Top 10 dulhan mehndi designs


The wedding brings joy and happiness in one’s life as well as it brings a lot of tensions about the functions and mostly the brides are very much worried and conscious about how would she be looking on her big day. Every bride wants to look complete and the prettiest bride. There are a lot of things that she has to specially work on for her wedding day, her big day of life. These things include her dress, hair and makeup and the most important and prominent thing that will be noticed by everyone is mehndi on her hands and feet. Every bride wants to have the best and most attractive mehndi design on her hands so that the hands look prominent in the photography and pictures. It is not that much easy to chose what design to wear on hands and feet but brides of all eras prefer to have very trendy and classic mehndi designs, no matter how much modern a girl is, she chooses to wear entirely classic and traditional dressing, hair, makeup and mehndi because eastern brides are known for being trendy and that is what makes them unique and gorgeous.

Brides want everything just perfect and as per their requirement because wedding is a big day, a dream day for a girl and she wants everything on point. Mehndi plays a very essential role in the makeover of a bride because mehndi is the best form of skin decoration, the dark red and brown colored designs on a bride’s hands makes her look more enchanting and the people love this mehndi thing on her hands. Mehndi also plays an important part these days because when it comes to photography, the mehndi is focused and specially when the girl signs the papers of nikkah, the most appealing thing that can be focused is her hands and the mehndi on her hands adds beauty to that moment which is captured by the camera. Also people want eastern brides fully loaded with trendy mehndi designs so that brides look lovely.

This article is specially written for the brides to be so that they can find the top most and the best mehndi designs. In the last few years, the demand and the popularity of the mehndi has reached to sky limits and has increased times than before. Mehndi is taken as one of the best choices for drawing different designs and patterns on different parts of the body; it is the temporary form of skin decoration. Bridal mehndi designs are added with much complicated patterns and narrow fillings so that the designs on the bride’s hands look unique from the other girls. Intricate designs are added in dulhan mehndi designs. Most of the dulhan mehndi designs are made the way they are covering both inner and outer sides of the hands. Dulhan mehndi designs for feet are drawn the way that they look simple yet beautiful and whereas the dulhan mehndi designs for hands are linear, wide, include peacock mehndi designs or round mehndi designs sometimes, they are complex ones that the mehndi expert artists can only apply. Let us have a look on some bridal mehndi designs that you will surely love:


This design is one of the best dulhan mehndi designs, the design on the left outer side of the hand is inspired by Arabian Mehndi design, the wide flower in the middle looks enchanting and it adds beauty to the mehndi design. The other mehndi design on the right side of the hand shows a geometrical pattern of diamond shaped boxes. The old trend says that there should be same design on both sides of the hands has changed and now different mehndi designs can be applied on both sides of the hands.


This dulhan mehndi design is a charming depiction of peacock mehndi design, the peacock mehndi design is in trend and used often in the bridal mehndi designs because it seems to be complex design and delightful on the bride’s hands. This looks so good and you should try this one if you are searching for latest bridal mehndi designs.


This mehndi design is very trendy and classic, beautiful color combination of dark brown and dark reddish color on the hands looks classy and enchanting. Mostly traditional brides chose to pick up this type of mehndi design. This dulhan mehndi design is full of small flowers and leaflets and looks stylish on the hands.


This is the most beautiful dulhan mehndi design. The design starts with a flower making geometrical pattern of lines and dots that leads to leaflets and small flowers. This design looks perfect on bride’s hands and it can also be worn with normal events and functions.


The bride is wearing a stylish as well as very trendy henna design on her hand. The wide dulhan mehndi design looks so appealing on the bride’s hand. The photography is done before the mehndi dried. You must try this mehndi design because that goes the best with a bride.


The bride is wearing beguiling and enchanting mehndi design on her hands on her wedding day and showing hands to the camera. The inner filling of the mehndi is done with the red color. For good photography, the design looks appealing.


The nikkah bride is wearing very stylish and modish mehndi design. The hands are not fully loaded with henna according to the function. The mehndi filling is done with the silver glitter matching the dress, this is a new fashion in mehndi art these days, and this is a dreamy mehndi design.


The bride’s hands look just as complete as they should be. The hands are filled with complex mehndi design making beautiful patterns of flowers and leaves. This is one the best dulhan mehndi designs.


This is probably the best dulhan design with the best photography of bride’s hands. Different mehndi designs are applied on both the hands and if you are looking for a decent mehndi design for bridals, this one is probably the best one.


This is the best and the perfect mehndi design on the hands and feet and it looks very stylish and this type of mehndi designs is very much in fashion these days. It simply looks wow and complete in its own way. This is the best dulhan henna design for bride’s hands and feet so you must try this design.