Simple and easy mehndi designs

Mehndi designing is an art that everyone can’t do. Everyone knows that Mehndi is not a permanent way of skin decoration rather it is a temporary one so women can easily decorate their hands according to their desire. The women in different countries especially in Asian counties love to apply mehndi to beautify their skin. In Pakistan, henna is used mostly on the religions festivals such as Eid-ul-Azha, or Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi and on many other events and festivals as well. Chand Raat is a night before eid and all the markets are highlighted and decorated and Mehndi cones and bangles stalls are specially arranged to that girls can easily buy mehndi and enjoy the concept of Chaand Raat. Girls in Pakistan look incomplete without Mehndi or henna on the day of Eid. Whereas in foreign counties, people are not much familiar with this mehndi concept rather they have permanent tattoos whenever they want to decorate their skin with certain patterns. Some people think that henna is especially for hands or feet only but the latest fashion includes henna tattoos on any part of the body, wherever someone wants to have them and it definitely glorifies skin and adds beauty. We have a huge benefit that it is not permanent rather it gets off in just a few days of applying so anyone can have any desired pattern on their body. The designs for small or little girls are very simple and easy but for young girls, it is a wide range of very complicated and awesome designs. This art of applying mehndi is getting popular day by day and the experts demand the desired amount from customers because not anyone can apply such perfect and neat designs. The Mehndi artists can definitely apply designs according to your own requirement by seeing into their design book or you can search the best of designs, show them and they will apply according to your requirement.

Girls who are beginners in this art and want to learn more about mehndi and henna designs initially search for the easy mehndi designs and the simple mehndi designs so that they can take start from the easy ones. Henna adds to a women’s personality and provides her very stylish body language. Now you also have hundreds of Mehndi tutorials online from which it can easily be learnt. It has become so much popular that not only in Pakistan but it has demand from throughout the world. The American or British living Muslims or Hindus are ready to pay the desired and as much as one demand for this because they so love it and are extensively fond of this art. There are many sources from where you can get one of the best and easy mehndi designs and this article is specially intended to provide you one of the finest simple mehndi designs and easy mehndi designs. Henna is not that much a difficult art to learn, all it requires is a lot of practice and time. You can definitely master all the bridal mehndi designs and simple mehndi designs but all you need to be doing is to start from the simple mehndi designs. Let us have a look on some of simple and easy mehndi designs to help you take a start:


It looks a very unique mehndi design. For starters and beginners, this one can be considered the easiest mehndi design. The one broad flower that covers the full hand and it looks like someone who is new at mehndi art, made this design. The flower is supported by mehndi leaves and fillings on side to that it looks broad and wide.


It looks the simple most flowered mehndi design, the mehndi bale is very common and easy design and mostly girls who are searching for simple mehndi designs, this is really a good one. This design can be carried with all type of occasions such as religious festivals, family events, weddings. It is a common and decent one. One, who is looking for a different and new mehndi design, should see this one.


This mehndi design looks very appealing and a one different from general mehndi designs. It is a very new design that resembles a bracelet and rings design. It is definitely a unique design; also this design is an easy mehndi design so anyone can start with this very easy and pretty design. It more looks like a skin tattoo than a mehndi design; it is included in the latest mehndi trends.


This one is the most adorable Mehndi designs, this doesn’t require much perfection as it also is an easy mehndi design. Tilted lines are put with the fillings of floral patterns on them. This looks perfect and very attractive mehndi design.


It is one of the trendy most designs that have always been in fashion, round mehndi designs have always been admired by fashion trends of all times. This also looks very simple mehndi design but it makes the hands look stylish and attractive.


This is again of the simplest mehndi design as well as it is very easy to apply on hands. The design shows a very simple pattern of tilted lines surrounded by dots. This looks very easy to apply even if someone is a beginner learning mehndi art. It beautifies the hands and looks enchanting. So don’t forget to try this one.


It is again a flawless mehndi bale design, the first step to be applied would be the lines and then the flowers and floral patterns are drawn to give it a worthy and stylish look. If you want to make your hands fully embedded with mehndi decoration, you can draw this bale on other fingers to that it would look wide and more stylish.


Flowered bale mehndi design, well this one is the easiest one. You draw one flower and then follow that as a pattern and draw a bale design. This is very easy mehndi design and you must try and practice this one at least once. This looks absolutely ravishing and can be worn on any occasion.