Mehwish Hayat is a famous singer, model, dancer and actress of Pakistan. She is the heart- throb of millions in the world. Mehwish has a beautiful and confident personality, a magical voice, a picturesque face and is capable of enticing any man. She has worked on every platform whether it is theater, television, or film. She has been included in the list of most beautiful South Asian actresses along with Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka etc. by many fashion magazines. Recently, she has appeared in an item song as well. She was born at Karachi on 06 January 1983 and spent her early life there. She has four siblings- three brothers and a sister. Her sister, named Afsheen Hayat, has also started her career in showbiz and has ventured into singing.


Personal Details:

Birthday:                                06 January 1983

Age:                                        33 years (as of 2016)

Zodiac Sign:                           Capricorn

Parents:                                  Rukhsar Hayat

Height:                                   5 feet 7.5 inches (173 cm)

Figure:                                   34-26-35

Eyes:                                      Brown

Hair                                         Black

Body Type:                            Slim

Face:                                      Oval

Education:                              University of Karachi


Showbiz Career:

Mehwish kicked off her showbiz career with modeling but it was only a start of one of the most popular showbiz personalities of Pakistan. Later on, she performed on TV, Films, Item numbers, and singing as well.


She is one of the leading heroines of the Pakistani film industry and has become first choice for lead roles for many producers owing to her hardworking, dedication and passion for her work. Her notable film appearances include the following films.

S.NO. Film Name Year Role
01 Ishq Wala Love 2013
02 Na Maloom Afraad (Billi) 2014 Performed on Item Song “Billi”
03 Jawani Phir Ni Aani 2015 Marina
04 Actor in Law 2016 Meenu

Trailers of her famous movies have also been posted for your entertainment, watch and enjoy.

Item Song:

She has taken full advantage of her razor-edge looks to get a chance to perform on one of the most famous genre of today’s cinema- Item Songs. She has performed and performed very well on the most acclaimed item song of Pakistani Film Industry- Billi, in the super-hit film Na Maloom Afraad.

Songs and Singing:

Mehwish Hayat is not only a good actress but an accomplished singer as well. She has a melodious voice that can enchant anybody. Her famous songs include “Tell me Why, Pani Barsa, Har Saans Gawahiu Deti Hei. Recently, she has performed in Coke Studio Season 09 as well. I would not write much about her singing qualities. You can listen yourself and decide the caliber of this melody queen.



Mehwish has disclosed that she did not get any formal dance training at any academy, or school. She is of the view that at this time there exists no good dance academy or school in the country which is a very bad thing for the future of the Pakistani film industry. All her dancing skills are because of her hard-work, dedication, and passion for dancing.


Live Performances:

Mehwish is an awesome live performer. She is one of the most enthusiastic, energetic and lively performers of Pakistani. Nobody can afford to ignore her live performance on stage. Every award show whether it is Lux Style Awards, or Hum TV Award, is incomplete without her performance.


Mehwish has performed in a number of television dramas. Some famous dramas include Man Jali(2010) , Mere Qatil Meray Dildaar, Mirat-ul-Uroos(2012), Kabhi Kabhi(2013), Kami Reh Gaee(2013), Un Suni (2016)and Dil-lagee (2016). Other famous TV Dramas of this beauty include Pheeki, Thori si Wafa, Bahu Rani, Aakhri Saans, Massi aur Malka, Parchaiyaan.


Mehwish Hayat Husband, Wedding and Affairs:

Hold your breaths (this message is for all eligible bachelors)! Mehwish Hayat is single and still searching a husband for herself. But it does not mean that the door is open for everybody. Remember there is competition! There are rumors that she is very much involved in the Actor Ahsan Khan.


Usually, Mehwish’s life is in news because of her bold character and performances on bold scenes. But one has to keep in mind that she is an actress and performer. She does nothing because of her own will, rather she does what director asks her to do and what her fans want to see.

Mehwish Hayat Sister:

Afsheen Hayat is the only sister of Mehwish and is walking the footsteps of her gorgeous, popular and versatile sister. Mehwish has played a vital role in the upbringing and career choice of her sister. She has been of much help to her sister’s singing career and so much so that she personally has performed in the video of her sister’s song.

Mehwish Hayat Facebook, Official Social Media Accounts:

Mehwish does have social media accounts to interact with her fans. Actually, she has a craze for selfies (she should have because she has a body and face capable of showing off!). But in a conversation with HSY, she has told that she no longer uses her facebook account to interact with her fans because there are a lot of fake FB accounts on her name. She prefers instagram to post her selfies and to share her experiences with her fans. Her official instagram account can be reached by clicking on the link below.


She has numerous accolades attached to her name. recently, she was awarded Lux Style Awards for the Best TV Actress (Terrestrial). Furthermore, she has been included in the top filmy figures of Pakistan by many showbiz magazines and has been able to get space on their front covers. Some famous showbiz magazines that have adorned their cover pages with the pictures of this beauty include Xpose, FHM, Paperazi, OK and Vogue.

Future Projects:

She wants to focus of her acting career in near future  but is very hopeful to give more time for her music ventures. She is planning to lauch a music album with her co-star and a good friend Ahsan Khan. Furthermore, she wants to open an academy of international class for the progress of dancing in the country so that our talent can be polished to represent the country at international stage.

Money matters:

Mehwish is one of the highest paid actresses of the industry and charges about two hundred thousand (two lac) rupees for on performance (at a show or for a single episode of a tv series). Her net-worth is about 200 million rupees. You can find out more about the actress in the TV Show “Tonite With HSY” below:






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