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Moomal Khalid is s new Pakistani Model and Actress. She is a new comer to this Industry and her fame is increasing day by day. She is definitely very pretty and looks very innocent. Moomal has joined the Industry in the past recent years and in such a very short amount of time, Moomal has become a heartthrob. Moomal Khalid has worked in many drama serials and her innocent face has captured many hearts and she looks so pretty in whatever she wears. Moomal Khalid looks enchanting and she is such a gorgeous girl. Moomal is a newbie in the Pakistani Media Industry and she has appeared in many of the Drama Serials. Besides acting, Moomal is a great model as well. Moomal is captured in many magazine photo shoots also.

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Moomal is considered one of the bravest girls of the Media Industry because of the fact that she went through a horrible accident, where she lost her love. But still she managed to make her come back to this Media Industry and managed to work again. Moomal is a survivor and she is very strong girl. Moomal belongs to strong and well-settled family and she was given all the choice to pursue her career. Moomal is a performer who acted in many dramatizations and she started her showbiz profession with TV Commercials and then she was offered Drama Projects and now she has also appeared in several photo shoots for some popular clothing and other brands.

As we all know that we don’t have lack of Talent in the current Pakistani Media industry and we have such beautiful faces that are equally talented and very glamorous on the screen, Moomal is definitely one of those lustrous faces. Moomal has been luck since the start of her career because she didn’t face much difficulty in achieving the step of recognition. The second serial of Moomal Khalid was “Guriya Rani” which got her the real recognition and step forward. Moomal was famous all over on this name and this “Guriya Rani” kept the eyes of the viewers glued to their Television Screens. That Drama is a big step of Moomal’s career as it helped her get the recognition among all the Pakistani viewers. She was a focused point in that Drama around which the whole story of the Drama revolved.

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Moomal Khalid belongs to a well-settled family of Muslims. She has a very supportive family who stood throughout with her. She is now a famous actress and model because of the fact that her family was all time supportive to her. Moomal was born in London, England, UK. Moomal earned her early education in London City and she loves living there because most of her childhood memories are associated to that place. She is definitely broad-minded with a broad-minded background because she was brought up in such a wide and open environment.

Moomal Khalid relocated to Pakistan in 2006 and the family settled in Karachi City. Moomal Khalid is basically a Fashion Person because she has studied it. Moomal has done her studies in Textile Planning and she has studied at Textile Institute of Pakistan. She is very much into Fashion and Designing clothes. Moomal’s energy is definitely remarkable the way she is managing herself in various fields. She has displayed for Cherry Wrap Attire and many other Fashion Brands.

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It was January 20th, 2016; it was a dark day in Moomal life. She was out on a long ride with her friend and fiancé, and they met a harsh accident. The couple was on a drive towards Airport and they met an unfortunate accident. It was Tuesday night and Moomal’s car had a severe collision with another vehicle that killed her fiancé. Shahzeb Magsi and Moomal were in relationship and they had plans to get married in future but no one can go against the fate. Shahzeb was driving the car, when they met that horrible car accident, Moomal was badly injured but Shahzeb was hurt and injured so bad that he failed to survive and he died on the spot. Moomal was kept under intensive care and treatment and she survived to live finally but she suffered many injuries. The accident and collision was hell disastrous that it ruined the car wholly.

Sources also reveal that Moomal waited around more than an hour in the car before she was taken to the Hospital, she was badly injured but she wasn’t rescued on time. She had been in quite bad condition but still she managed to survive and she also made her comeback in the Showbiz in spite of being extra disappointed and hopeless to life. We wish her the best of luck and happy to see her being so courageous.

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Moomal Khalid is that actress who survived to live after a horrible car accident in which she lost her love of life, her fiancé Shahzeb Magsi. She was born and brought up in London City, she settled in Karachi, Pakistan in 2006. She lives in Karachi and she completed her higher studies in Karachi. She always wanted to work in the field of Fashion that is why she studied at the Textile Institute of Pakistan. Moomal is a very cute model and an actress. She joined this Drama Industry in the past recent years.

Moomal has appeared in many Drama Serials and TV Commercials. She made her Drama Debut in a drama serial “Khudgarz”, we can say that it was her Introduction Show. After that she appeared in many Dramas like “Guriya Rani”, “Jaane Kyun”, “Aashiq Hussain”, “Tum Yaad Aaye”, “Rukhsar”, “Natak” etc. She has earned recognition through many of her Dramas especially Guriya Rani got her the name of Guria Rani and she became famous on this name. Other than Dramas, she is seen in many music videos and brands’ photo shoots. Like Tanhai by Adil Mirza, Kahan Ho Tum by Sahil Hashmi. Moomal has also been the Brand Ambassador of Top Pakistani Brands like Cherry Wrap and etc.

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Name:                                      Moomal Khalid

Date of Birth:                          2nd September 1990

Zodiac Sign:                             Virgo

Nick Name:                              N/A

Height:                                     1.65 m (5 feet 5 inches)

Weight:                                    56 Kg

Age:                                           26 years

Eyes:                                          Black

Hair:                                           Black

Face:                                          Oval

Complexion:                             Fair

Body Type:                                Slim

Ethnicity:                                   Pakistani

Marital Status:                          Single

Religion:                                     Islam

Famous For:                              Acting, Modeling

Debut:                                        Khudgarz-Drama Debut

College:                                      Pakistan Institute of Textile

Education:                                 Graduation in Textile Planning

Hometown:                               Karachi, Pakistan

Languages known:                    Urdu, English

momaal khalid


Hobbies:                                    Long Drive, Shopping, Fashion Designing

Favorite Food:                          Chinese Foods, Fast Foods, Coffee


Place of Birth:                              London, England, UK

Current Address:                         Karachi

Mobile Number:                          N/A


Moomal likes to interact with her fans and followers. You can follow Moomal on Facebook using the link:

Moomal is on Instagram using the name: Moomalkh

Follow Moomal on Twitter using the link:


Moomal is seen in many Pakistani Dramas and TV Commercials. The list of Moomal’s dramas is as follows:

momaal khalid wedding

  • Khudgarz
  • Jaane Kyun
  • Aashiq Hussain
  • Tum Yaad Aaye
  • Guriya Rani
  • Rukhsar
  • Natak


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