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Sharjeel Khan is a famous and popular player in Pakistani cricket team. He is self-made player because he was belonged to middle class family. So, he had no opportunities but with his passion and determination he got chance. Ultimately, he played well and became shining star in Pakistani cricket history.


Sharjeel Khan is young and innocent player in Pakistani cricket world. He has multiple attributes like he is not only wicketkeeper but also a good spinner. On the other coin, he is also left handed batsman. His appearance is very worthy not only in domestic cricket team but also at international level. Most of the time, he got unbeaten success against Sri Lanka and other countries. He made huge impact for his fan followers. He played different series such test matches, international tournaments, semi-final and one day matches.



He was very innocent and nice boy at his early ages. He was very passionate from his childhood for cricket because he wanted to become super star. He played matches from study life and won trophy. His biggest dream in early life, play a one day match. So, he achieved because he was very dreamy. He was hard worker from childhood. He had wonderful memories in his early days.


He just earned basic education from his hometown in Hyderabad. He could not get higher education due to his passion and family issues.


He belongs to liberal and well educated family. His parents are very modern and supportive. His parents have proud for his son. But he belonged to middle class family.


He is blessed with two sisters and one brother. He has strong bonding and very frankly environment at home. He loves his family.


Sharjeel’s entrance in Cricket was very interesting. He was simple boy and played matches from his college life. So, one day he just played by chance in Hyderabad famous ground. He received appreciations due to his bowling style from president of cricketer association Ishtiaq Shah. He offered him for permanent bowler in cricket team and also he was offering him for playing match against New-Zealand. At start he was confused but he got chance and played and won victory. So, this was the way of his entrance in cricket team.



Full Name:                                                                           Sharjeel Khan

Father’s Name:                                                                  Suhail Mehmood Ali Zai

Date of Birth:                                                                    14-08-1989

Place of Birth:                                                                   Hyderabad

Height:                                                                                5 fit 9 inch

Eye color:                                                                           black

Hair color:                                                                          Dull brown

Complexion:                                                                            Normal

Figure look:                                                                              Handsome

Current age:                                                                             26 years

Marital status:                                                                          Single

Education:                                                                                Graduation

Batting Style:                                                                           Left handed

Bowling Style:                                                                         Leg break spin

Region:                                                                                     Hyderabad

District/Zone:                                                                          Hyderabad

Wicket Keeper:                                                                        no

Domestic Team:                                                                       Hyderabad

Club:                                                                                            Ghori CC

International debut:                                                                   2013

Playing role:                                                                                Batsman

ODI shirt no:                                                                               98

National side:                                                                            Pakistan



Sharjee’sl cricket style is very aggressive and different in cricket team. He played in competition all the time. So, this is the reason, he got failure sometimes. But sometimes, he made wonderful victory due to his aggressive style. He made sixes and fours in low balls.


He said in an interview, Allah is best designer and listener. He has paramount power because I was bad boy at my early life. But with the grace of Allah Almighty my attitude changed toward my career. So, with His blessings I achieved countless blessings in my career. All credit goes to my Lord and my family is very happy from my career.



He is best player in Pakistani cricket team. He secured international recognition due to his extraordinary performance. He also recorded in various time in different matches. So, he shared his records with Brain Lara in making fastest fifty an century. All players have fear from his wonderful achievements. He achieved best player title at international level.


He was very confident on his performance in cricket. He faced taunts and criticism from Pakistani people on his bowling style. But on the other side of world, he secured appreciations and different titles. So, his fans got disappointment but actually he loves acting and he always wants to act and be involved in the performing best arts.


  • His best highlights are in professional field. He played international innings and made century on just 37 balls.
  • He made half century on just 26 balls and got victory against India match 2005.
  • He shared equal highest aggregate with Sri Lanka and has legendary figure. He won best batsman title in that match.
  • He also holds another victory and made half century on just 21 balls. So, he became fastest batsman.


According to web resources, he is indulging in one girl. But it is just rumors because he is spending happy life. He is very simple and plain person.



He was very egoistic and fighter boy before entered in cricket team. He was reckless, irresponsible and a trouble boy. He was fighting for girls in street. He has careless attitude in fact he wasn’t a nice guy. His parents were worried about his activities. Once his mother slapped him and said you are creating problems for us. So, after that he became good boy and turned his life into professional field.


His professional is full with brightness from seniors. He got admiration and appreciation from all sides. His significant work made him unique in cricket episode. Media was spreading news about his hard work all around regarding ODI series.


According to Sharjeel, he said in an interview, at early age my parents were against. They supported at early stage my cricket career. But with the passage of time, with my great efforts they understand me. Now they have proud on me. He played different matches and achieved success. He believes on hard work and determination. He gained wonderful experience from his cricket life.



He made 71 scores on just 52 balls. He got popularity because that was his big achievement. So, again he secured the title man of the match. Secondly, he also got reputation in the year of 2009 in match against Sri Lanka. He got selection in international tournaments and one day matches. He has wonderful memories in national team.


He said about his die hard supporters and loving followers, they give me huge confidence. They are my assets because their support, boost up my confidence level. He said about specially girls who want my telephone number. Sometimes, I got disturbance when they called me and behave like foolishly. So, it is true I changed my number many times to stop this disturbance.



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