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Mehreen Syed is a young and beautiful model of Pakistani fashion industry. She is most demanding because of her sexy appealing figure.


Mehreen Syed is very pretty face among all other models. She is not only famous but she is also well-known Pakistani model because of her height.  She is born with styles. Her sexy pictures are boosting her confidence level all over web.  Her enhancing look made her own identity not only in digital media but also on print media. She is considering top model of Pakistan. She made her own name in television screen. She is very committed and hard- working model.  She belongs to respectable family.  She started her career from early age.



Mehreen is very passionate about her career from early period of life. Moreover, she is blessed with moderate family. Her early life was very blooming because she was brilliant student. She was born in the famous city of Pakistan Lahore in the month of August in 1982. She secured her early education from her hometown. With the passage of time, she was taking interest in modeling.


She completed her basic education from her hometown. After that she moved to the subject home economics. So, she secured her graduation certificate from Lahore’s Home Economics College.


Unluckily, her father was no more.  When she was just three years old her mother became widow. So, she is just blessed with a mother who is professional lady. She loves her mother and very closes to her.


She is blessed with three sisters and only one brother. She has strong bonding with her siblings. They all are very frank with each other.


She has highlighted herself not only in domestic media but also in international media. This is the reason she got honor in popular magazine Alamra of Middle East.  So, she was also top model in this region.


She has another achievement in media because she was a spokesperson in Paris of popular brand L’Oreal.


She has appealing figure because of her tallest height among other models. She achieved title of international model due to her beauty level.



Owing to her extra beauty level she got title “face of the year”. She is very beautiful and has charming look. Her look is very fascinating.


As we know that she is considering top model of Pakistan. She has done lot of work for music videos due to her beauty level. She has done music videos with popular singer at large stage.


She has multiple attributes in her professional life. She started her career when she was student from LSE. She got offer for modeling popular artist Ather Shahzad .  So, she gave a commercial break in fashion industry. On the other side, she is doing music videos with singers. She was also spokesperson and got popularity. Hence, she is shining star in fashion industry. She is blooming herself due to her beauty. She made her entry in media in last decade.



Name:                                                                                             Mehreen Syed

Alternate Name:                                                                            Mehreen

Height:                                                                                           5 fit 10

Careers:                                                                                    Actress, Model

Born:                                                                                              August 02, 1981

Age:                                                                                                35

Marital Status:                                                                             Married

Zodiac:                                                                                             Leo

Country:                                                                                          Pakistan

Home Town:                                                                                   Lahore

Net Worth:                                                                                 Not Available

Mehreen Syed Profession:             By profession she is a famous and top known Pakistani model.

Mehreen Syed Weight:                                                              Her weight is 60 KG.

Mehreen Syed Breast Size:                                                        Her breast size is 34.

Mehreen Syed Hips Size:                                                           Her hips size is 33.

Mehreen Syed Eye Color:                                                        Her eye color is black in shade.

Mehreen Syed Hair Color:                                                    Her hair color is black in shade.

Mehreen Syed Weight In Pounds:                                       Her weight in pounds is 130.5.

Mehreen Syed Dress Size:                                                      Her dress size is 7.

Mehreen Syed Skin Color:                                                     Her skin color is fair white.


She got married with famous person Ahmad Sheikh in the year of 2013. She does not want to marry but her mother insisted her on married life. So, her ceremony was held on 23rd February. They are spending happy life with each other. She is very mature and cooperative wife. Now they decided to give warmly welcome for little angel.


Mehreen Syed revealed her big secret on media she is going to be ready to give baby birth. She said, she is very happy on this new addition in her life. She said, she has planned to move in London after child birth. So, this good news is very pleasant for both of them.



She got billions appreciations from her modeling field. She has appealing and sexy figure. She has natural beauty not only on her face but also in figure. She is very popular personality in modeling career on other models. She appeared in number of commercials and advertisements. During her modeling episode she had worked with Saqib Malik she had done various shows and worked as a model in Pepsi commercial and also in Nestle.

  • She is CEO of PIFA
  • Brand Ambassador of L’Oreal (2011)
  • Modeling for Vouge, Marie Claire and Time
  • Did commercials for PTCL and EVO


According to unconfirmed reports, she got separation from her husband because she has affair with most famous actor Humayun Saeed, but it is just rumor.


Her acting career is very successful. She had earned her high dreams through Pakistan fashion industry. Her fan followers said about her, media in incomplete without her figure. She had done number of serials and films. She had done work on different channels.



Merheen syed is big achiever in her professional life. She invests herself and initiates business. She got wonderful achievements.  Her tabulated list is there:

  • Launched Daimond & Polki Jeweler collections
  • International Fashion academy Pakistan


  • LSM Model of the year Award
  • 17th Sexiest Asian (Female)
  • 16th Sexiest Asian in UK
  • International Model of the year Award
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Face of the year Award


She is very famous actress and her most watched movie was chanbalii. She got appreciations.


Apart from modeling and acting life, Mehreen Syed has launched her own jewelry line. She is becoming famous day by day.


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