Is Momina Mustehsan Really engaged and Who is her Fiance?


Momina Mustehsan, the gift of coke studio season 9, is out of market. Sorry folks. Some may say she is only engaged and one of my friend Rana used to say that engagements are temporary. They mean deal can be cancelled anytime. So, optimists can have hope and pessimists can go to hell (as usual).


She was engaged to Ali Naqvi, who is working abroad in some bank. Yeah, a bloody banker took her away 🙂 albeit for a very short time 🙂

But he could not hold her indefinitely and their engagement has come to an end…

People used to say earlier that doctors and engineers take away girlfriends of people now bankers are taking away crushes of people.

Fiance of Momina Mustehsan


Advice for Fans

Study Economics, Finance and Accounting if you want to get a girl like her 🙂 but have some heart to hold her for ever


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