Top Five Career choices for Pakistani Youth in 2016 and 2017

Careers can be defined as the way of living that pays your bills. Nowadays due to diversity and ever evolving circumstances, the numbers of careers have increased manifold. Historically, there used to few careers for people to choose from including military service, farmer, trader or blacksmith. Now, there are more than 40000 recognizable careers in Pakistan. Career counseling has become very important in Pakistan. Young kids and teenagers are confused about choosing about what field to pursue in their future life. When we were young, becoming an army officer, pilot, doctor and engineer were the main choices that we have. But, now the complexity of our society as well as our economy have evolved resulting in creating of hundreds of good careers for our young generations. Below are the top five careers and professions in my point of view.

  1. Government Servant (Bureaucrat)


In our point of view, becoming government officer or bureaucrat is the fifth best career choice for your generation. It is because Government service has lots of perks and benefits. Their privileges include wide range of monetary and non monetary benefits. It can give a lot of intrinsic and extrinsic satisfaction to the job holder. Besides job security, free housing and medical facility is a major attraction for young generation who are growing in a age where having a decent place of shelter and medical facilities is becoming very difficult. Besides, there are lots of chances of promotion, vertical and horizontal movement decreasing the chances of midlife crisis and other psychological hazards. Respect from people is also a plus point in this regard.

  1. Armed Forces (officer grade)


In our view point, becoming an armed force officer is the fourth best career choice for our generation. In Pakistan, Army, Navy and Air Force are three armed forces. All of these armed forces induct young individuals in officer grade at a very young age with meager qualifications. For joining Air Force or Navy, one needs to have completed Intermediate with Science subjects. On the other hands, anyone can join army who has got 55% of marks. These are the only jobs that guarantee your career and job success at a very young age of eighteen years of age. There are lots of perks and privileges in this job.  Free housing and medical are best attractions of these jobs. The most interesting thing about these jobs is that these jobs are not merely careers, they are lifestyles. People really respect armed forces officers and girls are really attracted to uniformed officers. One must at least try or make his younger siblings try for these jobs as they can eliminates all the confusions and uncertainties of life at a very younger age.

  1. Doctor/Dentist

Beautiful young doctor standing with hands folded and assistant doctors in background

In our view point, becoming a medical specialist as a doctor or dentist is the third best career choice for our generation. This genre of profession is best for female students who want to spend their life as working women. Entry in this field is very challenging as there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who are desperate to enter in this case. Acid test to separate aspirants from medical students is MCAT exams and higher merit of marks in intermediate. One really need to work his best and burn midnight oil in intermediate forgetting all other attractions in life to get into a government medical college. There are private medical colleges as well but there is huge difference of financial cost between studying medical at private and government medical college. Government medical college usually cost less than 30000 Rupees per annul including hostel stay. On the other hand, Private medical colleges usually require more than 7 hundred thousand rupees per annul. So, your hard work can really save millions of rupees of your parents. Future of medical science in bright in Pakistan but opportunities abroad are endless. USMLI can really pay you in millions of rupees per month once you have completed that too at very younger age.

  1. IT professional


The second best career in my point is entry in Information Technology genre in any field in any position. It is the most fluid career choice which is ever available in history of mankind. Entry in this field does not even require degree. You just need to know what you are supposed to do and nobody will give a shit to the fact whether you have completed degree or otherwise. IT profession is very broad and it is profession of 21st Century. It includes Web Programmer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Database administration, Data management, network solutions, hardware experts, application developers, website developers, internet marketers and God knows what. It is the most highest paying industry of 21st Century. All the new billionaires that have joined the Elite club of billionaires are mostly from this field. You just need to start a startup and at the end, you will be handsomely rewarded.

  1. Entrepreneurship 


The best career choice in my point of view that is available for our generation is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the basically being your own boss and starting a venture and making it succeed. It is also the most challenging field that is ever available. Mostly parents don’t trust their children with this field. Parents think that this career choice requires lots of capital resources, business acumen and experience to succeed. In my view point, it is otherwise. It only requires strong work ethics for young businessmen to succeed. You can start a small venture with as little resources as you like. All you need is to think out of box and have a great business idea and stick to the plan. You are going to love what this field is really capable of giving. You are not only in charge of your affairs but your future, past and present are in your hands. I must advice you that you must trust your children to start ventures as ultimately the spirit of entrepreneurship will make Pakistan progress and you proud.