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Hareem farooq is a new Pakistani Actress, model and she has also become a producer. Cinema is extremely changing, it’s all reviving and things have changed so far, the dramas being produced these days are amazing, all quality work is being done and produced, and we can surely say that all the changes coming in the industry are because of the young and emerging talents, they have plans to definitely take Industry to a very new level and Hareem is among those people. In fact she is one of those very few people who came up with a very different and passionate determination that they will just change everything and bring a very positive change in the Industry.

She is the one who is making a difference, she has made a mark, she is taking the industry by a thorn, and she is not only beautiful but incredibly remarkable as well. She came up with unique aim, she always wanted to do something for the ones who want to come up but don’t get opportunities for that.

She made her debut in a movie “SIYAAH” in 2013, it is among those movies that made contribution in revival of Pakistani Cinema, it was low budget movie that was directed by Azfar Jafri, it was written by very famous actor Osman Khalid Butt, and Imran Raza Kazmi was the producer of the movie. It was very intense and horror movie, it became very popular because it was really scary, all full of suspense and we have very few or equal to no horror movies that are our Industry made. It was a big effort, the film’s trailer released in 2012 on YouTube but it was released all over Pakistan on 15th March 2013. Hareem was playing the role of a traumatized mother of an adopted daughter who gets some supernatural powers and she plays a whole intense role in the movie. She has proved overtime that she is a peerless actress who can perform any kind of roles.

Except making debut on screen, she began her career with theatre, she loves playing and acting in theatre and naturally theatre artists are more fine and pure in terms of acting. She played her first theatre play being the Lead Character of Fatima Jinnah in “Panway 14 August” and then she played Kiran in “Aangan Terha” and that’s around 2012 and 2013, she was offered playing role in her Screen Debut Siyaah in the following year. After movie she started to get more and more offers and then started appearing in drama serials on TV since 2014, she then played a lead positive role in her first drama “Mausam” in 2014, she appeared in her first drama with the famous actors as Ahsan Khan and Yumna Zaidi. This drama was lucky enough for her and she was very much appreciated and liked by viewers playing the role of an innocent and righteous girl.

After Mausam she performed in many other dramas. List of her drama serials include “Mere Humdum Mere Dost”, “Dusri Bivi”, “Diyar-e-Dil”, “Mere Jeevan Saathi”, “Tere baghair”, “Dil-e-beqarar”, ”Sanam”. She has played mostly positive roles and she has been lucky in getting lead characters always. She plays both positive and negative characters perfectly.

After acting in theatre, movies, and dramas and doing modeling. She came up as a producer and she was one of the producers for movie “Janaan” that went a big hit movie. And her movie “Dobara Phir Se” recently released on 25th November where she played one of the lead roles.


Hareem Farooq is a new face and young Pakistani talent who has joined Industry just a few years back, she always has been struggling and working hard to achieve something, she is educated and she is sophisticated. She is very hot, she is heighted and she has a very nice figure, she has all an actress or a model needs to have. When she came up as an actress, she made a very beautiful couple and on screen chemistry with Ahsan Khan and they both looked really good with each other and she is always able to make good on-screen chemistry with her costars.

There are no much scandals on Hareem Farooq which is probably because she is new in this industry but not as much new to run from affairs or have any scandals but she is probably going in the right way that there is nothing negative that we have to discuss about her personality and she is going very smoothing and wisely. She is very beautiful, charming, she must have broken hearts of many people by not accepting their offers and she doesn’t seem much interested in doing so. Now we really have no as such clear idea if she is having any secret affair with any of her co-actor or anyone else inside or outside from industry but all we know that nothing came up and with any evidence that went against her. We might have a lot much to talk about her in future but right now she is going all in right directions and planning to do things that settles up her career and all we see in her is great potential and proper planning, she is going very good and smooth up till now.

Hareem is very attractive and she has got that thing she came up with a different ambition, she thinks that she can make big stars do anything, she was called as a guest in JEETO PAKISTAN where she challenged Fahad Mustafa to make 50 Pushups, it was a dare for fahad, and not only Fahad but many other boys came and performed those many pushups in the show and because of her, many people were doing pushup so that they could see her, she is star and she has become heart of millions of people.

As we all know that she is young, attractive and very pretty, but we can also clearly see that she is not size Zero. And even Hareem says that she is not a size zero fan at all, she thinks that women in Industry spend their whole lives to get size zero and then they spend most of their lives maintaining that size zero. But she thinks that you can never be too rich or too thin and her fitness goals are just to stay fit and she doesn’t want to be a size zero, she thinks being curvy is a beautiful shape and she is all satisfied with her body and shape. She doesn’t even care if people call her chubby, she likes it this way and she has natural tendency to gain weight and she likes being like this, she is fit and perfect in her own way.


Usually we see that the actors we right have in our industry either they are newcomers or doing work for long, most of them come from a background that is anyhow related to acting, either any of their parents have been associated with the field or anyone else or any family friend is working in the field so it makes easier for them to get some initial chance or some exposure to this Industry and there are very few who come up with their own effort and ability to achieve something in life, this gorgeous and priceless girl came up with her own abilities and now working to achieve every big aim she ever thought of.

Enchanting Hareem Farooq was born on 26th May 1989 in Islamabad, she was brought up in Islamabad initially, and then the family moved to Karachi. She earned her early education from Islamabad, she wanted to be a lawyer, after completing her A Level from Karachi Grammar School, and she got admission in Law College. And then just during her law college, she got a chance to perform a role in a play on theatre, her role in the play on theatre was only around 5 to 6 minutes but the time she came on theatre and played that role, she realized that she has met her aim in life and that’s what she wants to do, this is basically her thing and then she left her passion of being a lawyer that she was passionate about since her childhood and she left law college at that time.

People and her followers are craving to know more and more about Hareem, and what sources tell is that she was born and her early brought up was in the Capital of Pakistan that is Islamabad, her early education was in Islamabad but later her family shifted to Karachi where she completed her A Level and she got admissions in Law College which she left giving priority to her theatre love. Well, belonging to really an educated family, you cannot leave education in the middle so that is why she took admission in Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and she completed her bachelor’s in sociology and journalism and then she was all set to choose her career as whatever she wanted to do in life and she was all set off for Industry.

Harem Farooq belongs to very liberal and supportive background, her mother as well as her father are doctors and she never needed to do anything to support her family, she has come up from a very well-off family background and even whatever she demands and asks her parents for her, they fulfill it, she has been a tomboy in her teenage and even she thinks she still is. But what all other think about her is that she is really pleasing and alluring.

She says that she has seen so much medicine and medical all around her so she never wanted to be a doctor and her parents have always been very supportive to Hareem and her sister but all they wanted her to complete her education first, earn some degree in hands and they were then allowed to do anything. Her mother is a well-known dermatologist and Abdullah Qureshi is Hareem’s cousin. She has a very liberal and non-controversial educated family.


Let’s have a look on some pictures, videos and interviews of Hareem Farooq where you will get to know her and more and more about her. And all of her fans and followers are craving to know more about her.


She is wearing skirt and blouse, she is white in complexion and she loves to wear white and it’s one of her favorite colors. She is wearing white blouse and flowers printed skirt and wearing a stylish necklace. She is ready to go for the promotions on a morning show for her movie “Dobara Phir Se” and she is all styled up by Amna Niazi.


Hareem Farooq is taking selfie with her costar Gohar Rasheed who is not only co star but also they are very good friends, both are new and very talented actors. This picture is taken during the shooting of their drama serial “Mere Jeevan Saathi” where surat (hareem) was deeply in love with her cousin mohid (gohar), they have shown great on-screen chemistry in the drama. The drama went popular among the audience.


She is absolutely looking appealing, she looks extremely hot in yellow, and she poses like being engaged with her iPhone. She is wearing yellow jacket and being sun kissed and looking very hot and mesmerizing.


She has maintained her uniqueness from other actresses and wearing again a very unique color that’s a mixture of magenta and maroon and this dress and color compliments her complexion even more. She is wearing a beautiful hair band adopting new fashion trends. She looks adorable and embellishing as always.

She is saying good luck for her friend and designer Fahad for his Bridal Couture Week, BCW 2016. And she is disclosing that she will be walking for Fahad this time on stage presenting his bridal collection.

Hareem Farooq is in an interview by Saima Ajram with Osman Khalid Butt talking about their movie Janaan where Osman is writer and Hareem is the co-producer, we can see as she is one of the youngest producers in Industry. Hareem says that she was thinking to come up as producer after almost 10 years from now but she was asked to be a producer with such a good team and on a big level, she thought why she should not go for it. And she is happy that her first production and produced movie has got a great response from audience and box-office and she seems to be glad and overwhelmed.

In an exclusive interview in “Tonite with HSY” she tells that she first started shooting for her drama “Mere Humdum Mere Dost” that’s basically her first drama she started working for and mean while shooting, she had a very bad accident, her car breaks failed and they had to stop shooting for that drama for like six months and she was on bed rest for six months. She tells that she is very passionate about work and on the other hand, she is very rough in her life. She is a very gossip loving girl and she loves gossiping within her friends. And Gohar Rasheed is a very good friend of her that she calls him her “JIGARR”. She is a lazy person but also a very loving person and she become very punctual and passionate when it comes to work.


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