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Hareem Farooq was born in Islamabad. Hareem is new addition to sensation of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. She is multi talented. She is a famous model and actor.


Date of Birth:

She was born on 26th May 1989.


Marital Status:

She is single.



Her height is 5ft 5 in (1.65m)



Her star is Gemini.


Early Life:

She has spent her early childhood in Karachi as her family moved from Islamabad after her birth.



She is currently residing in Karachi. She is working hard there to make her dreams come true as Karachi is called city of dreams.



She went to Karachi Grammar School for her early education where she completed her A-levels. After completing her A-levels she has done her bachelor’s in Sociology and Journalism and then started her journey in showbiz industry. After completing her A-levels she opted to do Law but after one year of her classes she realized that law is not the thing she is made for, she should opt acting as her future career.



Both mother and father of hareem are Doctors by profession and they are practicing medicine. Hareems parents have never pressurized her to opt some specific profession, rather they have asked her to complete her studies first and then opt for profession she wants. Hareem once in interview said that I told my parents “I’m going into acting and my parents were completely fine with it. Actually that is why I’m so comfortable; it is because of their support. They specifically said that if this is really what I wanted to do, then do it all the way “yeh nahi ke do teen dramas kiye and khatam. That support meant everything”.


Favorite Writer and Director:

She is comfortable with all directors whom she worked with but she is very extra comfortable with Haseeb Hasan, Mehreen Jabbar, Awais Khan and Anjum Shahzad.


Dream Role:

Hareem loves to play character of strong women. She dreams of a character which motivates all men and women. She wants to make women strong and loves to play her role in this regard. She is impressed very much by Vidya Balan’s Kahani. She is so annoyed to see women as victims in most of dramas and she believes this trend should be discouraged.


Debut in Acting:

She made her on screen debut with Pakistani horror movie Siyaah. In this movie she has played character of a traumatized mother. That was the role which made hareem prominent in industry and people started asking who is she and after that her career started in full swing and going on.



Hareem loves to play in theatre as she believes it was the first place where she started learning. She played very strong characters in theatre which were enough to make her recognition. Her theatre projects are:

Year           Drama                         Written By               Theater                               Role

2013         Panwey 14 August     Anwar Maqsood     Arts Council Karachi

2013         Angan Terha               Anwar Maqsood      Arts Council Karachi        Jahan Ara’s



She is working in drama serials and she is highly appreciated by people. Her debut drama serial was Mausam which gone on air in 2014 in which she played role of Saman. Drama was written by Aliya Bukhari and directed by Romi Inshah. Mausam was production of Momina Duraid. Other starrers in drama were Ahsan Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Shazia Nz, Yasir Mazhar. Drama was also nominated for best drama serial category. Her other drama serials are:

Mere Humdum Mere Dost (2014) in which she played role of Sajeela and it was gone on air on Urdu 1 channel.

Dusri Bivi (2014) in which she played role of Ayesha Hassan and it was gone on air on ARY Digital.

Diyar-e-Dil (2015) in which she played role of Arjumand Khan and it was gone on air on HUM TV.

Mere Jeevan Saathi (2015) in which she played role of Habiba and it was gone on air on ARY Digital.

Tere Baghair (2015) in which she played role of Rabia Salman and it was gone on air on Hum TV.

Dil-e-Beqarar (2016) in which she played role of Farida Javaid and it was gone on air on Hum TV.

Sanam (2016) in which she played role of Ayla and it was gone on air on Hum TV.


Hit Drama:

Diyar-e-Dil was biggest hit and this was the career booster for harem as she has impressed a lot of people from her performance. After this performance she started to get dramas.


As Producer:

She is very talented as she has started production in this little time too. She has co-produced movie Janan with Reham Khan. She is also producing movie named “Parchi”. She tells about her production journey that she has learnt a lot from Mehreen Jabbar as she is senior and very famous face of industry.



After working in Siyaah, she is going to be in movie “Dobara Phir Se” which is planned to be release on 25 November 2016.It is written by Bilal Sami and Mehreen Jabbar.It was a production of ARY Films. Others starrers in movie are Adeel Hussain ,Sanam Saeed, Atiqa Odho, Ali Kazmi, Tooba Siddiqui and Shaz Khan.

She is also working on movie Parchi. She is acting in movie as well producing this movie. This is basically a comedy movie. She reveals in of her interviews that they are planning to introduce new faces in industry through this movie.


Favorite Food:

She is a food lover and she loves to eat high protein and low carbs. She loves to eat fish. She loves to take green tea with lemon. She takes green tea in morning and she never let go of this. She loves to eat fresh fruit and vegetable juices. She reveals in interview that she takes small meals every three hours. She also has a habit of not eating before two hours of sleep.



Hareem loves to be fit and she hasn’t any special trainer for this purpose. She is her own instructor. She mostly opts for weight lifting and cardio.


Love To Do:

She loves music. She also watches good television series and movies to keep myself mentally fit. She has also a habit to coloring books as she considers this best way to release stress. She loves to spend time with her friends and family. She cares very much about her sleep. She sleeps 7 hours must a day to keep herself healthy.



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