Usman Khalid Butt age, height, weight, education, career, family, affair, scandal, wife,...

Usman Khalid Butt age, height, weight, education, career, family, affair, scandal, wife, marriage, parents, sibling, drama, film, movie, production, writer, interview, video, social media accounts, facebood, twitter, instagram

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Osman Khalid Butt is the best and well known actor in showbiz industry. His tremendous work became his identity. He is very smart in his work and committed to his career. Simply, he is career oriented man. He lives in the capital city of Pakistan and born in the year of 1986. He is very famous not only in television industry but also in film industry.



Usman Khalid Butt is well known in Pakistani fashion industry. He is very versatile personality such as he good writer, actor, comedian and producer. Pakistani fashion industry is in incomplete without his presence. He has multiple attributes. He is very honest toward his professional life. He has tolerance level know his limits. He got wonderful experiences from his media career. He achieved pleasant recognition all around world.


He secured graduation degree. He was emotionally very strong for his media career. So, he could not secure higher education.



He belongs to liberal and well educated family. His parents are very modern and supportive.


He is blessed with two sisters and one brother. He has strong bonding and very frankly environment at home.


Usman Khalid Butt is very positive mind person in fashion industry. He knew that, there is lot of criticism in this career. He faced critical situation in media but due to his hardworking, he fulfilled his dreams. According to him, a strong character person must face difficulties with patience. He learnt from his mistakes and became a shining star in fashion industry. He gained popularity all over the world because he did not lose his confidence.



He started his professional career in last decade. He had many chances in media field because of his brilliancy. He worked with different channels like GEO TV, HUM TV and ARY etc. So, he got popularity with different taste in acting, directing and modeling etc. He is a best theater actor


Name:                                                                        Osman Khalid Butt

Alternate Name:                                                          Osman

Height:                                                                       5 fit 10 in (1.78 m)

Careers:                                                                    Actor, Director, Journalist, Writer

Born:                                                                              February 09, 1986

Age:                                                                                  30

Marital Status:                                                               Single

Zodiac:                                                                         Aquarius

Country:                                                                         Pakistan

Home Town:                                                               Islamabad

Movies:                                                                        Balu Mahi

Television Shows:                                                        Sanam

Net Worth:                                                                     6 million



He got married with his first crush. He is very gentleman and committed toward his commitments. He loves only one girl in early age and later he married with her. They are very mature couple and have cooperation with each other. They are loving couple and live charming life. So, it is true Usman Khalid Butt has no affair with any one. He is focused person and does not involve other activities.


He is blessed with two babies. He is spending happy and pleasant life with his family and children.



He said in an interview, at early age my parents were against. They did not support my showbiz career. But with the passage of time, with my great efforts they understand me. Now they have proud on me. On the other side, my wife is associated to very conservative family. She has lot of problems at initial stage but now she has maturity level. I had different taste and wanted variations in my work. So, I went beyond my ideas and raised fashion industry level.


He received offer from film industry. He was very confident on his performance in film but due to multiple issues film was flopped and Ali faced taunts and criticism from Pakistan people. But on the other side of world, he secured appreciations and different titles. So, his fans got disappointment but actually he loves acting and he always wants to act and be involved in the performing arts.



According to web, Usaman Khalid Butt has very interesting news stories, because in these days he is indulging himself in different kinds of projects of acting in drama serials. He has very tough schedule but he has also signed new projects of modeling and he is in concentrating his projects with all his dedication and hard work.


He has no affair in reality but media is spreading rumors all around because it is part of fashion Industry. He is very humble and peaceful personality.



He has travelled all around world but he loves to be in London again and again as he loves this place so much. This is his favorite holiday destination too.


Usman Khalid Butt is a loveable person. He loves to make new friends. He has deep dimples on both which make Ali more attractive.



Owing to his brilliancy and his unique work in fashion industry, he nominated for best actor and got best actor award. He was widely praised for his role. He secured Best Drama Actor at Pakistan Media Awards.


He is not just actor. He is also best comedian and good writer. His best parody in which famous actress Maya Ali Khan played a funny stuff and got popularity.


He is also a theater director. He is best in his comedy style. He is perfect example beauty with brain.



He is very brilliant actor in Pakistan fashion Industry. He had very optimistic attitude toward his career and in media. He had created different stuff in dancing and promoted a unique culture due to his choreography. Owing to his choreography very brilliant dancers has been popular.


He started his career in TV and done many roles and different serials. He raised his figure and voice in small screen. With the passage of time, he achieved attention in this episode. So, he established himself as a strong actor. He worked with very popular actors and actresses.



He worked very unique work as a producer. He had good ideas and liberal thoughts. His production serials are very popular and got appreciations not only in his domestic place but at international level.


Balu Mahi, Jannan and Parwaz hey Junoon these are his best movies.


1-Durr E Shehwar

2- Ek Naee Cindrella

3- Aunn Zaara

4- Galti Se Mistake Ho gaee

5- Diyar E Dill

6- Goya

7- Munkir

8- Sanam



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