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He is a very controversial name and a very versatile and talented actor and director. He is none other than contentious Shamoon Abbasi, one of the famed personalities in the Pakistan Entertainment Industry. He was born on April 4, 1973 in Rome, Italy. He was raised in Italy and attended IN Elemental School, St. Geovanni for his early Education, and later came to Pakistan and now lives here. He is widely known for playing and presenting villainary roles so perfectly. He is a producer and writer as well. He is one who should be called multi-talented and smart. He is a successful person considering his professional life, on the other hand, a bit flawed reviewing his personal life. He is capable of doing his characters so flawlessly that the audience actually start commenting on that character, he has proved to be a proficient actor specially for his negative characters in different drama serials and films. He thinks that there are a lot of heroes already in Industry and admires them. But somehow, he wants to make his way being an Anti-Hero or the Bad Guy of Industry. Well, he stands true as we do have heroes but those who can perform Bad Roles excellently are rare, Shamoon is one of them. No matter Good guy or Bad guy has acting skills and will always be admired by his followers.



He has been raised in Italy because his parents used to live there, he speaks Italian fluently. He is son of Zubair Abbasi(late) who was a famous fiction and drama writer. Zubair Abbasi had written many dramas, most famous include Naseeb on Indus Vision, Manzil aired on ARY DIGITAL and Khuwahish Benaam on GEO TV. Although he passed away in 2012 due to illness, but he is still known as a prominent name in the Pakistan Entertainment Industry who has a very talented family in the field of literature and Showbiz. Even Shamoon’s aunt (Zubair Abbasi’s sister) is also a very renowned writer. Shamoon is blessed to be born in such a family where he could openly express his interest in showbiz.



Shamoon Abbasi or Shamoon Bin Zubair is an admired and applauded actor known for his aggressive acting and an eligible director as well. He has appeared in many Drama Serials such as Dil Hai Chota Sa, Thori Si Wafa Chaheye, NoorPur ki Rani, and many more. Shamoon abbasi directed many Adventure Shows such as the Indonesian Game Show Morven Gold Adventure Ball, Rescue 15, Sunsilk 21st Century Woman of Pakistan and many reality shows like “SAAYE” that was built on Paranormal Activities. Shamoon was selected by the viewers in a reality show named as Express Acting Challenge, show was based on the concept ‘Acting Contest in Pakistan’, and he came up as a finalist. Later he came out as a renowned actor on TV, then a director. Not only these, he has expertise in Photography, Writing, Editing, and Designing Game Shows concepts. He also is a Strategic Director for corporate company-based documentaries and in-house videos. Abbasi was more prominent and popular when he played a role named Masshu in drama serial Kashish in 1999 when he performed an amusing sweet character. One of his remarkable achievements if receiving and winning BRONZE AWARD for “BEST TELEFILM” at the 2011 HUM TV TELEFILM FESTIVAL AWARDS in appreciation of DAAG HAI MERE NAAM PE. Shamoon was the one who introduced Hamayun Saeed as an action Hero for the first time in this play ZEHER in TAPAL CINEMA which was directed by him under YASIR AKHTARS FILMS. Not only that, Shamoon featured Hamayun in his action series, KARORON KA ADMI.


  • Dil Hai Chota Sa
  • Thori Si Wafa Chahaye
  • Kashish
  • NoorPur Ki Rani
  • Justugu
  • Mai Chup Rahungi
  • Mein Gunehgaar Nahi


While 90 percent of the mid-career actors aim of getting a lead positive role in Films, this man Shamoon Abbasi came forward with a totally different ambition, he thinks that a man should be doing something that’s one is good at and as we all know he is known and much appreciated for his negative characters played so gracefully and he totally gets into the character. He came up with an ambition of being called a ‘hated villain’. He appeared first time on Big Screen in 2011, when he played one of the lead roles in Pakistani movie “BHAI LOG”. He was then seen playing a Lead Negative role against renowned Pakistani Film Industry Hero “Shaan” in a Big Budget Pakistani movie “WAAR” in 2013. After that, his dream of becoming Pakistan’s cinema’s favorite guy has quite come true.



In an Interview, he says, “People have asked me why I always pursue negative roles,” and he answers as, “There are a lot of heroes, I want to be the anti-hero”.

He says that he had refused many roles in the past because he always wants to do the work which bears some standard. He said that he might had played many roles in Pakistani Films like Shaan and Momi(Moammar Rana) but he always thought that the work done is not up to standard. He appeared on Big Screen with the Films that revived the Pakistani Cinema and also the work is challenging and up to standard.



Shamoon Abbasi reveals that he refused to Bollywood Director Vishal Bhardwaj’s offer to act alongside Priyanka Chopra to stick to WAAR’s director Lashari’s vision and he gave preference to the revival of Pakistani Cinema rather than attaining fame by working in Bollywood. He says. “This is now on the record. He [Vishal Bhardwaj] got a little upset [by my decision] but I explained that it was important for my country. This is the first time a project of this scale is being done and I can’t just ignore it,”

Shamoon other Big Screen projects include O21 that was released in 2014, Sawal 700 Crore Ka (2016), Raasta(2016), Maula Jutt 2 that’s expected to be released in 2017, and there are more projects as well that he is working for but yet not announced when they are expected to be released.


Shamoon’s one of those actors who had been married for more than once. His private life had been much more controversial and flawed. He was first married to Javeria Abbasi, a well-known actress of Pakistani Dramas but the marriage was a failure so they got divorced. Then he married Humaima Malik but again the marriage was a failure and they got divorced. After giving divorce to Hot and Gorgeous Humaima Malik, he got married for the third time to a Canadian girl Javeria Randhawa and surprisingly this marriage was a failure too. Shamoon has two daughters.

Shamoon abbasi, widely known for his serious and villainary roles is a great asset for Pakistan Entertainment Industry. He is one of those actors who preferred to work for his own country rather the fame and popularity that he could attain by working in Bollywood.



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