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Sara Loren is a Pakistani Model, Actress, a Dancer and she is much more. Sara’s career graph has been controversial due to many factors. She is pretty and she is somehow much confident or some say that she is over-confident about her beauty, stardom and acting skills. Sara is a very beautiful model and actress of Pakistan. She has now become an Indian Celebrity more than a Pakistani actress as sources tell that she has settled herself in the Bollywood and she lives there so that she get much exposure to Indian Films Industry. She has appeared in many Pakistani Dramas but she was lucky enough to make her Silver Screen Debut in Bollywood.

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Sara Loren who was born as Mona Lizza Hussain is one of the most controversial actresses of Pakistan because of certain factors. Mona now called as Sara Loren was a very down-to-earth person at the start of her career but she was quite changed as soon as she got fame and success. Sara has also been criticized badly because of certain things associated with her. One should be completely loyal to the country which makes them a star and a known figure but some people can change themselves for their self sake. Sara can be considered among the list of such people who can go beyond limits so that they reach the top of the success.

Mona Lizza Hussain was born on 11th of December in the year 1985. She is now 31 years old and her journey is this field is quite long and it took her much time to be this successful and famous. Mona Lizza now called as Sara Loren was born in the small Middle East Country of Kuwait. Sara’s father died in the year 2001, at that time the Family shifted to Pakistan and it was the time when she thought of building up her career. She wanted to be an actress and that is what she always wanted to pursue it. Sara is a very soft person inside and she has other interests and habits that she does in her part time. Sara Loren loves doing painting, she is a good painter soul inside, she writes as well and she likes to travel in her free time and vacations from work.

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Sara Loren started her work from the Pakistan Drama Industry and she is a very talented actress who is equally very pretty. There was a time when she was the point of attraction and she was seen in different dramas on different channels at the same time. She became very popular actress but people used to criticize her as well on her style or her name. Mona Lizza changed her name to Sara Loren when she shifted to the City of Dreams, Mumbai. Sara’s entry into this glamorous field happened through a friend who she accompanied for a photoshoot. At that event, the photographer took some pictures of the Sara and through those shots; she got her first Ad campaign.

Sara got popularity in India and she became the point of attraction for many Indian Directors and because of that, she got a chance to work in many Indian Movies with some popular Indian Stars. Indian Directors handedly gave her the chance because she is much talented and people admire her work and acting skills. She is a Kuwait born and she has lived many years in Pakistan and now she currently lives in Mumbai, India. She has lived in Pakistan for almost 15 years and her graph of success increased day by day. Sara didn’t face much difficulty in establishing her career because of the fact that she has amazing acting and dancing skills.

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Sara Loren is scandalized for certain factors. She started up as a Pakistani Actress and then she put her complete focus on making her way to Bollywood. She finally succeeded in it and she appeared on silver screen in many Indian Films. She changed her name from Mona Lizza to Sara Loren as soon she made her way to Bollywood and settled in there. She says, “Don’t Call me Mona”. A lot of people were surprised and curious about why she had done it suddenly. She justifies it in the way that she finds the name very common and some numerologist suggested her to change that name.

Sara Loren has also undergone some artificial beauty and skin treatments. People say that she has had lips and nose surgery that has somehow changed her but she looks a bit artificial. Sara has done various bold photo shoots in Bollywood and bold characters, kissing and seducing acts in her movies. She is greatly criticized for the fact that she compromised on her country’s reputation for her own sake.

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Sara Loren has appeared in a number of Pakistani Drama Serials. Sara made her way to showbiz with the help of a friend with whom she did a photo shoot. She was then offered some modeling projects and TV Commercials. Soon she made her Drama Debut as “Rabia Zinda Rahe Gi”. The director of the Drama nourished both her acting skills and groomed her personality. She then appeared in a number of Drama Serials like “Anarkali”, “Noori”, “Kajal”, “Sandal”, “Sirf Ek Baar”, “Tere Liye”, “Jannat” and many more. She got popularity not in Pakistan but also among the people of Canada, Australia, UK and USA. Right after some years of her career start, Sara made her Bollywood Debut in 2010. She was on silver screen in a movie “Kajraare” opposite to Hamesh Rashammiya. She then gave many other hits such as Murder 3, Saltanat, “Love Mein Ghum”, “Barkhaa” and many other movies.

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Full Name:                                     Sara Loren

Birth Name:                                   Mona Lizza Hussain

Date of Birth:                                11th December, 1985

Zodiac Sign:                                   Sagittarius

Nick Name:                                   Mona

Height:                                           5 feet 5 Inches (1.65 m)

Weight:                                          52 Kg

Age:                                                31 years

Eyes:                                               Black

Hair:                                                Jet Black

Complexion:                                  Fair

Body Type:                                     Slim

Ethnicity:                                        Pakistani

Marital Status:                               Not Married

Religion:                                          Christianity

Famous For:                                    Acting, Modeling, Dancing

Debut:                                              Rabia Zinda Rahegi-Drama Debut, Kajraare-Film Debut

College:                                            Lahore College of Commerce

Education:                                       Graduate in

Hometown:                                     Lahore, Pakistan

Languages known:                          Urdu, English

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Hobbies:                                              Dancing, Travelling, Painting, Writing, Swimming

Favorite Food:                                    Chinese Foods, Continental Foods, Salads, Juices, Fish

Favorite Actor:                                    Amitabh Bachchan

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Place of Birth:                                       Kuwait City, Kuwait

Current Address:                                  Mumbai, India

Mobile Number:                                   N/A


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Sara’s Instagram name is: i_saraloren

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Sara Loren has played lead roles in a number of Pakistani Dramas and she has worked in various movies. Some of her Drama Projects are as follows:

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  • Kisi Ko Maan Liya Apna
  • Kajal
  • Sandal
  • Makan
  • Meharun Nisa
  • Mahnoor
  • Main Mar Gai Shaukat Ali
  • Anokhi
  • Madhosh
  • Noori
  • Memsaab
  • Tere Liye
  • Piyasi
  • Anarkali

The movie projects of Sara Loren include:

  • Kajraare
  • Love Mein Ghum
  • Murder 3
  • Anjuman
  • Sultanat
  • Barkhaa
  • Ishq Click
  • Gidh


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