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She is not only beautiful from outside but she is also a humble person from inside, gorgeous Mehwish Hayat used to be a tomboy in her childhood/teenage before she came to industry. Mehwish Hayat is very choosy in the matter of work, she doesn’t take too much projects and she always picks the one which is worth her hard work. She is considered of the most paid actresses of Pakistan right now we have. She is multi-talented, she is a model, a successful actress and now she has started her career as a singer too. She is flexible in everything she picks to do, she has fan following throughout the world, and people love to see her on screen.

Mehwish Hayat started her career as a model, she is tall, smart, attractive, beautiful eyes, hot lips, fair complexion, she has all what a model needs, and then she is educated, belongs to a liberal family. She got a chance for modeling very easily, she is the top model and face of brand Gul Ahmed from the start of her career and she still is, Gul Ahmed always calls her first and make her a prominent face when it comes to endorse the brand. She has been a model for many brands, she has done various photo shoots for many clothing brands, many makeup artists. She walked on ramp many times and she has been a showstopper for many shows and brands.

Seeing Mehwish as a model and an emerging talent, she started to get offers from many directors and producers from Pakistan Drama Industry and she started to work for dramas, she has worked for more than almost 15 dramas and all those serials were popular among the audiences and she is playing lead characters either in positive or negative side. She made her Television debut in drama “Masi Aur Malka” which aired on GEO TV in 2010. Her TV Dramas include “Man Jali”, “Meray Qatil Meray Dildar”, “Mirat-ul-Uroos”, “Unsuni”, “Kabhi Kabhi”, “Kami Reh Gaee”, “Bahu Rani”, “shehr-e-dil k Darwazey”, “Thori Si Wafa Chahiye”, her recent project was being aired on ARY Digital with a famous actor and a very good friend of Mehwish, Hamayun Saeed, the drama was “Dil Lagi”, it was a mixture of romantic and hatred love story drama that was able to get good rating by audience, Mehwish played an intense role of a rude girl so beautifully, the drama was being discussed all over by the viewers.

She is very fortunate that her name is among those actresses who came up just a few years back and now they are all worldwide known. She was ranked number 9 among the Sexiest Asian Women by a very prestigious Eastern Eye magazine in the year 2008 and 2009.

Except for dramas and modeling, Mehwish also appeared in many Pakistani movies, her first movie was Insha’Allah that was basically a short film by Khurram Mehmood in 2009. She then appeared in many telefilms and films, she made special appearance in a film “Na Maloom Afraad” in 2014, leading role in “Actor In Law” in 2016 and many more projects to come.


This charming girl attracts millions of audiences towards herself, she is really hot, she can seduce anyone just in seconds, she can perform any role, she is versatile, she is an independent lady who has earned stardom in any ways she could, If she had to be bold, she was bold in front of the camera, if the role required her to wear less clothes to gain viewers attention, she did that. She is one of those actresses for whom everything is fair when it comes to work and she is well aware of the fact that to earn fame and success, one has to be shameless and very bold and delightful in front of the camera.

When a person becomes a known personality or star, scandals are automatically associated with that person, she has never been associated with scandals and controversies as such and there nothing came up that showed this woman is of bad character, because in spite of being a model, actress she is also involved in doing social works, as Mehwish is proudly being a part of an Anti Terrorism Campaign “YEH HUM NAHEEN” that is representing The Pakistani Youth all over the world advertising through commercials and interviews of that campaign, she openly condemns terrorism and she is always busy in trying to put a very positive Image of Pakistan towards the whole world. She is the one actress who took her step in thinking of portraying a terrorism free image of Pakistan in front of the world, she wants change to come and she wants to the one who can bring change to society.

She is scandalized because she has that perfect figure that whatever she wears, it really looks sexy on her, in some videos many of her scenes are taken from different dramas and her body parts is zoomed so that negative vulgar image of actress can be showed. Well, we know that she is bold and she is often wearing very short and skin tight dresses in her dramas, where she doesn’t even care these are family dramas and are going to be played on TV all over the country, she doesn’t care about that because she wants to wear what attracts other producers and directors attention towards her.

Mehwish has done many bold scenes in dramas, there was a scene in her drama with Shamoon Abbasi where she was really close to him and that’s very seducing romantic scene where shamoon was locking her lips and talking, that was a kind of scandal of Mehwish but she doesn’t feel shame in doing what the role demands.

Mehwish has done an item number titled “Billi” in movie “Na Maloom Afraad” where she is wearing very short or we can say semi-nude dress where she is showing almost her full sexy body and she is seducing the audiences by doing very mesmerizing dance steps and people love her for being so open but most of the people do really not like her because it’s a Pakistani movie and it’s a Muslim country and she is adopting western culture just for fame and success.


Bold and beautiful actress Mehwish Hayat belongs to a family of Karachi, her family is very supportive and liberal and the family gave her full confidence to do anything she wanted to. She was born on 6th January 1983 in Karachi. She earned her early education in Karachi. Further, she completed her higher studies from Karachi University. Mehwish was the most innocent and simple child of her family as said by her mother, she loved going to schools, she is the second last child of the family, her three siblings are elder than her, she wasn’t that sharp like other children so she was like the most pampered child of her mother, her mother used to take special care of her.

Mehwish’s mother was also an actress, her mother’s name is Rukhsar, Rukhsar also has background in acting and that’s why she made her daughter come to industry with open minded thinking and she wanted that Mehwish should really achieve that Rukhsar herself couldn’t, she supported her all way and even she is present with Mehwish Hayat at her dramas/films shoots and even parties, Mehwish says that whenever she goes anywhere with her mother, people ask Mehwish as if she is her sister rather than mother because Rukhsar is very young and very beautiful as she got married at a very early age and also Rukhsar is an open-minded working lady who never put restrictions on her children or imposed them to do or wear anything. Seeing Rukhsar, we can clearly say that Mehwish received this beauty in her genes.

Mehwish has a beautiful family having three brothers and one sister and they are 5 siblings in total. Mehwish’s not only mother but the whole family is related to Showbiz and some are trying to make their space in Industry, her brother is also an actor who has done many supportive roles in many drama serials and one of Mehwish’s brother is in USA, Mehwish’s sister is a singer who also launched her album that unfortunately didn’t go that well, but Mehwish hayat was there in her sister’s video songs to support her sister, Mehwish says that acting is in her blood and she always wanted to do this, her brother and sister are quite struggling to make their proper space in Industry but the truth is that Mehwish has developed so much fame and she has set that status of fame and popularity for her that it might be a bit difficult for her siblings to reach that level.

Mehwish says that she has grown up seeing her mother doing acting so she always wanted to be a part of Industry, Rukhsa (mother) has also worked in a drama with Mehwish and she says that it was quite intense and emotional for her to work with her mother. Rukhsar is like a friend to her daughter and she really loves Mehwish. Rukhsar says that Mehwish doesn’t take care of her for many things so sometimes she is angry on her. Rukhsar is a proud mother and she says that it was my dream and she achieved it.


She is enchanting, young and she is beauty with brain, people are talking about her, searching her, her photos, latest events and you can get pretty much stuff related to Mehwish Hayat, Let’s have a look at some of her pictures, videos, interviews, you will like them for sure.


Mehwish Hayat is looking like a princess, she is wearing a lemon and white colored top, her pink glossy lips are prominent and attractive, she is giving a big smile with the naughty Sohai, they both are posing for selfie, she is just perfect, she is a beauty queen. Both are at the promotion of her movie “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani”.


Mehwish is relaxing in white dress and having so natural makeup, she is definitely enjoying the music she is listening to and off course posing for this picture to be taken, she is being sun kissed and looking damn pretty as always.


Mehwish is giving a very random and bossy looks and there she is  in synchronization with things out of randomness, that means when you take little joys out of your life with small things, she really looks contended and satisfied. Look at the sad and poor expressions of purple panther, and the teddy bear she is holding showing that she loves teddy bears.

Mehwish Hayat is performing at ARY Film Awards 2016, she is absolutely looking stunning, seducing and very mesmerizing, she has proved that dance is absolutely her type, she is comfortable and open towards dancing and showing herself. She has kind of left behind Indian Actresses in the matter of dressing, because the kind of dressing she has in her performance looks a bit weird and not very suitable for Pakistani Channels to show but off course she and the producers like it this way.

Above is a very personal video of Mehwish Hayat in which she is holding one of her sibling children. It looks that she really likes them and she seems really attached to the children and asking them to say her that they love her. We all know that Mehwish is really very much attached to her family and love them to eternity no matter what.

Mehwish Hayat in an Entertainment show where naughty Danish Nawaz is her host, and Danish resembles her with cat, and Danish asks her about fasting and she openly says that she doesn’t fast when she is on work else she fasts. And she says don’t change yourself to show other people. And then her brother Danish Hayat also comes in the show and Danish Nawaz says that now he can’t openly flirt with Mehwish because of her brother.

Mehwish Hayat together with Ahsan Khan in “Tonite With HSY”, HSY tells that Mehwish and Ahsan are very good friends with each other, they are very supportive and they synchronize with each other behind the scenes because they are very comfortable working along. Mehwish says that she is self taught in every matter whether it’s acting or dancing, but she really wants to open a dance school so that she can built confidence in those people who put their selves back from dancing and we don’t really have such dancing schools in country.


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