Top 25 mehndi designs


Mehndi is an art that you can learn to apply just in a few days. You can grab command on this art by starting to practice simple henna designs. Mehndi is the perfect form of temporary skin decoration and girls always love this trend. Girls specially take out time on different religious festivals, functions and family weddings and apply mehndi on their hands and feet. Some people like its cold and sweet smell and some women like its dark reddish and brown color on hands. The henna or mehndi art originated from the Indian regions and adopted by the neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and this art is popularized and made prominent in the west areas through the Indian cinema and Indian and Pakistani TV industry. Mehndi decorations became very popular in the western countries in the late 1990s and there people call them henna tattoos.

Applying different mehndi designs and patterns and coloring hands with henna is a very popular and well-liked practice in Pakistan and the neighboring countries. Girls and women adorn themselves with trendy and stylish mehndi patterns and with the best mehndi designs on different occasions, events and even some like to wear mehndi with normal routine. Different types of henna is available in the market like black henna, red henna, different beads and glitters to be used in henna designs are also available. Different colors and styles are also used in the new and stylish henna designs but you can also go for the simple and trendy henna designs. You can grab mehndi skill by practicing and that can’t be achieved in a single day. This requires constant practice. People living in the America and other west countries are crazy about this mehndi art because they love these temporary tattoos. If you want to learn applying mehndi, start applying simple mehndi patterns and for instance, make simple and straight lines and then go for making flowers and floral patterns. Once you have a grip on this mehndi art, it has very much demand these days. Girls want the best and perfect mehndi designs on their hands and feet. And especially the bridals want the appealing and the different designs from all other girls’ mehndi patterns.

When Eid, any other religious festivals or family functions comes, girls start searching for the latest and the best mehndi designs because they want to look perfect and stylish and different from others. For perfect looks, everything should be perfect and on point and mehndi is one of those things that add to a girl’s personality. It is not specially made to apply on hands and feet rather it can be used to apply on different parts of body calling them temporary skin henna tattoos. Henna is the best thing that is used to beautify hands and feet.

We have collected some of the best mehndi designs probably the top 25 mehndi designs of the year. Here we have gathered the latest mehndi designs that include the Indian mehndi designs, Pakistani mehndi designs and the Arabic mehndi designs. Mehndi or henna is considered the best form of celebration on different occasions. Any traditional event or function is incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi or henna designing has always been in the latest fashion trends and its popularity and use has increased times more than it was in the past years. The most important function where girls wear mehndi is the wedding ceremonies in Pakistan. Many new and intricate henna designs have been introduced in the latest henna trends. So let us have a look on some of the latest and the best henna designs for hands and feet. These are the best and top 25 mehndi designs, you will love these designs and you would love to try them, here is the top 25 mehndi designs list:


The mehndi design in the picture is on the top of list of top 25 mehndi designs. It is an Indian mehndi design that looks elegant on a bride’s hands.


A very trendy and decent Indian mehndi design is on the feet of the bride, these gorgeous designs came from the Rajistani tradition. It covers full feet and looks perfect.


Stylish and very neat design is on the small hands of a little girl. Fish henna design is applied to the little hands. This is very nice-looking and modish henna design that is why it is includes in the list of top 25 mehndi designs.


This henna design is inspired by the Arabic mehndi design and it is not much difficult to apply rather it is easy. Beautiful pattern of sun-flowers and leaflets is drawn to give an embellishing look to the hands.


The henna design is included in the list of top 25 mehndi designs because round mehndi patterns are always liked and loved by girls. These have always remained in fashion.


This henna design is looks just perfect and looks like someone expert at mehndi art has drawn this henna design. It is a perfect geometrical pattern of flowers, lines and dots made with quite neatness. The design looks like Arabic mehndi design because the thick tone of henna is applied.


This round mehndi design can be worn by brides on their wedding as well as it can be carried with the normal routine. This henna design has always been on the top list of mehndi designs.


This is a Arabic mehndi design in which a flower is drawn making enchanting mehndi pattern. This looks lovely.


This is an amazing and very thick mehndi design for hands. It covers full hands gives a very contemporary look to hands. You must try this henna design.


This shows the perfect use of dark red henna color and light brown henna for shading or filling. This is perfect bridal mehndi design.


This is perfect depiction of the peacock henna design with flowers and it looks so classy. This can be worn with heavy functions and mostly women like this type of henna designs.


This is a very trendy and lovely henna design depicting heart shaped mehndi design. This is a lovely henna design.


Round mehndi designs have always been in the list of top most henna patterns. Floral based round mehndi patterns looks so appealing and stylish.


You can draw this stylish henna design on your feet, this is new in fashion that involves the use of silver beads in the design. This looks charming and delightful.


This is flowers based round henna design. The round henna design is surrounded by stylish flowers and looks very attractive.

Now we have some of the top Arabic mehndi designs and Pakistani henna designs. All these designs are very simple and attractive so you must try these appealing and enchanting henna designs. Easy henna designs are made because they are simple, decent and unique and these can be carried on all type of occasions and the best thing about simple designs is that these are very helpful for the beginners. So, have a look on these simple and decent designs, some of these are Arabian designs and others include Pakistani and Indian henna designs. See these gorgeous designs and try applying them: