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Hina Dilpazeer is a very famous Pakistani Artist; she has made her space in this Pakistan Media Industry because of doing various versatile characters. Hina Dilpazeer is widely known as Momo. Momo has definitely become her source of recognition. But that doesn’t mean that she has not done other roles. All of her characters are always very deep and very much close to reality. She is known for performing in dramas and giving her roles full dedication. Whenever viewers have seen her in various roles in different Drama Serials, she is always adorned because of her very natural acting. She adjusts in any types of roles. She goes deep down her characters giving them a total real look. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between her acting and if that is real, that means that she is a very natural actor. It is her inborn talent of acting. Hina Dilpazeer is a very hard working woman and other than all that, she is a great human being.


Hina Dilpazeer is known for her versatility. One word for that comes up for this Lady is Outstanding. She is simply outstanding; she can even be much more respected and acknowledged in the other countries. Hina is simply an outclass actress, people simply love her for whatever character she plays because she shows up a real scenario in her dramas. We can simply say that she is an Acting Class; she is a Teacher or School from where acting can be learned. Hina is a source of Inspiration for all the working women. There were many points in her life where she was helpless and alone but she got up and built her career on the basis of her own talent.

It would definitely be unfair if we only call her an actress. She is a bunch of talent and an actual source of Inspiration. She is a multi-talented artist with many skills that are applauded by her lovers. Hina Dilpazeer is not only liked and adorned in Pakistan but she is actually world-wide famous Artist. Hina is not only an actress, but also she is a singer, she is a mimicry artist, she has excellent hosting/comparing skills and she is a world-wide Entertainer. Hina Dilpazeer is a run-time actress that simply means that she can perform real scenarios in real time. She can act live on giving her the situation on time. Hina is a very courageous woman; she always kept on trying different things before coming to this field of acting. She wanted to be an independent lady. She believes in the fact that talent should be utilized and not wasted.


Hina Dilpazeer is not only an outclass actress but also she fulfills all the responsibilities of her family as well. Well, calling her an actress would be so small, because she is a full package. She is an artist with various qualities and skill sets. Hina Dilpazeer is a lovely person; she always has given priority to her family more than anything else in her life. If we talk about Hina’s personal life, we have much more to talk about. Hina celebrates her birthday on 16th of January that we can see is quiet near. She was born in the year 1969. She is a career oriented lady, she is 47 years old. Hina was born in Karachi and her hometown is Karachi. She loves living there more than any other place. Hina was a Karachi born but after that she moved to U.A.E with her family. Hina was very much attached to her father and he was the closest person in her life. She says that she loved him more than anything else. Hina’s father was a big support to her. He always admired and supported her. Hina also says that a lot of qualities in her are transferred to her genes through her father.

Hina always has had very artistic mind. She also worked during living in U.A.E. She used to do radio from there and also she used to write as she definitely loves poetry and she has intense love for poetry. Hina Dilpazeer has a son; she has always given the best of everything to him. His name is Mustafa Dilpazeer. Her son is a pampered child but he respects his mother and her work. All we can say is that she is a great lady and very talented as well. And talent and hard work is always respected.



When Hina came to Pakistan after living many years in U.A.E, she wanted to be independent lady and try her luck using her inborn talent for acting. Off course Hina couldn’t come up as a young actress who plays lead roles and is the point of focus because she wasn’t that young when she joined the showbiz Industry. But once she performed on TV and made her debut drama, she started to receive various offers and she was all burdened with different projects offers. Hina Dilzpazeer made her drama/TV debut in 2006 when she appeared in a Drama titled as “Burns Road Ki Nilofar”. The drama appeared on ARY Digital, she has been associated greatly with ARY Digital since the start of her career. After that drama, she received the unprecedented success, she started to receive many opportunities and work offers from big producers and directors because they realized the worth of her talent. Once she appeared on TV, there is no looking back for her up till now. Madam Rizwana, Bichhu Phuppi, Baby Shabana, Veena are only a few names of her very popular characters. But these can be considered as the best of her works because they are totally adorned by viewers. She says that people also say that the best of the roles are offered to and played by Dilpazeer. But the fact is that she makes all those characters best by performing the best.

She has appeared in countless dramas and many of her drama serials are being aired on TV currently. The list of her dramas is very long and all of her characters are considered as her achievements. She is a fully packaged artist, she is not only an actress but also a host, a compare, an entertainer, a writer, a poet, a mimicry artist and she is much more. All we can say is that she is a perfect women and a role model.



Full Name:                                Hina Dilpazeer Khan

Date of Birth:                           16th January 1969

Zodiac Sign:                              Aquarius

Nick Name:                               Momo

Height:                                      163 cm (5 feet 4 inches)

Age:                                            47 years

Eyes:                                          Black Color

Hair:                                           Black Color

Complexion:                             Whitish

Body Type:                                Healthy

Ethnicity:                                   Pakistani

Marital Status:                         Married

Kids:                                           1-Boy

Kid name:                                  Mustafa Dilpazeer Khan

Religion:                                     Islam

Famous For:                              Acting, Comparing, Hosting, Entertainer (Bulbulay)

Debut:                                        Burns Road Ki Nilofar-Drama Debut

HomeTown:                               Karachi, Pakistan

Languages known:                    Urdu, English


Hobbies:                             Poetry, Writing, Reading, Singing

Favorite Food:                   Desi Foods, Home Made Foods


Place of Birth:                              Karachi, Pakistan

Current Address:                         Karachi

Mobile Number:                          N/A



Hina Dilpazeer loves her fans and followers as she is a very lively person. But she isn’t much active person on social media accounts. She uses Facebook using the link as: https://www.facebook.com/HinaDilpazir/

Hina can be followed on Twitter using the Link as: https://twitter.com/hina_dilpazeer


Hina has appeared in several Drama Serials. The list of her drama serials is:


  • Burns Road Ki Nilofar
  • Yeh Zindagi Hai
  • Bulbulay
  • Andata
  • Ronaq Jahan Ka Nafsiyati Gharana
  • Rang
  • Ladies Park
  • Tum Ho Ke Chup
  • Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat
  • Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah
  • Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein
  • Fun Khana
  • Jahez
  • Tare Ankboot
  • Mitthu Aur Aapa
  • Googly Mohalla
  • Khatoon Manzail
  • Is Khamoshi Ka Matlab
  • Hina Dilpazeer Ki Gudgudee (Telefilm)
  • Hum Sab Ajeeb Se Hein
  • Jab Tak Ishq Nahi Hota


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