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We all know that Pakistan Media Industry is full of talents and there are many actors and actresses who are not very much popular but a lot of people love them and people want to see those cute faces on television. Many of the celebrities are working for some years and they have gradually gained fame and popularity. Uroosa Qureshi is one of those actresses who have gained fame and popularity slowly and quietly. She is one of the cutest and innocent faces of the Pakistan Drama Industry. Uroosa looks very cute, she is young. She has not done too much work but all she has done is the quality work. She is famous for many of her characters in different drama serials. She is always given the role of a very positive and cute girl that the audiences start to compare good and ideal girls with her character.


Other than dramas, Uroosa is also a very loving girl in her real life. She is a very simple person and she just wants a very simple life. She is a very sophisticated and educated girl. She belongs to a very simple and decent family. Uroosa has always maintained to have never crossed her limits. If we look as Uroosa’s dressing in many of her drama Serials and other TV Appearances, we can have a very clear idea that she is a very decent and elegant girl who doesn’t compromise on her values and morals. She is a girl with the guts and she definitely wants to work but not beyond her values.

Uroosa Qureshi is a very unique and versatile actress. She is an independent girl and she wanted to make her way in this Industry on the basis of her talent and she has no doubt succeeded to make her position in the Pakistan Media Industry. She is a well-known TV actress and model. But if we take a look on Uroosa’s personal life, she is a very home loving person. She wants to spend most of her time with family. She loves interacting with her family members, parents, siblings and husband. She tries her best to spend most of her free time with family rather than going out and spending than time with other people. She loves her family more than anything else in this world, according to herself. Not only she is a wonderful performer, but also she is a great daughter and she fulfills all of her family responsibilities first. She has appeared in many of the innocent characters because of her innocent face and very pretty face features. She has gained a lot of appreciation and love from her fans because of her quality work and decent characters in different dramas.



Uroosa has always been in news because of her affair with a famous TV actor Bilal Qureshi. They both finally announced that they would get engaged soon. But rather than getting engaged, Uroosa and Bilal tied their knots in a very strong bond of marriage. Both were in a very strong relationship of commitment since they were working together. They liked each other and their love affair started. Both of their families liked each other so they decided to get married. Recently, Uroosa and Bilal have been blessed with a baby boy. After their marriage, both are seen on different talk shows together. They are living a very satisfied life together.



She is a very young Pakistani Actress and Model. She is seen in many Pakistani Dramas doing supporting as well as Lead characters. She is popular for many of her dramas. She is definitely striving to gain much more familiarity and popularity. But still, she has become a very well-known face of the Pakistan Drama Industry. She has been featured in many of the TV Series on different channels.

Uroosa was recently appearing in a TV series that was being aired on ARY Digital but she had to leave the project in the middle because she was already pregnant and she gave birth to a child recently. So that is why she is not currently seen on TV for any of her new projects. She is on break since she is a mother of a new child. But she definitely wants to pursue her career further and hopefully we will be watching Uroosa in her new projects in near future.

Uroosa Qureshi is a well-known Pakistan TV Actress and she also is a model as we all know. She is famous and best known for many of her dramas which include “Meenu Ka Susral“, “Sartaj Mera Tu Raaj Mera”, “Daagh” and “Gila Kis Se Karein”. Not only that, she also was nominated for the “Best Soap Actress” at the 4th Hum Awards. Uroosa has also been nominated for many other awards. She is a very deep actress who stays loyal and she performs all of her characters with full dedication.



Date of Birth:                      2nd Jan 1990

Zodiac Sign:                         Aquarius

Nick Name:                          N/A

Height:                                  5 ft 5 inches

Weight:                                 59 Kg

Age:                                       26 years (as of 2016)

Eyes:                                      Black

Hair:                                       Black

Complexion:                         Fair

Body Type:                            Slim

Ethnicity:                               Pakistani

Marital Status:                      Married

Husband:                                Bilal Qureshi

Kids:                                         1-Boy

Religion:                                  Islam

Famous For:                            Acting, Modeling

Education:                                N/A

HomeTown:                             Lahore, Pakistan

Languages known:                   Urdu, English


Hobbies:                                         Long Drive, Travelling, Reading Books

Favorite Food:                               Pakistani Food, Fast Food


Place of Birth:                                Lahore, Pakistan

Current Address:                           Lahore

Mobile Number:                            N/A



Uroosa Qureshi is not a very social media person. And since she like spending more of her time with family and also now she is mother of a new born baby, she doesn’t have much time to interact with her fans and followers. She doesn’t share updates from her daily routine rather she posts pictures and updates rarely. She has her personal accounts on different social media websites. You can see updates from Uroosa Qureshi’s Facebook account using the following link: https://www.facebook.com/TheUroosaQureshi/

Uroosa’s Instagram name is: uroosaqureshi.official

Uroosa Qureshi can be followed on Twitter using the following link: https://twitter.com/realuroosa



Uroosa Qureshi has appeared in many of Pakistani TV Soaps and Serials. She loves doing her work with full dedication and that is why she is known for most of her dramas. Some drama serials of Uroosa Qureshi are as follows:

  • Meenu Ka Susral
  • Daagh
  • Kaala Jadoo
  • Sartaj Mera Tu Raaj Mera
  • Sitara Jahan Ki Betiyaan
  • Piya Ka Ghar Pyara Lagay
  • Chhoti Chhoti Khushyian
  • Qismat
  • Mohe Piya Rung Laaga
  • Gila Kis Se Karein


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