Indian, Arabic mehndi design


Mehndi has always been in fashion of all times and with time, it’s popularity and use has increased much. Girls use it as fashion and trend; it is the best form of temporary skin decoration. It adds to a girl or woman’s personality. With time, there are different additions added to mehndi designing like the use of glitters, color beads, and various traditional themes, for example many traditional mehndi designs are admired by girls these days, some brides want bridal and groom mehndi designs on their hands that look perfect with according the function. Henna is not that a difficult art to learn and some girls start applying with not much practice.


There are many types of mehndi designs. The most common and main mehndi designs include the Indian mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs and Pakistani mehndi designs. The common most mehndi designs are the Indian mehndi designs from which many Pakistani mehndi designs are inspired. The Indian mehndi designs are very complicated yet very trendy mehndi designs. Mehndi is the most traditional fashion that is being followed since years and the origin of its use is from India that is why the Indian mehndi designs are more popular. Henna or mehndi is considered as the sign and full form of celebration. Most of the mehndi designs are customized by Indian women that they used and applied on various events and on many Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, nawratri and many other events. The Indians use mehndi for applying attractive and classic mehndi designs on hands, feet and other parts of the body.

We have collected some of the best Indian mehndi designs that are specially designed for bridals, different functions and events. These are the latest Indian mehndi designs for the year 2016 and coming year 2017 that can be used to decorate hands and feet for several traditional occasions. The Indian mehndi designs are based on finest mehndi styles that really look elegant and classy and can be carried out with any type of functions. Some of the Indian mehndi designs include the use of glitters and colored beads to add much grace to the mehndi designs. Let us have a look on some of the latest and very trendy Indian mehndi designs that is exactly what you are searching for. These are the most elegant and stylish mehndi designs that you will surely love and would like to apply on your hands once you have a look on them, these are some of the best Indian mehndi designs:


This is s very simple and elegant round Indian mehndi design, this mehndi design looks very decent and it can be worn with functions as well as normal routine. This dark brown color of the mehndi looks very enchanting on girls’ hands and we all know that mehndi is all time favorite for girls.


These are some of the very traditional Indian mehndi designs, these are different variations of the round mehndi design. You can try these different variations of round henna designs. These round mehndi designs are very old and have always remained in fashion and these are those neutral designs that are always loved by girls.


This a surely the best Indian mehndi design. This mehndi design is drawn and shaded with dark brown mehndi color. This seems to be really tough and complicated mehndi design and yet it looks perfect and appealing. This one is really creative henna design, you require a lot of practice to apply this one. Here it looks like mehndi is a tough art to learn. This would perfectly work with the brides.


This is a beautiful Glittered Indian mehndi design. If you really want to look more amazing and adopt new fashion trends for the coming year then this glitters and color beads based mehndi design is new in fashion and this one is definitely eye-catching. These pretty flowers and leaves don’t require a lot of practice and when they are added with different color shades and glitters, it looks shimmery and delightful.


This is a very appealing and elegant floral Indian mehndi design. The design on the inner and outer side of the hands is a beautifully drawn floral mehndi design. The designs widely cover full hands. These can be best carried with the functions and festivals. Both of these are the best mehndi designs, you must try these to decorate your hands.


The Arabic mehndi designs are in vogue these days, Girls like Arabic mehndi designs because these are unique and look very attractive and eye-catching henna designs. The Arabic mehndi designs are getting much popularity for last few years, these mehndi designs are the most searched mehndi designs by girls these days. These mehndi designs are quite familiar with the Indian henna designs and many of these designs are very tough to apply and some are very simple and can easily be applied. Brides these days prefer to have Arabic mehndi designs on their hands and feet because these are most stylish mehndi designs.

Here, we have collected some of the best Arabic mehndi designs that you must be searching for. Girls choose these designs on special occasions so here we will be giving some stylish and stunning mehndi designs for hands and feet. These are definitely the well-known mehndi styles. This type of mehndi designs are applied in very dark color, intense designs and very thick tones of mehndi makes them unique and stunning. These styles are encouraged and used mostly in Arab countries like Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Pakistan and many other counties. Let us have a look on some of the best Arabian mehndi designs:


This is the most liked Arabic mehndi design. The thick mehndi pattern is applied giving a very stylish look to the hands. Young girls are more interested in such mehndi designs these days. You should try this one because it is not much difficult to apply.


This is a beautiful flower pattern of Arabic mehndi design. A lot of girls like this design because it gives a very fantastic look to the hands. You should try this enchanting henna design.


This one is the best Arabian mehndi design, the Arabic henna designs looks a very unique design. The experts take only 5 minutes or less to apply this henna design. You can also try this because this is a simple henna design.


This is a very trendy and stylish mehndi design. You can wear this henna design with different functions as well as with routine.


This Arabic mehndi design looks so enchanting and it will look perfect on bride’s hands. This type of designs is very much liked by girls these days. The best thing about it is that it adds to a girl’s personality.