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Makeup in itself is not beauty but the aesthetic use of makeup is the key factor for enriching you beauty. Being a woman you must know how much your face needs makeup and what trends you need to follow for more alluring and presentable looks. Here are 10 best make up tips and ideas that every woman must know.

Your foundation is the basic element in your makeup and most of the women choose a wrong foundation for their skin. Always pick a foundation which is homogeneous and friendly to your skin. Select an appropriate formula which suits your skin; for an acne prone skin you need to opt for oil free foundations and for dry skin go for hydrating formulas. If you have a sensitive skin, always prefer a non-carcinogenic formula. One thing more, don’t try the foundation on the back of your hand at the time of buying, try it on your cheeks because your hands and your face are different from each other regarding texture, tone and nature of the skin.

Are you tired of the patchiness of your foundation when you apply it? Use a fluffy brush instead of your hand. A brush will provide you with maximum blend of your foundation. After application wipe your face with a tissue to remove extra foundation. For long lasting effect of your base, add some loose powder. Face powder gives a perfect finishing to your basing and it sets your base for a longer time. Now apply your make up and stay flawless throughout the day.

A concealer is used to hide blemishes and dark spots. It even outs the skin tone giving it a perfect flawless look. Always choose a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone to cover up the areas which are undertone. If you have darker spots and blemishes, consider using a skin corrector before concealer.

A common mistake that women commit is to use concealer directly below your eyes to remove dark circles. Remember a concealer can hide your dark circles temporarily but the skin under your eyes is quite sensitive; apply a hydrating eye cream before you cover your dark circles with a concealer.

Blushing is one of the unprecedented complements a lady can give a gentleman. Your blush is the most feminine element of your make up. Women commonly perceive that blush is the easiest thing to put on but it is not actually the case, you need to keep a few things in mind before you buy or apply your blush.

First of all, always buy a blush rich in hue and finishing making you look more natural and fresh. Before apply your blush, choose a fluffy brush and start putting your blush on from the apples of your cheeks moving upward towards the temples. Wait! A single layer is not enough it if you are going out for a longer time. Consider your nose, beauty bone, and forehead and chin as well to highlight them with your blush.

Your eyes are important because you communicate with your eyes non-verbally. And to make this nonverbal communication more powerful you need to equip your eyes with some extra attractiveness. A proper eye-shadow is a key to this attractiveness and a carefree and joyous day out.

One of the must know tip for an ultimate finishing of your eye-shadow is to use a white pencil onto your eyelids it will help the shade of your eye shadow pop. Use eyeliner to define your eyes after the eye shadow. A creamy liner or cake liner is considered best for a soft and controlled look if you smudge it with a tissue or cotton bud. If you have an oily skin, wipe out your eyes before putting on the liner to prevent the liner from smudging.

Do you want to give an extra volume to your eyelashes? Here is a simple tip for you. Dust your lashes with loose powder and then apply mascara starting from roots to the ends in a back and forth motion. Let it dry and then apply a second coat. If you are not satisfied with the length of your eye lashes, hold the mascara wand in your hand and place it vertically, now apply mascara and be sure that you wriggle mascara brush throughout your lashes.

A lipstick complements your make up. Whatever color of lipstick you choose for your lips you must know the exact way to apply it. Apply your lipstick with a proper outline and blend it carefully with brush or your finger. If you want your lipstick stay for twenty four hours dust your lips with loose powder and then apply lipstick. Do experiment with bold colors, you will look more seductive.

For the illusion of fuller lips, outline your lips outwards and blend it with your lips, your lips will appear fuller.

For the illusion of bigger eyes, using a white eyeliner just above your lower water line works better but for the best result try a beige eyeliner because white will make your eyes a little dramatic and artificial.

For a more natural and subtle cheeks, apply your blush before applying anything on your face then apply the foundation, this technique will make your cheeks appear naturally rosy.

When you use waterproof makeup, you need some toner to remove it. Remember! When you wipe out your makeup using a toner the protective layer of sebum is also wiped out which can damage your skin badly in the long run. So don’t use waterproof makeup on regular bases, use it for on parties only.

Eid is one of the most auspicious events of Muslims and it’s celebrated with loads of happiness and joy throughout the world. Girls surf some makeup tips and ideas for eid a few days before this sacred event. Here are some of the Eid makeup tips that will help you on coming eid.

  • A foundation for eid must not be creamy and oily, pick a natural base or powder because you have to look flawless for the whole day.
  • A light contouring will work best for you on Eid day, so highlight the features you find more attractive in your face to achieve smooth skin.
  • An Eid day is often a hot summer day these days, so pick a light blush such as powder pink or chalk peach to give your face a smooth and subtle look.
  • A soft eye makeup will be a perfect choice on Eid and you can also use a dark lipstick with soft eye makeup.
  • Do you love smoky eyes and want to create these this Eid? Okay! But be careful black eye liner combined with black smoke will give you harsher looks. Go for a brown hue of eyeshadow paired with brown eye pencil for a soft look.
  • Since Eid is a traditional event, your choice of makeup should be a bit traditional. Cat eyeliner is a perfect choice it will give you a typical Asian look.
  • The color of your dress must be homogeneous with nail paint and your lipstick otherwise your personality will appear as a confused one.
  • A simple hairdo with a few curls, half bun with half opened hair and dead straight hair will make you look totally different from other common days.

All these tips will prevent you from confusion and will give you more confident regarding your Eid makeup on Eid day. Just like Eid, Parties are also an important part of our collective system. Night parties, musical evenings, cultural nights, dinner, lunch and hangouts with friends are the must go things of one’s life. Do you feel yourself lacking party make up ideas? Now you don’t need to be worried. Here are some of the party make up ideas to make you feel adequate whenever you go out on a party.

  • If you are using a dark hue for lips you need to do a subtle eye makeup. With dark red or maroon lipstick you can easily wear a rosy blusher and a light pink eye shadow. It will never prove you wrong.
  • The most trendy and appealing lip color is burgundy; it gives you the hottest looks but matching lipsticks are also in trend. For a night function wear burgundy carelessly and you will look spell binding.
  • Vibrant eyeliners are available in the market. Buy a vibrant glittery eye makeup that matches your party dress and you will be acknowledged.
  • Also lip shades can be mixed to give a novel blend of your dress colors.
  • False nails are available in the market to give your hands a sense of beauty and perfection.
  • Buns look classier and glamorous on parties, make a high bun and take out to some of your hair and curl them. Use pearls if you want to look distinguished.

You will never go wrong of you go for the above described makeup ideas.

A lot of makeup brands are working to illuminate your beauty around the world. Some of the most famous and reliable brand are following:

Bare minerals

Do you want to protect your skin from the hazards of environment? Try bare minerals; a well-known brand for organic cosmetics. Bare minerals consider the sensitivity and uniqueness of your skin and provide you with a wide range of excellent products.


MAC is the most esteemed and finest brand around the globe. The best characteristic of MAC is that they never compromise on quality. A wide range of mascara, eye liners, lip gloss, lipsticks and foundations is available at MAC and they give a special discount to beauty experts

L’Oreal Paris

One of the most expensive and largest brands worldwide provides you with best skincare products and beautifiers.


Chanel is considered to be the royal most brand all over the world. The aristocracy of Chanel gives an outstanding list of products which serves you to enhance the smoothness and glow of your skin.

Mary kay

This brand is good news to the people with skin problems. The rich and natural products of Mary Kay give your skin an extra care along with beauty and attractiveness. Try it! You will love the brand.

Rimmel London

The products of Rimmel last longer than the common brands. The finishing of foundation, the hues of blusher and the waterproof eye liners are must have for your makeup bag. You are aesthetic elite if you buy Rimmel.


The smell of Clinique products is soothing for senses. The soft range of lipstick and blusher makes the brand prominent and reliable for customers.


Neutrogena is the best recommended brand by skin specialists. The peculiarity of Neutrogena lies in the nourishment of their products; they use special conditioners and moisturizers in their products so that the skin may not get harmed by makeup.


Maybelline is one of the famous cosmetic brands for its range of skin friendly and harmless products. Lipstick shades from nude to metallic ones, matte and shimmery blush and fine eye makeup products are the best in the world. Everyone will be impressed by you after seeing Maybelline products in your makeup bag.


Dr. Hauschka is regarded as world’s best organic brand in the world. They blend the hues with minerals and fruit extracts to make perfect beautifiers which don’t even beautify your skin but also make it healthier.


Avon is the USE based makeup company which is famous for its pure products. The products of Avon have more staying power and these are easier to apply onto your skin. Buy this brand and you will be loved wherever you go.


Do you want to buy the finest make up which lasts on your skin for almost forever and never harm you/? Try ELF. Choose any of the beauty products made by Avon and stay glamorous.

In Pakistan, there are a few beauty brands in which Etude, Revlon and Naked are ranked above others. It is not about buying an expensive makeup, it’s about the level of comfort in the way you put on your makeup. Whichever brand you pick, you must know how to flaunt your makeup.



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