Mehndi designs for hands, Beautiful mehndi designs


Mehndi is a trend being followed for years, and what makes it most prominent is that it is common to everyone. Every female loves to have it applied on her hands. It has become so common that whenever any trendy event happens in the families, girls sit down and start searching for the mehndi designs for hands and the most beautiful mehndi designs. Girls always want to get the best and the new, the latest that is why they search and try to find out the best. This can be considered of the things like makeup, girls don’t apply mehndi in a routine such that they use makeup but on occasions, it can be essential as makeup. It is a tradition that basically originated from the Indian Continent, our neighboring country. It originated from Rajasthan where it was typically applied to brides and the grooms were given very simple designs. It was started to consider an essential for brides to have it on their hands, feet, arms and even shoulders. And in many northern areas of India, it is essential to be worn on their religious events and not only marriage. We have many trends that we are following for years and many of those are adopted by us from the neighboring country’s culture, mehndi is one of them. Pakistanis adopted this trend as a sign of changing fashion. Initially, there were no mehndi designs and simply people used to put a simple round mehndi design or simply applying the mehndi in the palms to see if gives a good color. Many people use it because they like its smell. People use it in their hands, hair, arms and some people apply it on their necks, shoulders as new fashion. Other than this, in Middle East and African areas, it is also used by women to apply it on their fingernails and toenails. It is also considered as a sign of happiness, when people have events what makes them happy; girls definitely apply mehndi to show that they are celebrating. Applying beautiful mehndi designs is definitely is an art, some people naturally have the ability to make different mehndi designs and patterns and some learn it by whole learning process. But actually applying mehndi is definitely an art that is learnt by seeing and practicing different design patterns and mehndi samples books.

This article will help you find the latest mehndi designs for hands and the most beautiful mehndi designs overall. The more you practice it, the neater your design will come out. There are many festivals that bring the taste of Mehndi with it and it is considered the temporary form of skin decoration. If you want to catch up the most appealing and stunning looking mehndi designs then this article will definitely help you reach the best mehndi designs and the most beautiful mehndi designs that are in fashion. Once you have a look on these fabulous mehndi designs, you sure are going to apply mehndi even if you never tried. So see these amazing mehndi for hands which will definitely be loved by you:


It is a beautiful mehndi bale that is an enchanting mehndi design for hands, the very appealing design of mehndi embedded with flowers and leaves, it is a very easy design that really looks different. It is easy design, can be tried and applied by anyone. Mostly girls these days like to have very decent and mehndi bale designs because it can be carried with any type of dressing either formal or casual.


It is a bit complicated yet very modish and beautiful mehndi design, this one can mostly be worn on functions such as it looks pretty on a bride’s hands as well as it can be worn on family weddings. The design is made using very small floral and big leaves with a lot of filling so that the hands looks fully loaded with the mehndi decoration.


It is a very unique and decent mehndi design, it mostly looks like a bracelet with the very small flowers and small leaflets. That bracelet chain is created by dots around the hand and it simply looks enchanting and it is a beautiful mehndi design and also a very easy one, you should practice this one because it would look really cool.


The design is not that much simple to draw it is a very enchanting and appealing mehndi design for hands. The pattern is drawn using peacock mehndi design. The fingers are decorated by leaflets giving a broad and loaded with mehndi decoration look on the hands. This design can be worn on big functions such as the bride is wearing on her hands and it looks ideal design.


This design is in fashion and admired by most of girls these days. This starts with the flower pattern followed by floral pattern and again the flowers are drawn putting floral and making a mehndi bale design that leads to the nail of first finger. This design can be worn in routine and on formal occasions as well.


Well, this one is very clear and this henna design is a unique one. It starts from a wide leaf that leads to flower patterns and Arabic mehndi trend is being followed in this pattern. This leaf design is very common in Arabic mehndi designs.


The design seems to be a bit complicated one yet looks very attractive and this is latest mehndi trend. This is a beautiful mehndi leaves design and flowers patterns that is filled with stars or sparks. This will definitely take time to be drawn but this design is worth it.


This one is a simple yet really enchanting design that can be worn in routine days as well as in functions. The fingers are filled up with the half flowers and the appealing flower net bale mehndi design is drawn perfectly.


This looks like a very complex and extensive pattern of floral net. This is sharp and very neatly designed pattern and it definitely needs practice to draw this design this much neatly. It looks spotless and stylish.


Broadly designed pattern with geometrical floral looks so stylish and very trendy. For those, who want wide mehndi designs, this one is the most delightful and most appealing mehndi design. This would look pretty and go with some heavy function but this can also be worn in routine. You must try this one because it looks very charming.