Latest, Bridal mehndi designs


Mehndi is a paste that is specially made from the leaf of the henna plant and is packaged in different cone packing so that women and men can easily use it on their hands, feet, and hair. Initially it was designed so that men or women used to apply it on their palms on different functions. It has always been in fashion and it is considered that a bride is incomplete without Mehndi on her hands, initially men also used to have it on their hand palms so that they can also feel its smell and have mehndi color on their hands at their Mehndi function but now the trend has quite shifted to females only. Girls specially hire Mehndi Designers on their marriages and especially on the night of Mehndi so that they have the beautiful designs put on their hands, feet and arms. Mehndi is used for various purposes such as girls wear them as fashion, aged men and women apply on hair so that hair do not get white easily and applying Mehndi on hair gives hair a very reddish burgundy color. Except that, men and women in rural areas apply on their palms without any specific designs so as a sign of good omen and showing their happiness in this way. Except all these things, Mehndi is also used in the customs as a part of the Mehndi Event. A leaf is put on the palm of girl or boy getting married and the family members and relatives when come to wish her, put a bit of the paste on the leaf, this tradition is being followed for many centuries in the wedding ceremonies, it is a ritual that is mostly followed in most of the family functions till now.

In short, this very simple thing called Mehndi or henna is most traditional part adopted by girls since their very childhood. Girls on Eids, many traditional events and their marriages are always searching for latest Mehndi designs and new Bridal mehndi designs because they want to have the best and the latest and something that is uncommon. Marriage is a very essential and the most important function in a girl’s life and girls start to searching for latest trends regarding new dresses, latest mehndi designs and what new mehndi patterns are in fashion. Girls think that this is the most prominent part when it comes to their photography session. They say that a bride is incomplete without henna on her hands and we can see that no bride is without mehndi on her hands, and if there is someone, she looks totally imperfect without it. These days, girls start finding the perfect Mehndi Designers before many days of her marriage so that on their very special day, they look totally perfect and they have beautiful henna designs embedded on their hands, a bride should have fully loaded mehndi designs so it gives a very trendy and gorgeous look to bride. Girls want special Mehndi Photography these days wearing charming and delightful mehndi designs, the hands that will always be recalled in their lives. There also exist various concepts regarding Mehndi colors such as people say that if the Mehndi gives a very dark and reddish color, the girl is considered lucky and she will have a nice husband and mother-in-law.

This article will surely help to find the latest mehndi designs and the bridal mehndi designs that are these days very common and in fashion. Different girls want it in different way, some like it simple and light, some like it as fully loaded and mixed designs. There exist many patterns and designs, let us have a look on the bridal mehndi designs according to different people’s requirements. Let’s have a look on some trendy and loaded bridal mehndi designs with some of their descriptions so that will better explain the patterns:


The mehndi is designed especially for a girl on her wedding day looks extremely enchanting and flawless. Matching mehndi design is applied to hands and feet, it is a complicated yet very unique design that everyone can’t apply. The design is fulfilled using colors and is made look extremely prominent using glitters and left to dry but people prefer to do its photography when it is wet because it looks much more prettier when wet rather than the dry mask of mehndi when taken out.


Bride is showing her beautiful hands fully loaded with appealing and ravishing Mehndi designs, this is a combination of simple mehndi design and bridal mehndi design because it is beautifully made a mehndi bale and then the surroundings are covered with small flowers and very sharp and floral endings. This is one of the latest mehndi designs that are liked by mostly people. The photography is done before the henna is completely dry, it looks adorable.


Gorgeous bride is showing her hands and arms wearing stunning bridal mehndi designs on hands and full arms, again the mehndi is recently applied and not even left to dry because it looks much adorable like this. The mehndi is giving a very traditional reddish color that totally complements the bride. It looks like she would have been incomplete without it. The green nail paint on it makes the hands more prominent and pretty. For girls who are searching for latest mehndi designs, this is a very nice option for them.


Mehndi design is applied so as it displays the bride in the mehndi design, it can be taken as the latest most and trendy most mehndi design. The bride is showing her palms of which, one is having bride design and other is groom in the design, that looks very appealing and modish mehndi pattern. The one who applies it must have studied art because this shows art work much more than a simple mehndi design.


Bride is showing her hands embedded with beautiful round mehndi design and peacock mehndi design at the arms. It is a combination of flowers and peacock mehndi design. This looks simply contemporary. You can try this one as this is not very complicated one and it’s the latest mehndi design for bridals.