                        3 June 1966

Birth Place:                                                                 Lahore, Pakistan

Height:                                                                         6.3

Weight:                                                                         75kg

Wife:                                                                           Huma Mufti

Children:                                                                           2 Sons (Taimur and Akbar)

Nationality:                                                                   Pakistani

Batting Style:                                                                Left-Hand Bat

Bowling Style:                                                               Left-Arm Fast

Major Teams:                                                      Pakistan, Hampshire, Lahore, Lancashire, Pakistan                                                                                              Automobiles Corporation, Pakistan International Airlines

Role:                                                                       (All-rounder) bowler and batsman.

Test debut:                                                         25 January 1984 v New Zealand

Last Test:                                                           9 January 2002 v Bangladesh

ODI debut:                                                      23 November 1984 v New Zealand

Last ODI:                                                          1 March 2003 v India



As we know that he got married life in the year of 1995. His wife name was Huma. They spend happy and pleasant life with each other. He got two sons from his wife but unfortunately his wife died due to natural issues.



He was blessed with two sons from his first wife. His first son was born in 1996 and second son was born in the year of 2000. He is very happy with his sons.


Unfortunately, his first wife died and he faced lot of problems during his personal life. So, he decided to second marriage. So, he again started his married life in 2013 with Australian nationality girl. Now he is happy couple and spending pleasant life.



According to web resources, he is indulging in one girl. But it is just rumors because he is spending happy married life. He is very simple and plain person.


Apart from his cricket field, he is also best model in Pakistani fashion industry. His handsome look is very appealing. He has natural beauty in his attractive features. He is very tall in his height. He is doing various commercials such as Pepsi and co cola. He is also doing modeling with fashion designers due to his beautiful figure.


 News Stories:

He was a very famous and popular cricketer. So, he was not played for only Pakistan but he was also played for many countries. He won many matches. He signed cricket club in 1988 in England. He became favorite bowler from ECB. He played for country club for long time. Now he is living retirement life. So, presently he is involving in media career.


According to Wasim Akram, he said in an interview, at early age my parents were against. They did not support at early stage my cricket career. But with the passage of time, with my great efforts they understand me. Now they have proud on me. He played different matches and achieved success. He believes on hard work and determination. He gained wonderful experience from his cricket life.



Interesting scores and best performance in cricket world was maintained his legacy. Furthermore, he was challenge in different ways like great sir Vivan Richard has been taken to task for him. But his unbroken efforts achieved popularity and became a top-star player. He earned lot of records during his captaincy. So, his legacy is full of bright moments. He was known as legend due to his fast bowling style. He was best bowler in cricket history.


He was very confident on his performance in cricket. He faced taunts and criticism from Pakistani people on his bowling style. But on the other side of world, he secured appreciations and different titles. So, his fans got disappointment but actually he loves acting and he always wants to act and be involved in the performing best arts.

International career:

He is best player in Pakistani cricket team. He secured international recognition due to his extraordinary performance. He also recorded in various time in different matches. So, he shared his records with Brain Lara in making fastest fifty an century. All players have fear from his wonderful achievements. He achieved best player title at international level.



Owing to his best performance in various matches such as one day, tournaments and T20 he secured his high rank in Pakistani cricket team. He served himself as a captaincy for many years. He was best coach and captain in Pakistani cricket world. Under his captaincy, Pakistan achieved wonderful success in difficult challenges.


After retirement he started his media career. He worked as a commentator on different channels. He is doing work for commercials. He is spending his life for television industry. ARY channel is favorite for his commentary.


He was appointed as team coach in 2010. He was a big dreamer for his professional life. He worked for Kolkata riders and he was responsible for his left arms bowling style. He is very lucky for coaching famous teams in cricket history.



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