Mahira Khan: The Queen of Bollywood Movie ‘Raees’ or Diva of Lollywood


Mahira Khan is really in these days owing to its upcoming movie Raees in which she is performing lead role against the King Khan- yes you take it right the one and only Shah Rukh Khan- (Don’ be Jealous girls). But only time will tell would she be able to sustain this hype or will revert back to her origins at Pakistani film industry- Lollywood. (Let us take a guess by watching her performance at The Movie- Raees).

Still can’t figure it out, no problem come on and have a look a live performance at an indian college by the gorgeous heart-throbe of Indo-Pak:

Impressed! yeah you ought to be. but it doesn’t mean that the Mahira has forget her roots. she performed at ‘Lux Style Awards 2016’ for the Audience of Pakistan and look how awesome she has performed for her homeland:

So what is the result? at which stage Mahira Khan performed wholeheartedly? for Pakistan or for India?

Decide by yourself and tell us in the comments section below…………………..



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