Henna, Henna designs


Henna or mehndi is a paste that is applied on hands, feet and other parts of the body, this paste is created from the leaves of the henna plant and that is why it is called Henna. The original name for this was henna and then later on it was named Mehndi. The use of mehndi and turmeric is described in the Hindu Vedic. And the concept of henna originated from the hindu tradition and it was then adopted by Pakistani culture. Henna is definitely a very valuable and admired art that is very much in fashion now and it always has been in the latest trend of all times. Henna is the best form of skin decoration and it really adds to a woman’s personality. This is one of very common and simple celebration that is followed by all the girls on any festival, event. Henna which is considered the dying agent was initially used to put on the women and men palms but as the time progressed, there were made several techniques and it was used to apply beautiful designs and patterns on women hands, feet and even other parts of the body. There were many customs and concepts about henna but not only it is used as a fashion and one of the most beautiful forms of skin decoration is henna.

Henna is a soft paste that is prepared from the crushed leaves and stem of the henna plant which is basically grown in North African and South African countries. When henna is applied on the skin making different mehndi designs and patterns, it gives a color that ranges from darkish orange to maroon and brown color and that stays from 1 to two weeks. Normally until one week, it looks very charming giving a dark color and then it starts fading and looks like a stain on the skin. It is a very common and admired art as it doesn’t cost much but costs very low and it is common to any class of people. Henna is the best form of skin fabrication or decoration. Whenever any religious festival or function or any traditional event comes, girls start searching latest henna designs so that they can apply on hands, feet and even other parts of the body. Usually the people in the western areas are not much aware of applying henna or mehndi art so whenever they want to decorate their skin with tattoos or skin decoration, they have to get permanent or long lasting skin tattoos. But we have the benefit that we can have temporary form of skin decoration, we can have any form of skin tattoos with this mehndi art and that goes away in a week or two. The Muslims and Hindus living in the western countries are much fonder of this mehndi art and they are ready to pay as much as one demands from them for applying mehndi on their hands. There also exist some controversies since the origins about the use of mehndi as a dying agent, the earliest origin of henna was that it was used to apply on the hair and nails of Egyptian mummies and those were stained with reddish brown shades of henna. The plant originally grew in Egypt and then it was constantly brought to India to decorate hands and feet. That is the basic origin from which that mehndi art started and then it has become a tradition and a lot of things in Pakistani culture are adopted by Indian culture and mehndi is promptly one of them. Henna or mehndi has become a type of skin decoration without which girls look incomplete on different functions, festivals, marriages and events.

We have collected some of the very decent and stylish hennas designs to help those who are searching for the best and most attractive henna designs. These pictures will definitely help you find the latest henna designs and trends. These hennas designs are very popular in Pakistan these days and liked very much by girls and women who look for the best henna designs. You can use these henna designs on different festivals, events and marriage functions. So let us have a look on these stylish and modish mehndi designs that you will surely love:


This is a very traditional and easy henna design and undoubtedly this one looks the more beautiful mehndi design. This henna design basically comes from the Indian origin in which the round henna design pattern is followed in the middle of the hand and then a flowery design is spread on the full hand so that it gives a very full decorative look on the hand. This henna design can be carried with festivals, functions and it also looks very trendy when the bride wears it. Small flowery fillings are on the fingers and the arm that makes the henna design very stylish and attractive.


This a very enchanting henna design, you definitely need a lot of practice to draw this mehndi design. It is a wide mehndi bale design in which wide flowers are drawn and it really looks perfect on the outer side of the hand but it can also be applied on the inner side of the hand. It is a typical henna design that is liked by mostly girls and women.


This is a very appealing mehndi design which is inspired by the Arabic mehndi design. The expert of mehndi art will take around only 5 minutes to apply this henna design. This is the latest mehndi pattern trend which is loved by girls these days. This can be the best to carry on the routine days and the routine functions or normal functions. You should definitely try this one.


This henna design is surely the best one. You require a lot of practice to apply a design this much clear and neat. This design will not look that much good on the outer side of the hand. Small leaflets and dots are drawn with amazing filling pattern. This is a beautiful floral pattern and looks the best on the bride hands.


This henna designs looks very attractive as well as simple one. This mehndi design comprises of wide patterns that gives a slimmed effect to the hands. It looks smart and very delightful henna design. You must try this design because this looks the best and attractive one.