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We have got some of the beautiful and very talented sisters or brothers pairs during the past few years in the Pakistan Media Industry. Most prominently we have got some of the finest sisters’ pairs of two during the past few years. These sister pairs have been remarkably popular and in sight of the people. We can have an example of this considering gorgeous sisters’ pairs as Minal Khan and Aiman Khan or Urwa Hocane and Mawra Hocane and there are many more. But we have a triplet of sisters who have very prominent since the last few years. These sisters are definitely called the Fashion Girls. They have totally diverted the attention of people towards them. These Yousuf sisters are a true face of Women/Girls Empowerment. Yousuf sisters diverted the attention of millions of viewers towards them as well as of many producers. They came one after another, when one of the sisters got a chance to come forward, she gave a new light to her sisters and all of these three have proved themselves in different ways.


Palwasha Yousuf was born on 17th November 1986. Palwasha Yousuf’s father is a Pakistani who is resident of Karachi whereas her mother is Afghani National. Palwasha Yousuf is also widely known as Palwasha Khan, She is a pathan as well as Punjabi. These sisters are a perfect example of girls’ power. Palwasha’s father is a very strong and supportive man who supported her daughters throughout their career and gave them the confidence of being what they are today. Palwasha Yousuf is known as the bravest girl of the Pakistan Media Industry. Palwasha was born in Karachi and she loves living in Karachi. Palwasha Yousuf had three siblings. All of three were sisters. The eldest sister was Ruqaiya Yousuf, the second one is Alishba Yousuf and the youngest one of the family is Syra Yousuf. Both of her sisters are well-known and famous actresses of Pakistan Drama Industry. All of these sisters are multi-talented and they have proved themselves in various fields. Sheroz Sabzwari is Syra’s husband who belongs to a quiet well-off family related to showbiz Industry. Rayyan Durrani is the other brother-in-law of Palwasha who is husband of Alishba, he is also a well-known person and he has also been a part of the show Master Chef Pakistan.


A fact that a lot of people don’t know about Palwasha is that she lost her eldest sister Ruqaiya Yousuf a few years back. She died of cancer. That was a very tough time for the family and it was such a big loss because she was too young and that was very expected loss. And Palwasha Khan is considered to be the bravest girl of the Pakistan Media Industry because she is suffering from cancer, her treatment is under process. She is a very courageous lady and she has always continued to work and never let that disease overcome her. She is fighting for her life. All we can say that she is a role model for those who are having any disease should learn from her how to live a perfect life.



Palwasha Yousuf started her career a few years back. She became a part of this Fashion Industry because she was inspired by her sisters and their efforts how they became independent successful ladies. All of these three sisters are very hard working and they have made their space in this Fashion Industry on the basis of their talent and being unique. Only her work doesn’t define her stardom rather she belongs to a much talented family. Palwasha Yousuf started her career as a VJ on a show that aired on Pakistan’s famous Music Channel MTV Pakistan. Palwasha gained huge fame and respect right from the very start of her career. Also she is a very well known model and she has appeared in many photo shoots and as a model for various popular brands. Palwasha also tried herself in acting and she made her drama debut in a TV Show called “Girl Power”. Her acting skills were greatly admired but she didn’t come up much towards acting. Palwasha was also seen in a reality based Girls Show titled as “Desi Kuriyan” in 2008. It is a very famous reality show of Pakistan that contains many seasons, the show aired on ARY Digital.

In an interview, Palwasha Yousuf says that she was greatly inspired by both of her sisters’ work and that inspired her to come forward. Palwasha said that she also started working and trying her luck so that she also becomes an independent lady just like her sisters. All of these three sisters boost each other in various ways. They help each other in their works and do as much as they can do for each other. They promote each others’ work. They are the best example of the sisters’ relation. These days Syra Yousuf(Syra Sheroz) is shooting for her upcoming movie. Palwasha is all over seen on the shoot sets because she is also a great and popular stylist and she runs her business on the name of “Palwasha Yousuf Styling”. She gives perfect makeovers. She has styled her gorgeous sister Syra throughout her movie. Now let us see her hard work on Syra when the movie will be released. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she took a break from Industry and went for proper treatments. Sources say that she has quite recovered now that is why she has continued her work with great determination. Palwasha is a role model for all those fighting with such a dangerous disease like cancer.



Date of Birth:                         17h November 1986

Zodiac Sign:                            Scorpio

Nick Name:                             N/A

Height:                                     5 feet 6 inches

Weight:                                    54 Kg

Age:                                          30 years

Eyes:                                         Brown Color

Hair:                                          Black Color

Complexion:                            Whitish

Body Type:                               Slim

Ethnicity:                                  Pakistani

Marital Status:                         Single

Siblings:                                     Syra Yousuf, Alishba Yousuf

Religion:                                    Islam

Famous For:                              Acting, Modeling, VJ, and Styling

Hometown:                              Karachi, Pakistan

Languages known:                   Urdu, English


Hobbies:                           Long Drive, Travelling, Fitness Workout, Styling

Favorite Food:                 Afghani Food, Home Made Food, Continental Foods


Place of Birth:                             Karachi, Pakistan

Current Address:                        Karachi

Mobile Number:                          N/A



Palwasha Yousuf is a survivor, she is an independent girl. She is much enthusiastic about establishing her name and proving herself in the Pakistan Media Industry. Palwasha is a much known figure because of the fact that she is mostly active on her social media accounts. Palwasha posts her pictures and updates on daily basis. That may also be because she endorses many brands and promotes many shopping brands of shoes, watches, dresses etc. Palwasha can be followed on Facebook using the following link:

Palwasha’s official Instagram account is on the name: palwasha.yousuf

Palwasha uses twitter on the following link:



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