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She is known for being versatile and bold; she is the one who made herself among the most prominent actresses of Pakistan on the basis of her own talent. She is enchanting, she is beguiling, and she is the most flexible actress who adjusts herself just exactly as the role or character demands. She is none other than Saba Qamar. She has worked in numerous TV dramas, she has appeared in movies and she is shooting for more movies, she is known for being and standing good as a model. She is perfect in any way she is. The most gorgeous and beautiful Saba Qamar is heartthrob of millions of people.

Saba Qamar started her career on PTV, the most watched TV channel of its time. She made her debut in drama Serial “Main Aurat Hoon” aired on PTV in 2004, she gave tremendous and excellent acting in her debut and she was all around famous in the world of acting and she started to receive many offers from many directors and producers. In spite of being an excellent actress for a leading role, Saba continued to work doing supporting roles in dramas for almost like 3 years and there was a breakthrough in her career when she started playing lead roles and all the dramas went a big hit, it was 2007 when she started to get lead roles and her two hit dramas where she played lead roles are “Dhoop Mein Andhera Hai” and “Jinnah Ke Naam”. These two dramas again grabbed the attention of different producers and directors towards her and she started to get the lead roles in different serials. She hasn’t been much lucky at the start of her career but once she got a chance to show her acting skills, she was adorned by everyone.

Saba Qamar is that one actress who attained recognition for representing unusual and unconventional characters in many in fact most of the Highest Rated Urdu Television Series. These are those Pakistani Dramas that are pictured on the novels of different writers, these can also include real stories and they show up the real image of the Pakistan Drama. Saba Qamar is that actress who worked in many of such dramas, awarded for her brilliant portraying those real lives or novels based roles, she is just perfect. Those drama include “Uraan”, the domestic drama that aired on GEO TV in 2010, a historial drama serial “Dastaan” that aired on HUM TV in the same year, “Mein Chand Si” where saba plays a role of independent poor girl and marries a rich man and this drama again gave a beautiful message to the audiences and she nailed it, this drama aired in 2011 on ARY Digital. Saba’s more challenging and successful drama series include “Maat”, “Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi”, “Thakan”, “Bunty I Love You”, “Digest Writer”, “Sangat”, and her recent and modern drama that recently aired on ARY Digital was “Besharam”.

Other than these successful dramas, Saba Qamar is widely known for her show “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain”. She used to host the show hilariously. People love her for that act.

She has also appeared in the most recent films that played a great role in reviving the Pakistani Cinema, her Lollywood debut was Aina, a Telefilm that appeared of Big Cinemas, she then played lead roles in many Lollywood movies such as Manto, Lahore Se Aagey, and many more films to be released.


Well no one can escape from being controversial and people really are always interested in knowing what is happening in the lives of super stars. People love to poke into other lives and always try to find flaws in other lives. And obviously when fame and success comes along, some people become out of this world and others just get accused by others for doing nothing. No normal person stays away from affairs and scandals.

Like many other actors and ideals, Saba Qamar is known for many scandals associated with her personality. She is known as an open minded and fashionable girl who is always ready to be doing bold roles and bold photo shoots, her dressing is never much appreciated by the viewers as she always wears what she wants to wear, his dresses and outfits are often seen very open and shows her body and figure clearly. She wears light and nude colors more often. She is seen in different morning shows, TV commercials, films promotion events and Films wearing very short dresses that mostly shows her body semi-nude to some extent and she never cares about what the people are going to say about her dressing. She always has worn short clothes and will continue to go in a way she likes.

In the past, it was being rumored everywhere that Saba Qamar is in relation with her friend and costar Hamza Ali Abbasi. But both the actors clearly say that they are really good friends but they aren’t actually thinking of getting along in any relationship. Their rumored scandal spread this much that both of them needed to clarify this matter.

Saba’s second love affair was rumored with the maker of her show “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain”, while that wasn’t much clear and this rumor ended up giving no perfect clue and thirdly it was said that Saba is having an affair with a very famous actor Nauman Ejaz but all these news once again ended giving no solid proof of that affair.

This very bold actress of the Pakistan TV and Film Industry is recently seen doing a bold Item Number for a low budget movie, where she is dancing in bold, semi-nude clothes and grabbing people attention by using her vulgar dance expressions, the movie is “8968”, a project by Azeem Sajjad. But she clearly says that she wasn’t going to perform in that item song but suddenly the heroine of the movie disappeared and Azeem is a very good friend of Saba so she was coned in that song and that was not really by choice.

There was a Saba Qamar’s “VULGUR” photo shoot spread all over social media with some male model, we can clearly see in the photo shoot that it is Saba herself making vulgar poses for the photography, she is wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts on her legs, she even takes her shirt off and just holds that using her teeth to cover some specific area of her body.

There also spread a rumor about Saba being involved in money laundering but Saba clearly says that is she was never involved in that thing else she would have been in jail by now. She has made huge amounts in her bank accounts but she has earned it by her hard work.


Pakistani films and drama actress Saba Qamar was born on 5th April 1984. This charming girl was born in Hyderabad and later she moved to Gujranwala because her mother was from Gujranwala and most of her mother side is from Gujranwala. Saba’s father was in police so she had to shift to many cities because of her father’s postings. Sources do not much tell about her family and family life but it is said that she used to live with her grandmother before joining the field of Showbiz, she lost her father at a very early age and it was the time when she and her family really went alone and for a family without a man, it becomes so difficult to survive in this society. She lived with her grandmother but when she entered showbiz she started living alone.

Saba came from a very noble family, her family didn’t actually face financial crisis ever. Saba never worked to support her family financially, modeling and acting had always been her point of interest and losing father a very young age and facing that time with so courage made her so much independent and she walked in every walk of her life alone and on the basis of her talent. The family background, she came up from wasn’t very much wealthy but she belonged to a family of people who were all settled, they never had to face any financial difficulty and she belongs to an educated family.

Saba Qamar attained her early education in Gujranwala and lived there for many years and later she came to Karachi and now the whole family stays and settled in Karachi, she moved to Karachi because there she can get much exposure and much better career opportunities and that is definitely getting.

Saba Qamar belonged to family of Syed’s so at the start most of her family didn’t want her to be a part of this Industry, but she pursued what she wanted to do and now all the family accepts her and proudly say that Saba is their relative.

Saba Qamar belongs to a family where she had all the right to choose her career and make decisions of her life. Saba wanted to be an independent girl and an actress as well but she was never planning or aiming to be an actress and she got in all by chance and luck. Saba thinks that women shouldn’t be house bound and all the time busy with household work rather they should come out, see the world and should do something and make their selves useful and prominent.

There was a friend of sister of Saba who forced Saba to work for her debut drama “Main Aurat Hoon” because he said that Saba has all what an actress requires, perfect height of 5’7, smart and sexy figure and a very pretty face so she tried that and now we can all see her as the best actress of Pakistan.

Saba Qamar is married or not, engaged or not, all this is not really sure but sources say that she was married or engaged to her cousin Farhan Ahmed in 2012, Farhan is an associate engineer at PAF. But all she says about her wedding is that she wants to stay away from fake scandals so she is probably and officially single.



Saba Qamar is wearing beautiful and graceful blue dress, she is at the premiere launch of her recently released movie “Lahore Se Aagey” and she really looks happy and excited about the release of this movie. She looks gorgeous as she always is.


She is wearing a stunning light pink maxi dress with her costar Yasir Hussain of her recently released movie. She is wearing a very modern dress as always and giving a very close pose with the actor, this can be a bit controversial for her but as always she never cares about anything and she looks amazingly pretty.


Saba Qamar is seen taking her selfie, she is relaxing somewhere at the shooting wearing a very light toned makeup, hair open, fair complexion, perfect eyebrows, we can surely say that the beauty comes from the within, she is always able to gain people’s attention because of her enchantress.


It’s a bit old picture of talented Saba Qamar, she is all dolled up so traditionally for her an old drama Dastaan. In dastaan, she played a role of a girl named Suraiya, on whom wedding the drama basically begins, she was all applauded for this role and acting. She looks very pretty bride.

In the video, Saba Qamar is in a morning talking about her life and work. She says that she is alcoholic to work, she just cannot stay free, she likes to work, if she stays free for some more days, she starts to feel tired and start working then. She has much focus on work rather than anything else, there’s no life without work for her. Saba also says that the people, who do not deserve to be around her, should not be around her. And be your own self, stop try copying others. Spread love and stay away from all the negativity.

An interview with HSY, Saba talks so beautifully about her life and how people are making scandals about her life. She says that the respect that Pakistan has given me, no other country or actor in the world that could ever give me. She says that people are always making scandals about her life like rumors with Hamza Ali Abbasi who is a really good friend of her, or she is very aged. She says that if you are working with some big names or actors across the border then you should really go ahead and she is daily getting offers to work in different movies but she has some standards and she is a bit choosy in work.

Saba Qamar being applauded and adorned by Omer Sharif in Sharif Show. Omer Sharif asks her the conditions of country at the time of her birth and she says that her mother tells that it wasn’t much good. Then she tells about her siblings, they are six siblings in total, 2 sisters and 4 brothers of which one sister and one brother are married. She has a good sense of humor and all she wants in her life partner is a good person.


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