Mehndi, Top mehndi designs


Mehndi is a tradition; it is one of the most important element and essential addition when there comes any traditional event, function, festival. It is forever love for girls. It is that trend that is being followed over centuries and no replacement of it (mehndi/henna) existed till now. They say that a girl on her marriage or girls on traditional events is kind of incomplete without Mehndi. And off course girls are incomplete without Mehndi on her hands on different events. First we should be clearing what is Mehndi as there might be some people who may not be familiar with this term that is mostly not possible in the Asian or Muslim counties as this is something that is very common and most prevailing trend. Mehndi or Henna is prepared from the powered leaf of plant henna; it is basically a paste that is especially made for women or men. It was initially made for men and women’s palms now it is worn as a tradition and the paste is put in a con shaped plastic paper so that it can be used to apply various designs, it is also put in the open pots and then applied with the help of some pen or stick. Mehndi was initially applied on the palms of men or women at certain traditions but now women and some men who are aged sometimes use to color their hair as well, which gives them a reddish burgundy color. When it comes to our religious festivals such as Eid-Ul-Azha and Eid-Ul-Fitar, one day before Eid is known as Chand Raat and the most important and highlighted celebration is in the form of Mehndi on that Chand Raat. Girls rush to buy henna and parlors to have their hands fulfilled with beautiful Henna designs. Other than Eids, there also are festivals on which it is considered an important or prominent thing that people would like to have it on their hands. In most of the families, it is a complete traditional process that all girls specially take out time and do apply henna on their hands, feet on Eids, marriages. Girls feel themselves incomplete on many events when they are not applying Mehndi on their hands as it glorifies skin.

Mehndi has its own value that has always been and that will always remain because this is something that will always remain in fashion. In fact it is a something which makes a tradition incomplete or scrappy if not used. In this article, you will know about the latest Mehndi designs or top mehndi designs. This will help you knowing the current fashion and mehndi trends. If you really love to apply mehndi and you would like to learn on your own then these designs are very simple and attractive ones. For applying mehndi, it requires a lot of practice, you apply hundred times and then you are able to apply a perfect design that looks very unambiguous and nice. We are posting the most tempting and floral based pretty mehndi designs that you are going to like for sure, all you need to do is stay tuned to our page for more and more mehndi designs and latest mehndi patterns, Mehndi is definitely an art that should really be learnt and admired. Let us have a look on some of the top and latest mehndi designs and a bit of description for all the pictures to enhance your knowledge about latest trends and designs.


The Mehndi is applied on the hands and full arms and it definitely looks so appealing and perfect, the beautiful design is made using flowers and round patterns and then those patterns are filled up so that it gives a very loaded and attractive look. This can be used for brides and else girls can have it on various events.


It is one of the most trendy designs as the round mehndi designs are considered one of the most favorite and traditional mehndi design. Not only that, it is easy to apply as well more than other designs. You can try this and surely, you will be applying this with great ease maybe not this much clear but almost near to this design. This traditional round design is one of the basic palm designs that are being applied since the very origin. People mostly prefer to have this mehndi pattern applied. The round mehndi design is enhanced by beautiful borders with narrow filings and dots. This is one of the most appealing and decent designs and somehow it is an easy one also.


Mehndi is applied using various patterns of flowers, and no filling technique is used in it. It is simple yet complicated. It’s a type of loaded Mehndi bale that covers the hand mostly. Most of the designs are now days are applied on the back side of the hand like this one so that it is much more visible and it is mostly in fashion these days and then a dark nail color is applied to that it complements the Mehndi design. This is a floral based Mehndi design that covers two fingers and most of the hand so that it looks enchanting and fascinating. The designs and patterns are very clear if you want to try yourself. It is one of the top mehndi designs that are very common these days.


It is one of the top mehndi designs and other than that it is the most attractive and likable design that most of the girls like to wear these days. This one defines uniqueness and it is different of all. This is drawn from the Arabic Mehndi designs that are usually very wide and simple but look the most enchanting ones. This can work and be worn with any tradition, any event, even in daily routines. It is a very alluring mehndi design.


This is a very gorgeous and demanded Mehndi design especially when it comes to some family events or tradition. This design is made using the Mehndi Bale Pattern enhanced by the doted fillings on the fingers around and small leaves so that it completely looks wide and pretty. This would not be a very easy one even if you try the first time and this includes in the list of top mehndi designs prominently.