How to pass CSS exam and become civil servants



Going for government services is the ideal profession for anyone who wants job security and other financial benefits. Along with arm forces, doctors and engineers, dreaming government job for children is dream of every parent. They want to get their children inducted in government service because it is significant social and economic uplift. Nobody cares for you if you are working in private sector and how much you are earning, if you are a government service, people will perceive you differently. They will give you respect, honor and treat you with dignity.

Central Superior Service is the executive exam of government which opens gateway for higher appointments in all important departments of the governments. These department include:

District Administrative Service

Police Service of Pakistan

Foreign Service of Pakistan

Pakistan Audit and Account Service

Internal Revenue Service

Pakistan Customs Service

Information Group

Office Management Group

Military Land and Cantonment

Railway Group

Postal Group

Commerce and Trade Group

Preparation for Central Superior Services is really hard work for any student who aspires to become a civil servant. All those student who have luck to be in some good educational institute has some chance to get know how of the system and how to prepare for the exam. But all those who have not the chance of getting in some good education institute where there is exposures, are unlucky in some regard. The best way to prepare for the css exam to get some information about the exams.

The best way to get accurate and relevant information about the exam is to meet someone who has qualified the exam and is serving in some department. Face book can be a good platform if you are looking for to find someone and you are in contact already. Other way to visit some metropolitan city and go to some academy or training institute where qualified CSPs officers are giving lectures. There are dozens of academies in almost every cities of the country.

Once you have met someone who has qualified the central superior exam, the next subject is choose the optional subjects. Optional subjects are many groups that are available as per some rules. From some groups, aspirants may be able to choose one or more than one subjects depending on the terms and conditions. These rule for choosing the subjects is that choose the subject that interests you. No other think will matter if you have interest in the subjects you have chosen. I will strongly advice you not to listen anyone who suggest you to choose particular subjects  by giving the logic that they are easy and you will get good marks in it because nobody really knows what is true.

After you have chosen the subjects, it is really important for you to start preparing. The most common question that aspirants ask from the already qualified CSPs is about the duration of the preparation. The length of preparation really depends on your qualifications, your ability to sit and prepare and level of your English language.

If you are an accomplished student in your life, then preparation for the css exams will not be as difficult as for people who are not that accomplished students in their life. If you are habitual of working hard, it will not that difficult. If you are determined and you know that you need to give in your best to get the best, life will be generally easy for you. But if you are non serious type of person who has no ambitions before in their early life or their ambitions were not thriving enough to create requisite energy for success, One really need more time. For accomplished students, it will take around 6 months for successful qualification of the exams. For non serious students, It will take around 12 to 15 months for successful qualification. But it should be kept in mind, no matter how you behaved in your early life, you can qualify this exam by your hard work, determination and prayers of your love one.

One common mistake that css aspirants do is the negligent behavior that people have towards their compulsory subjects. They start preparing for the optional subjects and they are so much consumed by the preparations of optional subjects that they really forget that if they fail in one single compulsory subject, their whole marks in optional subjects will be useless and they will not accounted for. Such students are declared failed regardless to their marks. Compulsory subjects include English Essay, English Precise and Composition, Islamiat and General knowledge (300 marks). General Knowledge includes Pakistan affairs, Current affairs and Everyday Science. The system of the css is exam in such a way that you need to qualify in every compulsory subject to be considered for qualifications. Once you have qualified in compulsory subjects, the next parameter that is judged is that you have obtained 50% of the total marks in total subjects. 50% of the total marks is 600 marks.

Once aspirants have qualified optional subjects and they have obtained more than 600 marks, they will be called for viva voce. So they will be more close to their destination than other aspirants. Overall there are maximum of three attempts for the css exams. If you have failed to qualify for this exam in 3 attempts, than css is history for you.

Time management is another important aspect of the preparation of the css exam. Aspirants should know that they should prepare for all of the 12 subjects at the same time and no subjects should be neglected regardless to the fact how good you are or how many marks it have. Secondly, giving good attention to the English language is also very important as English language will really matter a lot in deciding about the qualification of English essays and composition exams. About 95% of the people failed to qualify in the English and Composition exam in 2016 and for them they wasted a precious year of their life. Have they prepare for English langauge, their attempt would not have futile.

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