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Noor Jehan is a Pakistani actress and playback singer. She has worked in British India and Pakistan as well. She was born on 21st September 1926.

Real Name:

Her real name was Allah Rakhi Wasae but she was mostly known as Noor Jehan.


Noor Jehan is called Queen of music. She has also given title of Malika-e-Tarannum. She has been called the beauty queen of her time. She has started her acting career back in 1935 as a child star. She was born into family of musicians. She has the privilege to sing more than 10,000 songs. She was also the first women film director of Pakistan. She has almost won all the awards of Pakistan. She was so lucky that she got her music education from Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. When she was only 9 years old, she was introduced to showbiz industry by Ghulam Ahmed Chishti.


Early Life:

As she was born in Kasur, she has spent nearly nine years of her life there. She has learnt thumri and khayal from Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. She has got her early music education from Patiala Gharana and it was a big honor. When she has started singing at the age of 9, she moved to Lahore to pursue her career further. She has started singing in live functions with her sister. She also used to sing folk songs and naats as well. Noor Jehan with her other family members moved to Calcutta as Calcutta was the place where theatre was growing very fast. Noor Jehan along with her sisters acted in a movie Pind di Kuri directed by famous director K.D.Mehra. She also sang a song “Langh aja patan channaan da o yr”. This song became hit and Noor Jehan has never looked back after that.


She has started learning music education at her early age. She was student of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.


Her father’s name was Madad Ali and mother’s name was Fateh Bibi. Her parents were poor musicians of area. They used to perform at local events and live programs. They also worked for local landowners as well. Noor Jehan once reveals in an interview that her parents have worked very hard to meet their both ends.


There were 11 siblings of Noor Jehan. Her sisters also performed with her in films during early days of their career. She has six brothers and five sisters and their names are


Mian Nawab Din

Gul Muhammad (Gullo)

Muhammad Hussain

Muhammad Shafi


Inayat Hussain

Eidan Bai

Haider Baandi

Gulzar Bai

Ameena Begum


Undam Begum

Her 3 brothers have spent their last time in mental hospitals and it is a very sad effect.

Married Life:

Noor Jehan has married film director Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi before partition in 1942.But this marriage hasn’t gone so much and ended up in 1953.Noor Jehan has 3 children from first marriage. She tried her luck again and got married to famous actor of Gujrat, Ejaz Durrani in 1959.But this marriage also couldn’t last longer and she got divorce in 1970.She has 3 children from her second marriage as well.


Noor Jehan has 3 children from her first marriage with Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi. Her names are

Zile Huma

Syed Asghar Hussain Rizvi

Syed Akbar Hussain Rizvi

She has also 3 children from her second marriage as well. Her names are






After her second marriage, she was in an affair with President of that time, General Yahya Khan. First she denied their relationship, but when pictures of both came into media, she describes both of them as good friends. But there were many proofs that they both are in physical relation. She has always denied it.


She got her major breakthrough in 1935 when she has acted in Punjabi movie and sang song as well. After that project of K.D. Mehra, she has never looked back. In 1942 she has acted in her first movie as heroine and this was a huge success as well. This movie was made in Lahore and after its success Noor Jehan along with her husband director Shaukat Rizvi has shifted to Bombay. After shifting to Bombay the prime time of her career started.


Personal Stats:

Name:                                Allah Wasai

Date of Birth:                    21st December 1926

Birthplace:                         Kot Murad Khan, Kasur British India

Nationality:                        Pakistan

Siblings:                              11

Profession:                         Actor, Singer, Playback Singer

Height:                                5ft 7 inches

Weight:                                62 Kg

Shoe Size:                             8

Eye Color:                           Black

Hair Color:                           Golden

Figure:                                   Normal

Zodiac Sign:                          Virgo

Film Debut:                           Pind di Kuri

Language:                             Urdu, Punjabi

Religion:                                 Islam

Death:                                   23th December 2000

Career in Films:

Noor Jehan has privilege to act in number of films in Lahore, Calcutta and Bombay. She has started acting in films in 1935 in Lahore. After her success at Lahore she moved to Calcutta to act in Punjabi movies. In 1938 she came back to Lahore and pursued her career there. In 1942 she along with her husband moved to Bombay as that was the mainstream of film industry of British India at that time. She then came back to Lahore in 1945 and permanently settled here. She has acted in number of famous movies and their details are as follows


Jawaani Zindabad


Badi Maa


Lahu Pukarega

Raat Din


Tarzan ki Mehbooba


Zinagy aur Khawab

Nau Bahar

Chandni Raat








Bismil India

Romantic India

Ghar Jamae

Karwane Husn

Veer Bharat

Abe Hayat

Mirza Sahiban

Shane Subhan


Shahsi Punhu

As Director:

She has also credit of directing movie as first Pakistani woman.Movie was “Chanway”.


As Singer:

There is no match of her voice still. She has a unique voice. People still listen to her famous songs and freshen their souls. She has sung more than 10,000 songs. Some of her famous songs are as below

Chandni Raatein

Awaz De Kahan Hai

Hamari Sanson main

Ashiyane ki Baat

Hum Se Badal Gaye

Tum Zindagy Ko

Chali Chali


Jadun Holi Jae

During 1965 War:

She has also sung famous patriotic songs during 1965 war. People still listen to those patriotic anthems.


She suffered from chest pains in 1986.She got treatment at that time. She again get hospitalized in 2000 in Karachi and suffered heart attack there. On 23 December 2000 she died as her heart got failed and was buried in Karachi.



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