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Tammy Taylor says that a girl without beautiful nails is a night without stars. Your nails tell others a lot about your sense of fashion and aesthetics. Perfectly filed nails and an alluring hue contribute to your looks and complements the beauty of your hands. In the ancient times, women used to color their nails reddish brown with the extraction of a plant names ‘henna’. The evolution in human civilization has introduced innovated ideas and thousands of nail paint ideas are being practiced worldwide till date.

Initially, women needed some beautician or some aesthetics to beautify their nails because nails art is not an easy task to be done by everyone but now girls have many simple ways of how do nail art at home by yourself. For nail art you need to have some basic tools which you can find at your home such as hairpin, needle, a fine nail paint, glitters, jewels and stickers etc. Here are some of the greatest nail art designs and colors to adorn your hands in a more gorgeous way.

  1. Easy Nail Art

One of the easiest ways to do nail art at home is to pick up two colors that are your favorite. Clean the previous nail polish from your nails and shape them using a filer. Apply a base-coat. A base-coat is a basic nail polish transparent or bluish in hue which is a mandatory element of nail art because it protects your nails from the adverse effects of nail paint and nourish them. Wait until the base-coat gets completely dry, yes it’s irritating to wait for a wonderful thing like this one but good things need patience to be happened to your life. Now when the base-coat is completely dried use your favorite base color that you want to use for the nail art. Pick up a toothpick, dip it in some other color and make crossing lines like these ones. You can also leave them at any point you want, they will look cool anyway.

  1. Smudging Hues

Another simple way to do nail art is smudging any two colors. Choose any two nail colors of your choice and take them out from the nail polish bottle. Now mix the two colors partially using a toothpick and apply the newly formed hue with a sponge on your nail. Let the nail paint dry completely and then use a cotton bud soaked in nail paint remover and wipe around your nails. Use a colorful bracelet to enhance the beauty of your hand and go out confidently.

  1. Nail Art with Tape

Using tape in nail idea is an outstandingly brilliant idea to do perfect nail art in a simple way. You can use more than two colors by this idea and those colors complement each other if they are done with perfection and aesthetics. Pick a color that you like the most and apply it onto your nails, when it dries wrap it with a tape placing it at any angle you want. Apply the second coat of another shade and same can be done with third or fourth color. Look at these stunning combinations of colors, do it yourself and add an artistic tinge to your fingers.

  1. Polka Dots

Polka dots give a soft and cute touch to your clothes. Have you ever thought of putting these polka dots at your nails? Now try it at home. Just pick up a pencil and your favorite color combination. Apply a coat to the nail of one color, let it dry, then dip the pencil nib in the other color and paint some dots the way you want. Add this style to your casual looks and stun the world.

  1. Water waves

Is it looking a bit difficult or technical? Look at it once again. You can do it yourself; Yes! It looks tricky but it is not. You just need to have a flat makeup brush and nail colors of your choice. Apply a base color and then give a few strokes of some other color, let it dry and give some more strokes of the color you love. Don’t forget to finish the design with a coat of nail shiner; it will give a true reflection of water waves. Stay cool!

  1. Butterfly Nail Art

Butterflies are the liveliest and most beautiful object of nature. Let’s steal some fresh colors of butterflies for your beautiful hands. Look at this wonderful nail art idea, dark pink is the base coat applied to the nails and the wings of butterflies are made using black nail paint and a lead pencil. And the same pencil is used for polka dots. Try it at home and go out for enjoying a more colorful and lively day.

  1. Glitter Ideas

Glittery nail paint looks so glamorous and hot if done with proper care and perfection. Glittery nail colors are available in market and you can also go for the loose glitter for fine finishing of the hue and for some desired combination. A base color is always a matte and how you apply glitter to it is totally up to you. Apply a base color and dust it with some matching or contrasting colored glitter on the half or full nail (simply how you really love it to be). Now apply a coat of a colorless nail shiner and get ready carry this nail art on night parties. 

  1. Jewels and Stickers

Do you want to add extra glamour to your nail? Here is a simple tip for your desire. Just go to a nail cosmetic shop and buy nail stickers or jewels. Use any base color of your choice or you can also apply just a base-coat and then add the jewel wherever you want to add. Try to be different on each nail otherwise the design will look a little monotonous. This technique will give your nail a more glamorous and seductive look for parties and formal gatherings.

  1. Smileys and Emoticons

Teenagers love to be unique and distinguished in their style and fashion sense. Look at these smileys, really easy to create and eye catching enough to be different among all the people. Use a yellow matte nail paint to create the base coat and then use a pencil or toothpick to draw smileys. Let the design dry and make a perfect summer look with boyfriend jeans and a bold top.

  1. Love for sneakers

Sneakers look cool with casual winter getup. If you are a sneaker lover you would fall in love with this even cooler idea of painting your nails. Just grab various matte colors of nail polish and apply them as a base-coat (different for every nail). Now use a toothpick to create a sneaker. Wear the design and go anywhere you want in your completely casual attire.

  1. Rainbow Nail Art

We love rainbow and colors associated to it since our childhood. How beautiful it looks when it appears just after rain and people of every age look at it keenly. The most adorable object of nature if created on nail art it gives a sense of freshness. You can also create the rainbow using different colors on full or sometimes on half of the nail, both look astounding.

  1. Floral Nail Art

A floral design always accounts for femininity and delicacy. The flowers created on nails look classically elegant giving a soft look to your personality. The intricate floral pattern is a bit difficult to create because the nail canvas is quite smaller. Try these beautiful tiny flowers on your nails using a toothpick for an innocent and feminine look.

You can also create simpler flowers by placing a few dots in circle and then adding a central dot to give the look of a flower. Wear the design with your casual or semi-formal outfit. Add some glitter to the design for executive looks and flaunt it at formal occasions.

  1. Giraffe print

Old is the real gold when we talk about giraffe prints. Look at this unique nail art and the way it’s done simply. Just add some dark brown patches on the yellow base color and the design will make look awe inspiring on your long trimmed nails. You just need a sharp observation to create zebra and tiger prints as well.

  1. Water Marble Nail Art

Marble nail art is the most artistic and novel form of nail art these days which can give your hand a spellbinding look. Water marble technique is a bit technical and tricky but this simple way to do it can help you doing it easily at home, you just need more than one color or nail paint and a little water in cup. The design can be made by dripping the nail colors in water. Use a toothpick to create your desired pattern and apply it onto your nails following these steps of the tutorial. 

Trends in nail polish like other makeup stuff also changed in 2017, Nude colors are more in this year and the glitters are replaced by the metallic colors which give more grace to fingers than glitters. The top trending colors of 2017 in pastels are green grape, lemon yellow, sky blue an baby pink; in dark hues cherry red and black are on their way this year and in metallic shades earth color, grey, metallic sand, almond, metal Montaigne are in trend.

There are several best-selling brands of nail paint worldwide, famous ones are here:

  • Chanel

The esteemed brand is introducing best nail polishes in the world. Chanel is proving with a wide range of high finish and shiny polish that lasts longer and looks fresh even after some days. The prices of Chanel products are high but you pay for something really worthy.

  • Wet & Wild

Wet & wild nail polishes are famous for their smooth brush and economic prices. The nail paint lasts for many days without losing its freshness. The finishing is really adorable. You will never go wrong if you buy this one.

  • A.C

The nail polish manufactured by M.A.C is outstanding in its hues and quality. Best thing about M.A.C nail polish is that is dries off quickly and lasts for many days without chipping.

  • Butter London

Perfect for manicure and rich in shades, Butter London provides the high quality polishes with a variety of nail colors; their colors are unique and highly pigmented. Only a single coat is enough for a fine look.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Once you buy a single polish of obsessive compulsive cosmetics, you will find yourself addicted to it. The richness of color, the shine of polish and long lasting effect distinguishes the brand from others.

  • Revlon

Revlon is well known for its diverse range of colors and quality of hue. It has long staying power and gives your nails a long lasting shiny effect. It’s durable and easy to be removed by ordinary removers.

  • P.I

Do you want some sexy and hot colors for your nails? O.P.I will fulfill your desire; the variety of spicy colors, the perfect finish and the extra staying power make the brand amazingly wonderful.

  • Zoya

Zoya introduced the variety of non-toxin pure nail paints that are harmless to your nails. No chip and long lasting smooth finish is the peculiarity of this brand. If you have sensitive nails go for Zoya nail paints.

  • Deborah Lippman

The colors of Deborah Lippman are trendy and fresh. Brushes are easy to use and the perfect finish of polish is impeccable. Once you start using this brand you will not like any other nail paint brand because of the finest touch of its brushes.

  • Essie

The finest brands are harder to find but Essie, despite of being one of the top class brands in the world is easy to find anywhere. It provides you with extraordinary finishing and variety of shades.

  • JINsoon

The highly opaque colors and the shiny appearance make JINsoon a high ranked brand of nail polish. The nail paint is long wearing without any chip.

  • RMS

The RMS produces nail polishes with high sticking power. They give you a range of hues and also the finest brushes, you don’t need to give an extra coat of nail paint if you have RMS in your makeup bag.

A few brands are also working in Pakistan such as Medora, Clazona and Swissmiss, they provide fine nail polishes with smooth brushes, So, go to the market and pick up your favuorite colors to give the nail art patterns a try!


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