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This beautiful lady Mahira Khan is an actress, model, a host and a VJ (Video Jockey). She is an independent lady who made her own way and on the basis of her talent and hard work, she stands today in a place where every girl can dream of reaching. She is not only successful in her showbiz Industry but also she has gathered a lot much fan following throughout the world, she is known for playing roles excellently with no artificial and fake acting, she makes it appear natural and effective.

She started her career at a very young or early age of 16 years where most of the teenagers especially girls aren’t even allowed to go their schools, colleges alone. She came up at that time and started VJeeing at different channels. Basically a VJ or Video Jockey is someone who acts as a medium person or the communicator between a musician or music videos and the audiences, the video jockey also has to work behind the camera such as to decide the theme of show as well and to make sure that the song list is the one which is going to attract audiences.

She made her Television debut as a VJ in a show titled “Most Wanted” aired on MTV Pakistan in 2006, and the other show was “Weekends with Mahira” on Aag TV in (2008). Both shows went successful and were popular music shows of that time.

Mahira tells about her start of job as a VJ is that she started it as an internship to gain some experience so she went to the auditions of “VJ Hunt” that was being broadcasted on Indus Television Network and she was the one who was selected by the CEO of that channel just at once and sadly on the same day, CEO fired two Vjs from the channel and their career finished because the CEO Ghazanfar Ali of the channel saw that potential in Mahira and the he insisted Mahira to do that job.

Then Mahira got offer to work in Shoaib Mansoor’s Mega venture for Big Cinema film “BOL”. The film changed the concept of Pakistan Film Industry and it was a big hit. Mahira was lucky enough to make her film debut in such a project. She was shooting for the moving since around 2010 being a lead character casted with Atif Aslam, Humaima Malik. Mahira Khan’s debut film was released on 24th June 2011.

Mahira just after shooting of the film BOL started to receive offers from various directors and producers of Pakistan Drama Industry and she worked for her first drama directed by Mehreen Jabbar titled “Neeyat”. The Mahira’s debut drama serial aired on 30th June 2011 on ARY Digital. Mahira again was lucky enough to work with top most actors of the Industry in her first drama. She became a star and a lead character and she was being offered more projects but she is choosy in this matter.

Well after Neeyat, she appeared in “HUMSAFAR” aired on HUM TV. After the film BOL, this drama proved to be a big breakthrough in her career. Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan are known for this drama serial worldwide. Her acting, innocence and on-screen chemistry with Fawad Khan made this drama the best of the time. This drama was rated 13.8 by the Pakistani audiences and in fact world wide audience, this is the highest rating of any Pakistani drama ever.

After Hamsafar, Mahira gave many other hits and she appeared in several more TV Projects and all were absolutely hit. She appeared in Shehr-e-Zaat in 2013 and was applauded for her spiritual performance, her romantic drama Sadqay Tumharay was on air in 2014.

Her second Lollywood Movie was Bin Roye where she plays a role of loving and aggressive eastern girl; she looks amazingly beautiful on Big Screen. The movie again made profit in millions.

She appeared in many other Lollywood movies titled, Manto, Actor In Law, Ho Mann Jahaan and she has just completed her shootings for her bollywood debut “Raees” where she will be seen along with Shah Rukh Khan in worldwide cinemas.


They say what the stardom comes around; you can’t keep yourself away from controversies and scandals. And there are existing actors and stars who make their own scandals by several means to get people’s attention. While Mahira isn’t much “IN” in the scene of controversies but obviously she has some of scandals and affairs associated with her.

Mahira khan has always been an independent and social girl. She comes from a wealthy and open-minded background. After completing her A ‘Level from Pakistan, she went to California, United States for higher studies. She was too young at that time nearly 17 but she moved there alone and started studying there. It is also associated to her that she lived there on her own; she made money herself for a living.

Her first ever affair started at a very young age, when she was doing Graduation at California University, she met Ali Askari, both were classmates, Mahira dated Ali Askari for many years and both were Pakistanis so they easily came closer to each other. Later they got married and had a son. They kept it as a secret but for some recent few years before their divorce that their married life wasn’t going that smooth and she didn’t reveal that even once that they are going to get divorced. Sources say that the couple separated in 2014 and they even got divorced but they revealed it later in 2015. In 2015, Mahira Khan and Ali Askari were officially announced divorcees.  Mahira didn’t even care about her son and got separated so easily.

Mahira Khan was hosting a show by TUC, titled “TUC – the Lighter Side of Life”, there was a video of the scenes behind the camera of Mahira with Fawad Khan was leaked, in the video both of them are seen being very free with each other like they were friends since childhood and Mahira is clearly seen having a kind of crush on Fawad. They have a distracted conversation.

Mahira was seen all over promoting her movie “Ho Mann Jahan”, she was caught promoting her movie in Iqra University and doing Dance Steps in the university between all the students that actually looks a bit weird and it was all spread on social media as a scandal for Mahira Khan.

There was a news all around that Mahira Khan is working with Shahrukh Khan in Mahira’s Bollywood Debut film “Raees”. She was really excited and happy and she knows that working with King Khan in her debut is a matter of honor. She was playing role of Shahrukh’s wife and shooting was almost done and suddenly the relations of both India Pakistan turned to be aggressive and the Hindu extremists don’t want to see the Pakistani Actors appearing on Indian Cinemas. In response to that, Mahira shares a post of one of her friends.

The post Mahira shared, says that it looks very strange , this very changed relation with India makes everyone getting increasingly upset at this abusive and hatred cross-fire from one border to another. We should rather think of spreading love and affection than this abomination. Everyone is under weight and pressure on the current situation.

But the sad fact is, even after showing love to India and Indian artists, it is clearly rumored that Mahira Khan is kicked out of Raees because of Hindu Extremists forcing Yash Raj Films to replace Mahira Khan with some Indian actress.


This gorgeous lady and a very successful actress of Pakistan was born on 21st December 1984, she is 31 years of age. She was born and brought up in Karachi where her parents used to live. Her parents are Pathans who speak Urdu instead of Pashto. His father name is Hafeez Khan who was born in Delhi, India during that British Raj, and then his father migrated to India with family at the time of Partition. Mahira was lucky to open her eyes in a joint family system where she used to live with her grandparents as in Daada and Daadi. And Mahira’s Phopho used to live next to their house so Mahira has been brought up in such a way that she was the most loved and pampered child, she was apple of the eye for everyone in the family.

Mahira has one younger brother Hasan Khan; she belonged to a wealthy background, her parents allowed to do anything she wanted to do in terms of her education and choosing her career. She attended Foundation Public School to complete her A Level and then went to abroad for higher studies, she enrolled herself in University of Southern California at the age of 17, she lived in California alone and all with the permission of her family and parents.

Mahira actually realized the reality of life when she needed to do weird jobs to make her living. No one would rather believe that she was once a cashier, she mopped the floors and she even had to clean toilets in California to earn money. But unfortunately due to such hectic life and routine and then getting a chance to work in TV shows, she couldn’t complete her bachelors and came back to Pakistan.

She met Ali Askari in Caifornia, who was a businessman and later became Mahira’s husband. She fell in love, they got married in 2007 and they were soon blessed with a son, Azlaan. Mahira never had hidden her son because she is a proud mother and Azlaan is often seen with her at different functions and events.

Mahira couldn’t get along for too long with Ali Askari and they officially announced their divorce in 2015. It is rumored that Mahira may get married once again that’s why she got separated from her husband. She belongs to a well-educated and strong family who always supported her whenever she wanted to pursue her dreams. Her ex-husband was also a successful business man and he always encouraged her to do anything she wanted to. They were living a good and happy life together but there must have gone something bad or some misunderstanding may have happened that’s why they ended up with a divorce.


We have a lot of pictures, video advertisements, and interviews of Mahira Khan. She also keeps posting her pictures of different Award shows, fashion events, social work events. Let’s have a look on some of her pictures and interviews along with some description:

“She walks down the aisle and the world stands aside” is the punch line of this video. She is wearing BagheBahar, the latest collection of Divan’I Pakistan. She is beautifully endorsing the brand; she looks amazingly pretty in Red and Golden Lehanga. Mahira is a brand Endorser of several brands. Here she is attracting the audiences towards her beauty and Glamorous wardrobe by DIVA’NI PAKISTAN.


Mahira Khan is as always looking stunning in Black and Golden color. She is at the event of QMobile Hum Style Awards. She is wearing Sari by designer Rizwan Beyg. She is wearing a beautiful lace in her neck adopting new fashion Trends. She had her makeup done by Adnan Ansari. She has tried to cover herself up but still the sari doesn’t cover her up fully. Maybe she would have worn something else rather than wearing Traditional Indian Sari Dress.


It would not be unfair to say that she looks gorgeous, beguiling and enchanting in whatever she puts on; she looks amazing in black Outfit by Zara-Insignia. She is all set for StyloPakistan re-launch event called “JoChahonWohPaon”. She has her makeup done by Nabila and the picture is taken in Lahore.


It is definitely from the most stylish Awards of the year titled, LUX STYLE AWADRS 2016. This picture is a glimpse when Mahira was giving her performance in full confidence and joy. She asked Nomi Ansari to make dress for her as she required and she is really happy about the dress saying thanks to designer. She posts, “Thank you so much Nomi Ansari for this beautiful Jora. You made it exactly like the way we imagined it.” She gave a tremendous and fabulous performance. She stuns on the stage.

An Exclusive interview with Brandsynario, she is talking about her interests about being an actress. She says that she always wanted to be an actress and come on screen, though she didn’t plan for it but she struggled to be something known and prominent. When a certain question about her movie “Ho Mann Jahan” was asked, she said that the movie just wants to convey a simple message that all people are different, different family backgrounds, different mindset, All you have to do is to be is TOLERANT and accept people how they are. Then she talks about different clothing brands and designers that she likes and wears often and she likes Fariha Jamshed, more often she wears her.

In an interview with Reham Khan, Mahira is all talking about her Bollywood debut “Raees” and the environment she had there. Mahira says that they (Indians) have given me too much respect and love. And they really work systematically, everything is working in order and sequence but the working environment is same like we have in Pakistan while working and the only pressure, she had to bear was working with such big stars and names.


Mahira Khan recently appeared in an Indian Movie “Raees” and she has become the point of attraction and focus throughout the world. Now the Mahira is looking forward and expecting much more. It seems like Mahira actual career has just begun. Mahira has become a known celebrity throughout the world. Only a few actresses got the privilege to work with the King Khan, The Shahrukh Khan at their Bollywood Debuts. And all those actresses who made their Bollywood Debuts with King Khan became the Top Most actresses and super stars of Bollywood just after doing one movie. Many Pakistani actresses have made their Bollywood debuts but Mahira is the one who did it with Shahrukh Khan. She has been very lucky because all of her projects have been greatly successful since the start of her career.

mahira khan with shahrukh khan

There were many rumors revolving around that Mahira Khan will be cut from the movie when the relations between the India and Pakistan were so badly interrupted on the Kashmir Cause. It was being rumored that movie will not be released with Mahira appearing on Indian Cinemas. The Hindu extremists were totally against the release of Raees because the Pakistani Actress Mahira was being introduced to the Indian Cinemas and she has played an important lead role in the movie “Raees”. Before raees, Mahira has done some Pakistani movies like Bol, Bin Roye, Manto, Ho Mann Jahaan, and Actor In Law and all of those movies have gone completely successful on Box Office. She has all the qualities that a superstar requires to have. She is simply perfect and she seduces on screen. Mahira has ruled the movie Raees opposite to Shahrukh Khan. They have shown up great on screen chemistry and it looks like a perfect on screen couple.

The movie Raees released on 25th January 2017 in the Indian Cinemas and it has made great business on Box Office within just a few days. The film Raees is directed by Rahul Dholakia and produced by Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar and Gauri Khan. It starred three main actors which are Shahrukh Khan, The hot Pakistani Star Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. All of three are the talented most actors. The film has yet released only in Indian Cinemas. It hasn’t even released in Pakistani Cinemas because of the current relations of the Indo-Pak. The shooting of the film began in April, 2015 and the film has been shot mostly in Mumbai, India. The last part of the movie was shot in Gujarat. The relations of India and Pakistan were better at the time, traveling to India was much easier and a lot of Pakistani actors and actresses were working across the border. And then the relations suddenly became worst and then the Pakistani actors were almost banned in India.

There were some issues regarding the making of the movie as the film’s story is based on the life of an alleged gangster Abdul Latif. His son also sent a notice to the makers of the movie, asking why the movie is being made on his father’s life. Soon after that, another issue came up. Just after the Uri Terror Attack 2016, The Indian Motion Picture Producers that is IMPPA and MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) opened up a statement saying that they ban films featuring Pakistani Actors. Film Raees was on the top of their List because the Pakistani Famous Actress Mahira was a Lead Star in the Movie. The MNS producers put the ban and put a condition saying that the Indian Producers will not cast Pakistani Actors in the future. Not only that, the producers have to pay a penance of 5 crore to the Indian Army Welfare fund, but the Army refused to take that money saying that sacrifices should not be politicized. The film faced many difficulties on its release but finally the film released and the Pakistani Actress is greatly applauded by the Indian viewers. Mahira looks adorable in the movie and she makes up the best on screen chemistry with the King Khan.

Shahrukh Khan has been greatly supportive to Mahira during the shoots of the movie. He guided her throughout and helped her out. Mahira didn’t face any type of difficulty in India rather she had a very friendly environment and everyone was lovely and friendly to Mahira Khan. Basically the film Raees has been a controversial movie and matter. But when the movie released, it has done great business in the Cinemas and the Movie is a big Hit. The Hindu Extremists couldn’t stop Indian Audiences from going to Cinemas and watching that movie. Mahira being an Independent Actress talked on the matter of ban on Pakistani Artists. She shares a post of an Indian Friend which states that she is extremely upset about whatever is happening. She says that this hatred across the border for each other will bring out disasters only and nothing else.

When the matters seemed a bit settled down and the makers of the movie decided to shoot the remaining songs of the movie. They decided to pack up the shoots and go outside India to shoot the remaining acts. The decided to fly to Dubai and the team shot one song in Abu Dhabi or Bahrain. And then they had to fly to Morocco for the other song. These shootings were almost kept as a secret and not revealed openly. The team faced a lot of problems during the shooting and release of the Movie but it was a multi-crore project so that it had to be released and it has definitely made huge business on Box-Office.

Mahira Khan was not seen on the movie Promotions in India and everyone was asking her if she would be seen on the remaining promotions of Raees. No one was expecting that she will be in India on the release of the Movie.  But she reached on the launch of the movie Raees and surprised all of her followers and lovers. She also had Interviews and press conferences there where the reporters told her that she has become a known Celebrity in India and she is a liked figure of India. We cannot surely say that Mahira will be seen in Indian Movies in future or not but she has definitely signed some movies and she is working for them.


Shoaib Mansoor recently announced on 11th October, 2016 that his Third Movie project will be released this year that is 2017. The Film is titled as “VERNA” and the film is written, directed and produced by Shoaib Mansoor’s company which is vastly known as ShoMan Productions. Shoaib Mansoor is a big name who has always played the best role in reviving the Pakistani Cinema. Shoaib never comes forward unprepared rather he always comes up with a unique idea and big projects. Shoaib Mansoor has given the Pakistani Cinema some of the hit and big budgeted projects that have been admired throughout the world. Not only on silver screen but Shoaib has displayed some of the best projects on TV. Mahira Khan has been the favorite actress of Shoaib Mansoor since she has done a movie “BOL” for Shoaib. We can simply say that he is the man who saw that potential in Mahira and gave her the lead role in the big budget movie “BOL” where she proved totally that Shoaib has made a right choice. Mahira’s beauty and acting skills are admired not only by Shoaib but also by the big directors and producers throughout the world.

mahira khan in verna

Mahira Khan is busy in one after another project and these days she is busy with her upcoming movie “Verna”. We already have an idea that the film will be a super hit project as it has the best Actress of Pakistan, Mahira and one of the talented most director and producer Shoaib. Yet the team hasn’t much revealed about the movie, all they have said is that the story deals with the common and social issues regarding the women, girls in Pakistan. The Shoaib beautifully says that the film is written by a common man of the Pakistan and it is written for all the men of the world to listen to women and to understand them. The concept is beautifully depicted so as it encourages the women of Pakistan. It will help women understand their worth and it might open the minds of the men of the world. Like other films of Shoaib, it’s his third huge project and movie that deals with the common issues of women and is designed for the women empowerment.

mahira in verna

On 13th October, 2016, the HUM Films announced that they have become the distributors of the huge project “Verna” and this shows that Verna is going to be a big hit like the previous movies of Shoaib. Mahira Khan says that Shoaib Mansoor called him asking if she would be interested in doing a movie project once again with his production house. Mahira says that it was just like he called her five years ago for the BOL movie. She was much happy to be a part of this team. Mahira thinks that the film is on a very unique and perfect subject that should definitely be discussed. Mahira says that the film tackles a certain very important issue and it is a challenging role for her. And she has become a part of the project because she likes to take challenges. Mahira also expects a lot from her upcoming movie and she thinks that it is entirely a different journey. She is definitely nervous but also carefree because she had already done a project with this team. She says the best part is that she loved spending time with the kids who have played her brothers and sisters in the movie. Mahira respects this man so much who made her the star, she is now so definitely she couldn’t say No to him. Shoaib called her after five years and she has learnt a lot during this time so she will definitely be challenged as an actress as well. The movie “Verna” is expected to be released on Eid-ul-Fitr and the expected release date of the movie is 25th June, 2017. The shootings of the movie are in process and it will soon be on the silver screens on the Cinema Houses. All the fingers are crossed and we wish that the movie would a big hit and it stands on the expectations of the audiences. Mahira Khan will be the lead role and face of the movie and she has been lucky for the directors and producers and similarly, this project will also go successful as everyone is hoping. We wish Mahira and the team “Verna”, the very Best of Luck and hopefully it turns out as the best project of the year 2017.


Mahira Khan appeared in a movie “Bin Roye” in the year 2015. The film was a big budget project of MD Films. It starred Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed as the lead stars. The film not only released in Pakistan but it was released internationally and worldwide. The film Bin Roye earned a good business on Box Office worldwide. The audiences liked the movie this much they wanted it much more of it. The production house thought of converting the movie into a Drama that will be comprised of certain Episodes and they did it as it is currently being on HUM TV every Sunday. But the two to three hours movie cannot turn into a number of episodes so they have added the scenes into the movie and also the story of the movie Bin Roye have been a bit modified or added. The story shows up a love triangle between the stars Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed and Armeena Khan who are the Lead actors of the movie. The Armeena’s role is limited and the whole story revolves around the love and hate sequence of Humayun Saeed and Mahira Khan. They have shown up great on screen chemistry and that is why the audiences wanted to see them together and the Drama Bin Roye is going good with good ranking and rating. It is also one of the Best Projects of Mahira Khan.


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