Lipstick Secrets to Improve Your Personality



“Give a woman a right lipstick and she will conquer the world” is a true maxim revealing the ultimate truth behind a woman’s feminine look. In the ancient prehistoric epoch, women used to color their lips with naturally available stuff such as fruits and plant extractions. The dust of grinned gems was also used as lip beautifier. It was Egypt where lipstick industry was introduced but only aristocrats could afford it. Now we are in the era where anyone can buy this magical beauty tool, lucky we!

It is very important to know the right color of lipstick that suits you best and the way to apply it. Before buying a lipstick always prefer a well-known and reliable brand that will not ruin your lips. Wait! Let me tell you a secret, only a right brand and perfect lipstick is not enough; you need to achieve some level of expertise to blend the lipstick so that it may not ruin your party by smearing and flaking off. How to apply lipstick in a more seductive way is the question every woman wants to know so here are the steps to go:

You must take it into account that the canvas (your lips) you are working with is neat and blank.

Exfoliate your lips to remove the rough and dead skin and to maintain the smoothness of your lips. For this purpose you need a toothbrush that you use regularly, make it wet with water and rub it in circular motion on your lips for five minutes. Be gentle, your lips are sensitive! This technique will increase blood circulation and your lips will appear more rosy and fresh. You can also use the scrub made up of sugar and honey for exfoliation.

Use lip balm for dryness free and supple lips and dry it off with a tissue or cotton.

A lip primer or foundation can be used to prepare your lips. A lip primer or a foundation makes your lipstick stick to your lips well and it also prevents your lipstick from color changing, it makes the color pop.

Now it’s time to make outline of your lips. Use a sharp lip liner to draw the outline; it will help you in defining the shape of your lips. The color of your lip liner should be exactly same as your lipstick.

Wait! Don’t apply lipstick yet. Your lip liner can be faded away in a short time so you need to dust your lips with loose powder, it will make the liner stay for a longer time.

Yes! Now your lips are ready to apply lipstick. Apply the lipstick with a brush in a way that it completely conflates with your lip outline. Use a concealer to clean the edges.

You don’t want to touch your lipstick again and again? Use a tissue paper and press it between your lips to make it long lasting and look flawless.

If you want your lipstick to look fresh all the day, put on another layer and then press it with tissue. Flaunt it for 24 hours!

If you have a liquid lipstick and you don’t want to use the out liner or lip liner or you don’t have a matching lip liner. Don’t worry about it! All you need to apply the liquid lipstick is a lipstick brush. Dip it in the liquid lipstick and start applying the lipstick on your top lip especially from your Cupid’s bow, make sure that both sides are even and making a cross. Now place your brush into one corner of your mouth and flick it up to the top of your lip do the same with other corner, now fill the space between the lines. Apply the lipstick on your bottom lip using the same technique. Liquid lipsticks look more glamorous and royal.

There are some tips and tricks all women should know before applying lipstick, the important lipstick hacks are here for you:

Applying lipstick is an art; you must have an artistic approach before putting it on. Consider the shape and size of your lips before applying lipstick.

If you have bigger lips and you want to make them look smaller outline them with lip liner inside your lip line and hide your natural lip line with a concealer, and if you want to make your lips look bigger or fuller outline them with a lip liner just outside your lip line.

For a deeper color of your lipstick, choose a darker lip liner. A lip liner darker than your lipstick will highlight the color of your lipstick making it more opaque.

Your complexion matters a lot so be careful about choosing a lipstick. If you have a fair complexion, light pink or nude colors will be best for you, for a dark complexion go for bold colors such as burgundy or plum.

Dark lipstick colors make your lips appear smaller and vice versa so consider it before buying any lip color.

If you have dry lips, matte lipsticks will not be suitable for you. Try experimenting with lipsticks containing lip conditioning agents.

Are you afraid of getting your lipstick onto your teeth? Yes it looks horrible, but this simple precaution will be helpful for you. Take your finger inside your mouth when you complete the task of applying your lipstick and close your lips around the finger making a pout then take it out. Feel free to go out now; your lipstick won’t stick to your teeth.

If you don’t have a lipstick matching perfectly with your dress you want to wear, mix two colors to make a homogeneous new shade.

For the illusion of wider lips, draw the lip liner outside the corners of your lips and vice versa.

A controlled, subtle and more natural look can be attained by applying the lipstick from the center of your lips and then merge it with your finger.

It is important for every woman to stay up-to-date about the top trends and shades of lipstick. In 2017, the top most hues of nude lipstick are bare pink, beige and peach brown, try these for a natural and appealing look.

For winter brownish red, deep brown, Concord grape, coffee hue, black cherry and red hot are in trend this year. While for summer, nude pink, chalk peach and opaque red are will go outclass. Coral smoky pink and peach shades also stand out these days. One thing that must be taken into account before applying lipstick is what suits you best; sometimes matte lipsticks are in trend but don’t suit our lips and same is the case with glossy lipsticks. Therefore, the shade and trend doesn’t matter always; the way you apply the lipstick and how do you look after wearing a certain shade certainly matters.

Following are the eight top trending lip colors to make your 2017 classier than previous years:


Need some warmth in the chilly winds of winter? Try burgundy! This ultimate deep color will make your winter hotter than ever. Burgundy varies from copper hue to auburn and all its shades are equally astounding. Just pick one shade of your choice and rock your winters.

Metallic lips

Metallic? Seriously? Yes metallic lipsticks are a unique idea for mid night parties and glamorous evenings. So many shades are available in metallic form; pick one that goes best with your dress and get-up to make your appearance more striking.

Hot Red

The trend of red lipsticks never fades away. From blood red to cherry red, all the shades of red can work for you beyond imagination. Wear a red lipstick with black, white, brown or any bright color for a seductively sexy looks.

Vibrant Orange

Say good bye to all the dull colors of your life and welcome the richness of orange. This lively shade is especially for a day out in summer. Pair this color with peach blusher and soft eye make up for exclusive looks.

The purple pout

The season of purple is back now. Cherish the royalty of this hue from violet to bluish shades. Purple will give you a classy and deeply glamorous look on parties.

Plum shade

Plum is an outstanding hue this winter. A high bun with black or white outfit paired with plum lips will never prove you wrong wherever you go. A light jewelry will go perfect with the style.

Nude hues

For a softer and sophisticated look, nude colors are the finest idea. Nude pink, beige, peach and many others are in trend. If you love to do a heavy eye makeup and want to wear a dark attire pick any one of the nude lip shades to rock the style. Look how Anglina looks breathtaking with nude lips.

More pink

Pink colored lipsticks are forever green. All the shades of pink look amazingly wonderful but the dark pink is the most cherishing one. Try this hue with soft colors of your outfit and keep your hair dead straight. You will be acknowledged wherever you go!

There are different brands and companies of lipstick around the world which have been working for the beautification of your lips. Some of these are shared here to serve you for the purpose of a better choice.

Rimmel London:

Rimmel lipsticks are more of fixers than lipsticks. These stick to your lips for longer times and don’t transfer onto cups and glasses. The color doesn’t get changed even after many hours. Rimmel London is a choice worth making.

Kat Von D:

These liquid lipsticks are fine and smooth. Kat Von D brand gives you a perfect variety of long lasting sexy colors with the matte finishing. Pick up any of these lipsticks and forget being worried about the flaking off the lipstick.


A fine liquid lipstick that sticks onto your lips forever and don’t make your lips feel heavy is very economic and easy to buy, enrich your collection and buy a few Stila lipsticks.


Don’t get your desired shade anywhere? Leave other brands; go for the M.A.C lipsticks, diverse in variety, rich in shades and excellent in finishing. Stay adorable all the day.


Dry lips are the biggest of issues during winter season. Use the creamy and moisturizing lipsticks rich in hues and pigmentation. Clinique gives the limitless variety of lip friendly colors so pick one and steal hearts.


Crayon lipsticks are often dry but this brand offers such amazingly moisturizing lipsticks which stay on your lips for long time. These lipsticks smell very pleasant giving your senses an ultimate pleasure.

Laura Marcier:

It’s a common misconception that lipsticks are harmful for lips. Yes, there are lipsticks that are really harmful for your lips in the long run but Laura Marcier is one of the few brands which really take care of your lips; these lipsticks are hydrating and moisturizing keeping your lips healthy.


Are you looking for some vibrant, jazzy and fresh colors? Go for Maybelline lipsticks. These outstanding lip beautifiers with a wide range of shades are a youthful choice for summer.


Many women complain that their lipstick flake away after a few hours and starts looking ugly. Chanel is a perfect solution to their problem, these lipsticks are the finest among all other regarding texture.


Do you love the soothing fragrance of fruits and natural resources? Nars take care of your lips with fruits. The finishing is outclassed and the effect is pleasing.


The most famous brand because of its skin loving water proof products. The DIOR lipsticks have an intense staying power and are ranked one of the best lipsticks worldwide. DIOR gives your lipstick a perfect finishing and makes you look stylish throughout the day.


These lipsticks with all the awesomeness and richness of their hues are really economic for all. Just go for these lipsticks if you are buying your make up with your pocket money.

Sonia Kashuk:

Sonia Kashuk is a well-known brand for its luxurious skincare products. These lipsticks never cause irritation in your lips and give you a long lasting pleasing effect.

Now the choice is yours. Pick a right brand for your lips and go conquer the world,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



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