Gul Panra is one of the most popular Pakistani Pashto Singers. She is a Pukhtoon and naturally very beautiful, and fair in complexion. She is Peshawar (Pakistan) born beautiful girl who was born on 6 September 1989. She received her early education from her hometown Peshawar, and then she attended Peshawar University to complete her higher studies in Social Work Department. In spite of being a talented singer, she has also been an intelligent, bright and brilliant student in her student life. She completed her Masters in 2014 in her field of interest that is Masters in Social work with good grades and success. She has natural innocent looks that are loved by many people, while others love her for singing. People love her melodious voice and cute expressions. At start, she used to sing Pashto songs only, now she sings Urdu songs too. She is smart, Stunning and has proved herself to be a good singer. There is a long list of her fans and followers.



Date of Birth:                       06 September 1989

Zodiac Sign:                         Virgo

Nick/Alternate Name:           Gul

Height:                                5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)

Figure                                  34-28-36

Age:                                     27 years

Hair:                                      Black

Complexion:                           Fair

Body:                                      Slim

Ethnicity:                              Pukhtoon

Marital Status:                      Single

Native Place:                        Peshawar, Pakistan

Nationality:                           Pakistani

Net Worth                            50 Million PKR



Gul Panra started her career in 2010; she was too young at that time. Her passion was to sing and to prove that she is the most gifted Pashto singer. She not only sings well but looks so pretty and innocent that people easily get attracted to her. She has become extremely famous in such a short span of time. She started her career by singing songs of other singers in concerts and marriages in Peshawar city. She got attention of other people in just a few months. She then sung many songs in Traditional Pashto Language. Now she sings in Urdu Language too. All the K.P.K is her fan and the all the Pakistanis like her.

One day, she was singing in a local hotel where some music composers were also invited. They were so amazed by her magical sweet voice. They were surprised that this young girl had sung so well. In fact, she was better than the singers who were already in the field. They were so stunned that she was offered to sing for Film as a play back singer. She was extremely glad and accepted that offer promptly. So this way, she was able to enter Pakistan Pashto Industry and it was all her talent that made her way out. Then she was in news and started getting more and more offers for singing for different films. She was too happy and got busy with the work and recordings of songs. Her first ever music album “ZAMA GHAZAL” got viral on internet and social networks and earned likes in millions. She was able to receive such a positive and enthusiastic response from her fans and followers. She is lucky enough to have a wide fan following because of her innocent, gorgeous looks and cute voice.



  • De Kurme Gulla
  • Or Da Judai
  • Za Bubly Bubly
  • Ma Chehra Ghareeb sa
  • Malanga Yama
  • Serf tamasha Kawa
  • Man Amadeam


Gul Panra is a Pashto Singer who sang for more than 20 Pashto films and released her own three Studio Albums. She got her big break during her concert in a local place. She had sung for many films ever since and she has a long way forward. She has performed in many countries other than Pakistan including UAE, QATAR and Afghanistan. She is loved by people and her concerts are capable of gathering a huge crowd. After Ghazala Javed, she came out as most popular Pashto singer. People do really enjoy her concerts and start dancing with the rhythm of her songs. After singing in films, she moved on a bit and launched her own studio albums one by one. Her albums include Malund, Meena Na Kawom, Zama Ghazal which are all much appreciated by people.

The year 2015 had proved to be a much happier year of Gul Panra’s life. In August 2015, she got a chance to be a part of the Coke Studio Season 8 as a singer. Gul sung a popular and heartwarming Persian Traditional song, “MAN AAMADEH AM” together with a very famous and talented Singer Atif Aslam. Gul sung the Persian version of the song on Coke Studio Season 8 where Atif had sung its Urdu version. The song got viral everywhere on Social Media. It came in the most played list of songs, and it was being shared widely on all social media networks. The song was a great combination of Urdu and Persian. People loved it even though they didn’t understand it. They enjoyed it to the core of their heart.

She is also planning to work on some Urdu songs and Release songs in Urdu Language in near future.


In an Interview, Gul Panra revealed that she had formal knowledge of music as she had attended music classes under the supervision of a famous maestro Ustad Nazeer Gul. Furthermore, her first released Pashto song was launched under supervision of a renowned music director Master Ali Haider.

She was invited by Salam Zindagi show hosted by Faisal Qureshi and aired on ARY ZINDAGI. She was wearing totally traditional dress. Especially her matta patti made her look more gorgeous and traditional. Faisal Qureshi played many games during the show with all the guests including Gul and she was looking all innocent and decent.She sung two songs during the show.


It was rumored once that she had died which proved wrong later on. Then it was spread that she may have got married. She called a press conference and clearly announced that she is absolutely alright and the news about her death is totally fake as well as the news about her getting married is also fabricated. She is single and alright. She even says that she doesn’t know when and why people spread such rumors when she is sitting at home at that time and not even knowing about those things. So don’t believe whatever is being spread about her by unofficial sources.


This innocent beauty has one brother and six sisters. She is the eldest among the siblings. This makes her more responsible and hard working as well.


Gul is the heartthrob of millions and a Janaan of every Pukhtoon.  She has a long list of followers. People love to listen to her songs and her fans passionately follow her on social media.



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