Top Hairstyles for Men


Men have a limited choice of makeover and narrower variety of colors in their dressing. That’s why with more civilization they have opted for more stylish approach of hairdo. Men hairstyles vary from culture to culture and person to person depending upon the length of hair. Short hair is all time in among men. Several short hairstyles for men have been introduced so far which include spikes, high fade, low fade, pompadour, wavy hair and quaff. 2016 was the year of experimentation and innovation in hairstyles and following hairstyles have been instigated for the present year.

The classical hairstyles never prove you wrong. This typical American hairstyle with a crew is both modern and traditional. It gives you a sexy appealing outlook when it’s set with some fine hair gel. Try this hairstyle and you will be commended wherever you would go.

Pompadour haircut with the cluster of hair on the top and faded hair on the sides is the best choice for voguish guys. This particular hairstyle suits on all types of features and on all the occasions. From casual to formal pompadour will make you stand out amongst the crowd.

The guys with natural curls must flaunt their curls because curly hair is the most dashing element in one’s personality. You can also go for some undercut on the sides and make your curls appear wild in the middle for a messy casual look and to carry curls in occasions; make them set with some hair spray or gel. Be careful! Choose high quality gels or spray.

Do you have sharp features and want to highlight them? Go for this Caesar hairstyle with fading the hair. This short hairstyle will highlight your jaw line and eyes and make them appear even more alluring. This hairstyle will give you more stylish look with light beard. Go for Caesar hairstyle and stay stylish.

The slicked back hairstyle is the finest choice if you want to look more professional. Combing back your hair and setting it with gel is the simple way to have this Brad Pitt style.

The faded high and tight hairstyle is a popular style among young boys. Slightly long hair on the top and highly faded on both sides make you look dandy and this will be a flawless style for casual and semi-formal occasions.

This typical Korean hairstyle will make you appear younger than your age and if you are a teenager, shaggy hair is perfect for you. This carefree and cute looking hairstyle will make you appear more charming and attractive. Try the style and enjoy being a true careless boy, forget about the world!

Are you going to attend a formal event and don’t know how to carry your hair for it? You need not to be worried now. The full swept is the ultimate way to look handsome and hot in the upcoming event. Make all the ladies in the party fall for you completely.

Do you think faux hawk are outdated these days? Not at all! Hawk is again back. The best thing about hawk is that it can go with both long and short hair. However, hawk with short hair is more sophisticated style to go. Hawk will rock your parties making you more noticeable.

Short spikes are the wonderful idea to look stylish and smart. Commonly, people think spikes look a bit over but wait! These are the short hair spikes which complement your formal wear by adding more poise to your persona.

To create an illusion of thick hair, fade them from the sides and create a hawk in the middle. This faded hawk is the new adaptation in old fashioned hawks. Try this classical hairstyle and stay incredibly noteworthy among all.

The asymmetrical short hairstyle looks always unique but if you highlight some of the front strands and leave them carelessly; your asymmetrical hairstyle will give an infinite enhancement to your uniqueness. This can be your casual style which makes you look even more handsome in shorts.

The curly textured hair is quite different to work with but once your hairdo is done it gives an extraordinarily winsome look to your hair. Don’t be worried if you have curly hair and don’t go for straightening them because ironing will surely damage your hair. Be in yourself and create your own style. You are handsome in your own.

This high slick short hairstyle looks like a pompadour but in actual it is a bit distinct from pompadour as the lines of high slick and pompadour are quite dissimilar. This is the best style to carry with a very little effort. Cut your sides short and set your hair in the middle and have a perfect look to flaunt everywhere.

Do you want this blow out chic hairstyle? You just need a comb, a blow dryer, and a hairspray. Comb your hair and set the texture in the middle of the hair to make this feathered look. This very hairstyle is perfect if you want to make your hair look heavy.

We all hated this slick side part hairdo in our childhood when mother used to do it with our hair. My God! this style is really in trend and looks astoundingly attractive with formal look. One sided slick looks even more appealing when you have a broad forehead. See how smart this guy is looking in this short hairstyle. After all mothers are always right.

Ear tapers give your face a defined frame and make you look more striking. The important thing about this hairstyle is that it needs almost same length from all sides and can be done anytime on all occasions. You will give an impression of being unimpeachable with this fine hairdo.

Are you thinking of cutting your medium length hair short? Wait! Just give this hairstyle a try before you go to a barber’s shop. This surfer hairstyle looks more gorgeous when you highlight some of the strands with a lighter color. Try a tone lighter than the original color of your hair and you yourself will fall in love with your hair.

Are you a person curious about experimenting with every new hairstyle that comes in fashion market? Try this wavy pomp and fade. The light waves on the top and the undercut on the sides is exemplary in its own. Go for this vintage style and stay hot.

Spiky flat top hairstyle is the classical style that gives you the look of some military officer. The grace of top spikes is enhanced by fading the hair from all other sides to make the officer look and put more impact.

The buzzed hair is the ultimate idea to stay stylish in summer. This hairstyle is popular among people who have light hair or have the issue of baldness. A short and light beard looks wonderful with this stupendous hairdo.

Do you love messy hair? Yes if you have thick hair you don’t need to use anything like hair spray or gel to set them for such casual looks. Just a comb and you will look outstanding.

Look at this short spiky hair. Those funky spikes are outdated now and simple decent spikes are in these days. Give your hair dandy look with less erected spikes and make your presence noticeable in the formal dinners.

Are you fed up of your simple hairdo all the time? Get out of this monotony and add some style to your personality. This square cut short hairstyle is the perfect idea to give yourself an entirely new look and stay elegant.

Do you know when a woman looks at a handsome man her pupil dilates four times. Blunt hairstyle is enough to make you look handsome. It has been in trend for few decades and still the love for blunt is in the air. Try this quirky style and make women fall for you.

Cropped fringe short hairstyle is very popular in young men. This style with back slick and cropped fringes make gives a hotter look to your personality and you will be adored everywhere you go. From casual to semi-formal to formal gatherings this hairstyle works equally best. Some people go for cropped fringes if they have a broad forehead.

Classic short haircut with a minuscule pompadour on the top is another decorous idea for a changed look. The sharp fading on both sides and clear lines starting from the forehead is making the style distinguished among other short hairstyles. Wear the style and stay cool.

Try this amazing idea of comb over hairstyle. This style better works when you have thick and less silky hair. The perfectly combed hair and set with a scare spray just to make them stay at place look will add a chic look to your hair making you style elite.

Do you love the long strands on the top of your hair? Why don’t you flaunt them then? A fine combing and faded haircut on the sides will work best and give a few curls to the front strands. This will be the most ritzy and dapper look you will ever have.

The solid fringe is the most desired hairstyle among boys these days. The skin fade on both sides and the sharp fringe in the front will give you an ultra-mod summer look. You don’t need sprays and gels to set your hair all the times with this hairstyle.

The textured hairstyle always looks so appealing and sexy. Make your undercut look even more modish by setting the medium length hair on the top with a hair gel or spray. This style is both classic and contemporary at a time.

Look at this side long strands hairstyle. For a cool look this hairstyle will work best for you. Take a comb and you yourself can make the strands set in a way that these strands fondle your eyes. You will definitely take hearts when you will set them back with your fingers.

Skin fade design with highly defined hawk is the ultimate choice to look more masculine. The fine lines on both sides are defining the hawk with all its glory. You will never go wrong if you carry this style.

The slicked and winged back hair is the royal choice for some glamorous evenings. The slick look adds more refinement and freshness to your hair giving you an executive look on occasions. Add royalty to your grace and conquer the world.

A short Mohawk on the top and skin fade hair on the sides give a uniquely snazzy look to your personality. This hairdo is perfect for the people with baldness. The lighter your hair is the more prominent is the Mohawk. Stay confident when you are carrying this hairstyle because you look unquestionably wonderful in this artistic hairdo.

A short pony tail with a faded undercut is another idea to style your hair. Don’t cut your hair short when you are fed up if their length just give a try to this back pony and you will see the magic of vintage look.

For the people who have thin hair, the idea of designed undercut is workable. Go to your hairstylist or barber and ask him to make a decent looking design on your skin fade. Off course you will look classier with short faded beard.

The fine thick spiky looking hair with no fades is the coolest idea to make have a wonderful look on the upcoming event. You will never be overlooked with this outstanding hairdo.

These hairstyle ideas have been most popular among young and middle aged men. Pick any of the above hairstyle and spellbind the world. In a writer’s world “Invest in your hair because it is the only crown that you can never take off”.



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