Pakistani, Simple mehndi design


Mehndi is an art of applying temporary skin tattoos on hands, feet, designing different patterns with henna. This paste is created from the powdered henna plant. This trend originated from the neighboring counties as India, this is being followed for years. It is totally adopted and applauded by Pakistani Culture as well. It is considered that applying henna on hands and designing different patterns makes it a way of celebrating. Hindus follow this Mehndi concept desperately and many functions are specially designed to more enhance this concept. Many countries follow and promote this Mehndi concept such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Countries but this is not forbidden in any religion because it is a trend that brings a little joy and costs not much. Mehndi is now a tradition that every girl wants to learn or have it on her hands on any special occasion. Applying mehndi or henna depicting gorgeous designs is definitely an art that every person can’t do. Usually girls are much more familiar with this art but these days boys also apply some quality mehndi designs and patterns. But girls mostly try to find girls that apply mehndi and boys aren’t preferred in this field. Some very young and little girls in villages are seen practicing mehndi designs on aged women because they like to learn it and the women are happy to have it on their hands. This is a talent and this is in very much demand these days. Girls go to specific training centers where they learn to apply mehndi, there are many parlors, salons and training centers in which special training of this henna art is given to girls and even to boys. They are given practice of applying complicated and pretty mehndi designs. And when girls have special grip of this art, they demand their desired amount from the girls and ladies who want perfect mehndi tattoos and designs on their hands, feet on their special occasions.

Pakistani mehndi designs are probably the most beautiful mehndi designs and these deigns are also inspired from Indian mehndi designs and Arabic mehndi designs. It was originally applied to women and men palms with no designs on any special occasion or their special day. Even till now, it is applied to women palms without any specific design in many rural areas. Normally old women apply a simple round mehndi design on their hands while the new brides want the most fashionable and appealing mehndi designs. Girls on their marriages before going to mehndi designers start finding and searching latest Pakistani mehndi designs that are in the latest trend. Mehndi has always been girls’ love and it will always remain. It is a perfect way of showing happiness.

This article will definitely help you find the latest Pakistani mehndi designs and simple mehndi designs as well. Because some search for very simple and unique mehndi designs and we have tried to make sure that this article shows one of the best and most appealing mehndi patterns so let us have a look on these trendy and simple mehndi designs:


It is a very simple and easy mehndi design, one very prominent flower in the middle and a mehndi bale alongside. It looks very easy to apply and this design is always very trendy, can be carried with any type of functions and it can simply be worn in the normal routine.


It looks one of the decent most and easy mehndi design. It is a Pakistani design that is not adopted or inspired by any other culture. This simple mehndi design shows a very pretty pattern and complements the girl’s hands so it should definitely be tried by you.


It is an amazing mehndi bale on a girl’s feet. Similar design is applied on both the feet so that it gives a pretty and very neat effect. It is a combination of peacock mehndi design and floral. It is very simple mehndi design which looks exemplary.


Beautiful flowers, sharply and clearly applied. This much neat design can be applied by the one who is perfectionist at this. It is very neat and very sharp deisgn. The design looks very appealing and enchanting. This also is a very simple mehndi design that should also be tried.


Mehndi bale beautifully embedded with flowers, leaves, dots and fillings that show a very neat design. Mostly girls want to see and have really simple mehndi designs so this one is really a good option for them. Small floral and deep and sharp fillings and it is still just a bale, not full hand is covered, it is a unique mehndi bale pattern.


Some brides go for very complicated and full loaded mehndi designs whereas some brides want very simple and decent designs that are not very much sharp ones. This mehndi design is very simple, it looks so pretty on bride’s hands. It is complete and very decent design.


It is a trendy Pakistani mehndi design and a very simple one. Mehndi patterns basically originated from these round mehndi designs. This design has always been in fashion and it will remain for sure. It looks the decent most design.


It is a broad flower design that mostly resembles a tattoo style. Girls these days want to do new experiments with trends and fashions. This is new design. Beautiful flower broadly designed and filled up with small floral pattern. It looks amazingly pretty.


Mehndi bride is wearing a very simple and round mehndi design on her mehndi function. In Pakistani culture, it is considered that Mehndi function is definitely incomplete if the bride doesn’t have mehndi on her hands. It looks as attractive as much as it is trendy.


It a very trendy Pakistani mehndi design and the round mehni designs and patterns have always been in fashion and these are the most decent ones. This makes the hand looks very pretty as well as fully decorated. Round mehndi patterns are ones that are most liked and loved by girls and even aged women. Initially, the trend was followed that both hands have the same mehndi design, now the trend has changed and you can apply different designs on both hands. This looks very pretty.