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Shoaib Akhter is a former and popular player. He is known by his bowling style. He has versatile personality and had great contribution in cricket episode. So, he is famous for his best bowler cricketer in Pakistani cricket team. He served himself for cricket world for many years.



Shoaib Akhtar is graceful and right arm fast bowler in the Pakistani cricket history. He earned lot of records by his fast bowling style. He has unique abilities in his professional life. He is very committed and career oriented cricketer in cricket world. He made fascinating memories during his career episode due to his fast bowling way. Moreover, his bowling speed is at 161.3km/h.


He was born near capital of Pakistan in Rawalpindi in the month of August in 1975. He was very passionate at early life. He idealized most famous cricketer Imran khan from his childhood. His early life was very simple because he belongs to middle class family.


As we know that he was not interested in study because of his passion. He just secured his basic education from his hometown Morgah. So, for his college study was from Asghar Mall College in Rawalpindi. After that he entered in Pakistani cricket field.



He loves his family. His father was plant operator. He is blessed with three brothers and one sister.


Shoaib’s entrance in Cricket was very interesting. He was simple boy and played matches from his college life. So, one day he just played by chance in Rawalpindi famous ground. He received appreciations due to his bowling style from president of cricketer association Ishtiaq Shah. He offered him for permanent bowler in cricket team and also he was offering him for playing match against New-Zealand. At start he was confused but he got chance and played and won victory. So, this was the way of his entrance in cricket team.


During his school days, he had played matches and he was known as fast bowler because of his bowling speed. So, he got fame and popularity in domestic cricket episode and also recognized at international level.


As we know that he was fast bowler but on the other hand he compared himself with popular cricketer Imran khan, now he famous politician. His winning attitude and commitments regarding cricket field seems like Imran khan. He had spent wonderful time during his professional life.  He achieved many records and pleasant experiences.



He said about his die-hard supporters and loving followers, they give me huge confidence. They are my assets because their support, boost up my confidence level. He said about specially girls who want my telephone number. Sometimes, I got disturbance when they called me and behave like foolishly. So, it’s true that I changed my number almost twenty times to stop this disturbance.


Name:                                                 Shoaib Akhtar

Height:                                                               5′ 11″

Nationality:                                                  Pakistani

Date of Birth:                                              13 August, 1975

Place of Birth:                                     Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Famous For:                                                           Cricket

Childhood memory:                                            Bad boy

Complexion:                                                         not fair

Net worth:                                                            25 millions


He was very egoistic and fighter boy before entered in cricket team. He was reckless, irresponsible and a troubler boy. He was fighting for girls in street. He has careless attitude in fact he wasn’t a nice guy. His parents were worried about his activities. Once his mother slapped him and said you are creating problems for us. So, after that he became good boy and turned his life into professional field.



Shoaib Akhtar was married to a very young girl from Haripur, city of KPK Province. Her name is Rubab Khan. She is just 20 years old. Her father is a business man. They both are living very happy life.


He said in an interview, Allah is best designer and listener. He has paramount power because I was bad boy at my early life. But with the grace of Allah Almighty my attitude changed toward my career. So, with His blessings I achieved countless blessings in my career. All credit goes to my Lord and my family is very happy from my career


Shoaib made wonderful impact as a fast bowler in cricket team. Unfortunately, he lost his fast bowling way in the land of India in 1998. But he was still considered big wicket taker in Pakistani cricket team.



According to web resources, he is indulging in one girl. But it is just rumors because he is spending happy married life. He is very simple and plain person.


Apart from his cricket field, he is also best model in Pakistani fashion industry. His handsome look is very appealing. He has natural beauty in his attractive features. He is very tall in his height. He is doing various commercials such as Pepsi and co cola. He is also doing modeling with fashion designers due to his beautiful figure.


He is best player in Pakistani cricket team. He secured international recognition due to his extraordinary performance. He also recorded in various time in different matches. So, he shared his records with Brain Lara in making fastest fifty an century. All players have fear from his wonderful achievements. He achieved best player title at international level.

Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar (R) touches the head of India cricketer Sachin Tendulkar as they walk back to the pavillion at tea-break during the fourth day of the first Test match at the Ferozshah Kotla ground in New Delhi, 25 November 2007. Pakistan scored 247 runs in their second innings, with India needing 203 runs to with the first test match. AFP PHOTO/ Prakash SINGH 14Pubdec2007


He was very confident on his performance in cricket. He faced taunts and criticism from Pakistani people on his bowling style. But on the other side of world, he secured appreciations and different titles. So, his fans got disappointment but actually he loves acting and he always wants to act and be involved in the performing best arts.

Shoaib Akhtar Batting Statistics:

Matches           Innings Runs    HS       Avg      S/R       Ct

ODI     163      84        394      43        8.95     73.1     20

Tests    46        67        544      47        10.07   41.43   12

Twenty20        15        6          21        8          7          131.25 2


Shoaib Akhtar Bowling Statistics:

Matches           Balls    Runs    Wickets            Best     Avg      Eco

ODI     163      7,764   6,168   247      6-11     24.97   4.78

Tests    46        8,143   4,574   178      6-11     25.7     3.38

Twenty20        15        318      432      19        3-9       22.74   8.15


His favorite cricket ground is Melbourne cricket ground and other one is Eden garden.


His interesting hobbies are listening music and games such as cricket and tennis.






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