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Imran Khan is most wanted singer in Pakistan music industry. He is very popular due to his Punjabi albums. He got fame and become pop singer due to his hard work He is not just singer, but also he is a producer and song writer. His look is also very charming.



Imran Khan is most talented and young singer in Pakistani music industry. He is very passionate and committed towards his career. Very interestingly, he loves to sign Punjabi songs because he wants to promote Punjabi culture through his pop music. He was interested in urban culture from his childhood. Basically he is a Pakistani national but born in Holland was born in Holland. At early period of his professional life, he faced many difficulties but with patience level he faced them.



As we know that, Imran khan is Pakistani singer but he is settled in Netherland. He took steps to promote Punjabi culture in Europe that is why his stay in Netherland. He started his professional life with his friend who is the founder of prestige record. His first song was released in the month of July. That song was “amplifier”. So, he got popularity and then his second song was “bewfa”. These songs gave him recognition at world level.


He earned graduation degree. He was not very interested in study that is why he did not continue his study.


He belongs to liberal and well educated family. His parents are very modern and supportive. His parents are Punjabi.


He is blessed with two sisters and one brother. He has strong bonding and very frankly environment at home.


Imran gave his entry in Punjabi music because he want, Punjabi language must popular in young generation. His personal aim is to nurture and raise Punjabi tongue through his work among people. He said, Punjabi is our mother tongue and every one must be speak that. He has ambitions to work hard at his music and even start a clothing line one day. People love to Punjabi music all round world because this language has its own standard. He is most popular singer because of his Punjabi intellectual. He has bundle of albums in Punjabi pop music. These albums become the symbol of his pride.



He wanted to flourish another business through his hard work and personal interest. His ambition is to start a clothing line one day.


Name:                                      Imran Khan

Alternate Name:                            Imran

Height:                                         5 fit 10 inches

Careers:                                 Record Producer, Singer, Song Writer

Born:                                           May 28, 1984

Age:                                                   32

Figure:                                              Handsome

Eye color:                                       Brown

Hair color:                                     Black

Complexion:                                 Fair

Marital Status:                                  Single

Zodiac:                                             Gemini

Country                                          Netherlands

Home Town:                                     The Hague

Net Worth:                                       20 million

Nationality:                                      Pakistani

Religion:                                  Islam

Languages:                               Urdu, English

Favorite language:                    Punjabi



He said in an interview, I was very naughty and confident boy from my childhood. Many times, I got a lot of troubles in police station due to my naughtiness. My siblings always had compline from my parents due to my irritating habits. When I was at home, my siblings feel always negative vibes from me. So, I must say that I am only one piece in world, is born to naughtiness. Owing to my stubbornness, I could not get higher education .My patience level was zero, and I could not bear any wrong actions from people. So, at the end, I converted my life into music and start a new life.


My parents were not happy with me at my early age because I was drunker. Secondly, I was not interested in study and I was do wrong actions. I was a stubborn boy. Luckily, when I went abroad and I changed myself and start a professional life. My parent were not believing and said, oh really now you are a responsible boy when I earned eight lack euros first time in my life.



I was rebel and my mother always worried about me. I was drunker and love to drinking age. I drank many bottles at a time. Unfortunately, I got accident in Dubai and that event changed my life, because God gave me new life. Now I am more responsible and bright boy for my parents and all over world.


He said, my life was changed suddenly. I got inspiration from our beloved and most charismatic personality, The Prophet (PBUH) is so beautiful .Religion is very simple and interesting. So, I study Quran and learned only Allah is Superpower. So, immediately this study changed me.



Yet now, Imran Khan is still single. According to him, he does not want to start another chapter of life. He loves his passion and has dreamy eyes. He wants to just focus on his career but on the other hand, he said he wanted to marriage with simple and mature girl, who should care for him. Trust is important tool in every relation, so she must be trustful. She should be very understanding and responsible.


He received Bollywood offer but he was not interested in this offer. According to him, Bollywood music is just fascinate but in reality Punjabi pop is best. He said, I have my own worth through my urban music and Punjabi culture. I just want to change in music because Bollywood music is charm.


I was never interested into girls, because I love to hang out with boys. I knew that many girls like me but I never show interest.




“Aaja We Mahiya”

“Hey Girl”

“Peli Waar”

“Chak Glass”



“Gora Gora Rang”

“Bounce Billo”

“Ni Nachleh”

“40 Pra”

“Pata Chalgea”


“Nai Reina”

“Qott Ghusian, Da”


He has no affair in reality in these days but media is spreading rumors all around because it is part of fashion Industry. He said, I had one serious affair at my early age when I was 17 years old.



He is very brilliant singer due to his Punjabi singing. He is most popular and most wanted not only in Pakistan but also all around world.



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