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She is the new sensation to Pakistan television industry but very few people know about the personal life of Hareem farooq. Online searches show that, audience, fans of hareem, striving to know more about harem. So, www.timepass.com.pk decided to write about life history and biography of harem farooq in order to facilitate its precious readers.



Hareem basically belongs to a noninterventionist family of liberals who never been an obstacle for hareem when she choose acting as career. Hareem’s parents such as father and mother both are doctors and they asked hareem to complete her studies first and then opt whatever profession she wanted to opt. Hareem farooq who joined acting field just a few months back but play all the roles just like a senior experienced actress.


Hareem went to Karachi grammar school where she completed her A-levels. Later on, from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, hareem completed her graduation in sociology and journalism and set off to her journey in showbiz.



Hareem farooq made her on screen acting debut with Pakistani horror movie Siyaah, in which she played character of a traumatized mother due to her daughter’s super natural powers. Hareem played this role very well and it opened the doors in drama industry, for her .In an interview, hareem confessed that, drama isn’t her first love in fact, that credit goes to theater which provided real identification to her talent. Hareem added that she love doing theater and will never refuse an offer from there.


She has blessed with two sisters and one brother. Her parents are blessing for her.  She confessed in an interview. Abdullah Qureshi is her cousin. Hareem basically belongs to a noninterventionist family of liberals who never been an obstacle for hareem when she choose acting as career. Hareem’s parents such as father and mother both are doctors.



Name:                             Hareem Farooq

Alternate Name:              Hareem

Height:                           5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)

Careers:                          Actress, Model

Born:                              May 26, 1989

Figure:                           34:28: 36

Eye color:                       Black

Hair color:                      Shiny brown

Lip color:                        Glossy pink

Figure look:                     Average

Age:                                 27

Marital Status:                  Single

Zodiac:                             Gemini

Country:                         Pakistan

Home Town:                    Islamabad

Movies:                           Dobara Phir Se

Television Shows:              Mere Jevan Sathi   Sanam

Net Worth:                       5 millions

Theater track of Hareem Farooq:

Hareem played very strong and distinct roles in the field of theater in which 2 plays became the reason of recognition for hareem Farooq. They plays were:


Year           Drama              Written BY                                    Theater            Role

2013    Pawney 14 August       Anwar Maqsood          Art Council Karachi

2013    Aangan Terha  Anwar Maqsood          Art Council Karachi     Jahan Ara s



Hareem has endured strong roles on the screen of drama since very starting of her acting career. Hareem farooq has done dramas for all Pakistani channels and they were liked by the critics and audience. The reason behind success of hareem is that she chooses roles wisely. Drama track of Hareem is listed as below:


Year     Drama  Role     Channel

2015    Kuch Ishq Tha Kuch Majboori Thi      Zara Rafiq       Hum TV

Mere Jeevan Saathi      Habiba ARY Digital

Diyar-e-Dil      Arjuman Khan Hum TV



Eid Hungama   Herself Express TV

Dusri Biwi       Ayesha Hassan            ARY Digital

Mere HumDum Mere Dost      Sajeela Haider  Urdu 1

Mausam           Saman  Hum TV



Hareem has given a blockbuster movie to Bollywood with her debuted movie i.e. Siyaah. Along with this an upcoming movie is also filming. Here is the tabulated list


Year     Movie  Role     Box office

2013    Siyaah  Mother Lollywood


Hareem has started getting awards and shields at very starting of her career as she won the title of Best Television Sensation (Female) at Hum Awards 2015. Hareem’s career is still on the go and team stylee.pk wishes her all the luck for her upcoming projects.


In an interview she told about her likes and dislikes. She tells her personal life and about her popularity that she achieves from not only Pakistani media but also Indian film Industry. She is happy with her blooming life. Her favorite actor in Hollywood is and in Bollywood is Salman Khan. She loves to music which suits best with her mood. She loves to read books in her spare times. She is chill and enjoys her school days a lot because according to her it was the best days throughout the whole life.



As we know that, she has charming personality in Pakistani media. She gets popularity day by day due to her confidence level and commitment. She is very beautiful, young and talented actress of Pakistani industry.


Hareem Farooq gets fame very quickly and proved that she has guts to do something for her country. She first appeared in advertisements of different brands. She is very committed and for coming in this field she has to do her dedications. So she do it and at last get too much popularity and fame.


As she belongs to media industry, she does not pay attention to other matters. She focuses on just her own work. She is very hard worker and actual talented actress in Pakistani media that’s why she saved her respect and career .She saves her character that’s why her fans are in large number.


Distinguished and talented model:

She started her career as acting but soon she move on Pakistani drama’s industry. Hareem gets great success and good public response in very short time through her talent and now she is considering one of the youngest and best actresses of Pakistan showbiz industry.


Owing to her active presence in TV serials, she is dominating in Pakistani media. Her passion and dedicated works are major assets in her life. She wants to win to the hearts of many as a successful actress and rules over fashion Industry.



  1. What’s always with her:

My phone, my bag and my perfume are always with me.

  1. She is fearless:

I don’t think there is anything in the world that I cannot face.



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