All Hairstyles that Every Woman Should Know


            Experimentation in fashion industry and style is an ongoing process which resulted in innovation and adaptation in the bygone vogue as well as the creation of novel and unprecedented ideas. Hairstyle is the most unique factor in one’s personality. A perfect hairdo changes you personality entirely is not an exaggerated statement. Latest ideas and trends have been introduces in hairstyle since a few years. Both long and short hair is in trend currently. A selection of latest hairstyles for women is here to help you in choosing a quick hairdo with casual and formal wear.


Braids look always cute and classy. With all types of western and eastern dressing and from formal to casual braids are the best choices. With traditional outfits and on formal occasions the braids are done by adorning flowers and pearls in them and with modern and casual attires, messy braids give a cool look. The types of braids vary from simple three stranded to intricate French braids. Some of the braided hairstyles are following. Choose any of the style and stay classy.

Look at this fancy braided low bun done with numerous three stranded braids on both sides. The flower at the juncture where all the braids are clustered to form a low bun is enhancing the beauty of the style. Wear the style with any type of formal attire and you will look like a princess.

You always look up-to-date with a side braid. Most amazing thing about the side braids is that you can carry them with anything you wear. A perfectly done side braid look flawless either you carry it with jeans and top or semi-formal Shalwar Qameez or with formal long frocks.

Two stranded rope braids are the finest way to leave your hair open. For this exclusive hairstyle you need a straightener to straighten your hair and a few rubber bands for the ends of thin braid ropes. Experiment with front rope band, a low pony tail and back catch. This is the easiest way to carry your hair with ultimate elegance.

Chain braids look wonderfully beautiful on formal events such as wedding ceremonies. If the color of your dress is loud and you also want to do a bold makeup then this subtle hairstyle will give you a controlled look. Go for making a chain braid front band leaving other hair open or carry the way you want to carry. Stay outstanding.

If you have thin hair and want to create an illusion of thickness six stranded braid is the perfect idea. Go for this amazing heavy braid and make people astonish with your limitless, eye catching looks.

Women always have an unconscious desire to look younger than their age. Try this beautiful braid style with half open hair and a bow. You will surely look quite younger than your real age when you will go out with this hairstyle and a nude make up.

Are you going to a wedding ceremony and you want to leave your hair open because of the intensity of weather? Don’t worry now. The crowned braid will give a royal look to your persona with your formal attire and you will actually stand out in the ceremony without getting irritated by hot weather.

Do you remember the fairy-tales we used to read in our childhood? Here is a chic style which will remind you of the forest fairies of those beautiful tales. The open wavy hair in the end and the bands of thin braids will make you feel nostalgic. Cherish your childhood memories.

A messy French braid is a perfect solution for thin volume of hair. You just need to take to strands and twist them to make a loose braid. This hairstyle in this simple outlook will go with you semi-formal and casual attire and if you decorate it with flowers and pearls or other accessories it will distinguish you from other girls in the formal gatherings.

  1. Do you think this heart shaped braided hairstyle is intricate and difficult to create? Yes it looks intricate but very easy to create. Split your hair in two halves and take a few strands from front shape it with such symmetry that it looks like a heart. You will look adorable with this unique hairstyle.


Buns have always been a first preference of aesthetically elite women. The beautifully tied bun looks outstandingly exceptional in parties. Following are a few latest ideas to make buns on different occasions.

This multilayered bun is the unique idea to create on parties. This can also be adorned with pearls and flowers. For wedding ceremonies, this style gives you a fine and cute look.

A tight high side bun with a bow is another way to care your hair with grace. This side bun will look classier with a baby cut in front, Adorn your hair with a bow or any other hair accessory and you will look fabulously marvelous.

Here is another hairdo with a classic low bun. Catch your hair in a low pony and take out half of your hair from second twist and you are ready to go out with your enchanting looks.

The rose bun has a certain royalty in it and it looks wonderful of carried on formal occasions. Ask your hairstylist or beautician to make a rose bun with all the details of rose petals. For more fancy look go for the pearls that match exactly with you dress. Flaunt your hair with your ultimate grace.

A multilayered rose bun also looks snazzy and stylish on occasions. Either you decorate it with pearls or you carry it as it is, it will make you stand out in the parties. You can also highlight different layers of the bun and that will add more grace to your outlook.

Double flowery bun is an amazing idea to look stunning on formal events. This hairstyle if done with perfection will give an elegant look. Really simple to create but its amazing when done. Stay elegant and modish.

Are you looking for some latest bridal hairstyle? Try this wonderful style with a bunch of various sized flowers and a smooth folded layer in the end. You will never go wrong with this amazing bun style with your wedding dress.

A loose messy bun with curls on the top and a few thing and curly strands in front will make you look flawless in any party or any formal occasion. This hairstyle can also be used to create an illusion of thick and heavy hair. Carry the style and stay beautiful.

A rough bun with a side twist is another cool idea to look gorgeous all the times. Some women find it harder to tie their hair tighter. The loose bun is perfect for them. It won’t make you get irritated and uneasy and will also look flawless. Be stylish in your own style.

Half bun is another way to carry your hair in a novel way. Tie a loose bun or tighter on the top of your head and leave the rest of your hair open. You can also curl the open hair or straighten them. There’s enough room for variation in the style and you will look equally beautiful with all variations.


Ponytails have a wide range of styles and looks. All the styles done with ponytails look cool and sophisticated in their own grace. Some of the examples are here for a doubtless choice:

Look at this braided high pony that look outstandingly beautiful when done with some casual wear such as torn jeans and a bold top. Enrich your outlook with the awesomeness of pony and the incredibility of braid. Be stylish and different.

A one sided twisted rope with a ponytail done on straight hair is the finest idea to carry your hair with grace and elegance. Try this breathtaking masterpiece and you will be adored.

Do you want to give your hair an entirely new look and make a perfect hairdo that look modern and novel as well? This bubble ponytail is a wonderful idea for being funky and stylish without working so hard. Create fluffy bubbles of your hair by using rubber bands and flaunt your individuality. You can also color your hair with some temporary spray to look cuter.

Side braids always look modish but have you ever thought about side ponytails? Side ponytails even look more stylish than braids. Look at the picture how double twists are ties into the pony and give an ultra-modern look. You can also use some bows or some fancy ponies to make the style.

How is the idea of this zig-zag low ponytail done with semi-formal dressing? Isn’t it astounding? The ponytail is done on straight and curly hair and this hairstyle will suit equally on both textures.

The half ponytail is the ultimate source of cuteness without making so much of effort on your hair. You just need a rubber band and a hair brush. No need to straighten your hair. This hairdo will enhance your beauty even in the original texture of your hair. Wear the style and stay confident.

A thin braided band done on straight hair and the high pony gives an amazingly chic look to your personality when you do it with any type of casual or formal dressing. On simple hangouts this very hairstyle will be a perfect choice for those who always love to do something really new and innovative.

Curly hair

Curly hair looks quite beautiful and mesmerizing. It is an unquestionable fact that girls with curly look innocent and cute. Curly hair had long been in trend before a few years and in the last few years straight hair had been in fashion but interestingly curly hair are back again. Here are the some of the finest ways to carry curly hair with elegance.

Simply opened curly hair adds more beauty to your flawless looks. If you have natural curls then you are at gold mine of style. Flaunt your natural beauty with grandeur.

Do you love the messy hairdo on parties? Here is another amazing idea to look enchanting on wedding ceremonies and on other formal occasions. Decorating your hair with flowers will make you more stunning in the party. Stay pretty.

A fairy hairdo with a floral crown will be a pretty choice if you are planning a dinner with your man. Make him fall in love with you with these delicate curls.

Here is another pretty style to get you ready for the upcoming evening. The adjustment of flower and the curls set on their place are making the style more perfect. You will never be overlooked in the party with this graceful style.

Backcombing is another way to carry yourself with a modish look that nobody can stop their eyes to look at you. The curly hair with backcombing and fancy hair band will look stunning in the party. The style will suit you more if you have a rounded face cut.

The front twist and the catching of the hair strands along with the twists on both sides will change the whole look of your face and you will look more beautiful than you are before. Set the curls using a perfect hair friendly hairspray.

Here is another youthful idea if you love curly hair. Half tied hair with a sleek and smooth flick is a brilliant idea to flaunt your black shiny hair in front of people.

Curly hair is in trend for brides these days. Bridal hairdo is considered incomplete without curls. For your bridal hairdo there can be no other idea more perfect than this one. Try these various sized curls with backcombing and front straightening will help you making your day outstanding.

Hairstyle is truly an art; you can also be an artist. Just need a bit observation and technique to carry the hair. Most important thing about hairstyle is to stay confident in whatever style you carry. Confidence makes your style 10 times more beautiful. Good luck with your next hairdo.


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