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Sadaf Fawad Khan is one of the elegant and decent ladies and most importantly she is wife of cool Fwad Afzal Khan. Sadaf is very active and has all hot looks. She was born on 15th November 1982.  Sadaf has eye catching personality.


Sadaf Fawad Khan is very famous now days due to her husband. She is very passionate and confident lady. Basically she is a house wife but she also travels with Fawad abroad during his shooting. She has also been seen with Fawad in Award shows. Sadaf participates with her husband in parties and socializes with people. Beauty with brain suits on her personality. She throws all of her support to her husband where he needs. As they both are childhood friends so she knows each and everything about him.


Early Life:

Sadaf spent all of her childhood at Lahore. Once she calls herself “pure Lahori” in an interview. Her father was a government officer and was posted at Lahore. Sadaf remembers her childhood as there were no worries at that time, life was very simple, and we have enjoyed our childhood time very much. She reveals in an interview that she has also done kite flying in her childhood as this was must for a Lahori kid at our time.


Sadaf has got her early education from Lahore. She has done her A-Levels from Lahore Grammar School. Fawad has also done her schooling from Lahore Grammar. Sadaf was a very hardworking and devoted student. She has always taken good grades in school.


Details about her parents are less known but she reveals in an interview that her parents are a blessing for her, they have always helped her. They have always supported her through every thick and thin.



Sadaf has three sisters. She is on number 3. She loves her sisters very much. She tells in an interview that the thing she misses of her teen age life is gossips which she shares with her sisters. She misses both of them a lot as they all are married now and met each other occasionally.

Personal Stats:

Name:                                         Sadaf Fawad Khan

Born:                                           Lahore

Date of Birth:                             15th November 1982

Place of Birth:                            Lahore

Residence:                                  Lahore

Nationality:                                Pakistani

Husband:                                    Fawad Afzal Khan

Siblings:                                      2 Sisters

Profession:                                House Wife

Height:                                        5 ft 7 inches

Weight:                                      56 Kg

Shoe Size:                                    8

Eye Color:                                 Black

Hair Color:                                Black

Figure:                                      36-28-36

Education:                                Lahore Grammar School

Zodiac Sign:                              Scorpio

Religion:                                    Islam

Hobbies:                                   Travelling, Reading Books


How She Met Fawad:

Sadaf is not a media personality but she is being treated as showbiz personality because of her husband Fawad Khan. As Fawad is heartthrob of millions of girls. But Sadaf is lucky one to have him as her husband. Their story is like a proper fairytale. Their love story is very passionate as a promise made as a teenager was kept. Sadaf met Fawad when they were studying at school. Fawad was 17 at that time and Sadaf was of 16. He had a crush on Sadaf. As Fawad was a shy person so he hadn’t  courageous to ask Sadaf in person so he started chatting online with Sadaf.

Turning Point:

Fawad was travelling from Islamabad to Lahore where he met an accident. Accident was very brutal and Fawad’s pancreas was hurt and this developed a diabetic problem to him. When Fawad was in hospital, his friends told him that Sadaf was asking about him. At that point Fawad thought that Sadaf also feels for him.


Interesting Story during their Relationship:

After chatting sometime they setup a meeting. Fawad proposed to beautiful Sadaf. The way Fawd has proposed Sadaf, she took her heart away and at that point Sadaf also felt that Fawad is the right person for her. After their school, Sadaf took admission into different university. Fawad uses to visit her university regularly that even watchman of university thought that Fawad is student of same university.

Restrictions from Sadaf’s Family:

Sadaf’s family was very conservative. Her family has created many hurdles during early days of their relationship. As Fawad was jobless so Sadaf’s parents don’t want her daughter to marry him. But Fawad was kind of a guy every girl should dream of. At first Fawad has started his career as a lead singer in a band, Paradigm. Sadaf’s family was not happy with this too. Sadaf’s parents want her to marry a guy whose background is conventional. Finally Fawad has started job in multinational company to satisfy Sadaf’s parents, and he passed this exam of his life too.


How Fawad Proposed Sadaf:

Sadaf reveals in an interview that how Fawad proposed her. Sadaf reveals that it was nothing dramatic. He has asked me a simple question over phone. She added that I was sixteen at that time and Fawad claims that he’s been married to Sadaf that day when he proposed her.

Marriage Ceremony:

Finally their marriage took place on 12th November 2005 in Karachi. They both were looking adorable on their wedding.


Sadaf and Fawad are blessed with two children. Their son’s name is Ayaan and daughter’s name is Elayna. She was born on 4th October 2016.


Fawad’s Take on Sadaf:

Fawad in an interview told about her life partner that it was the greatest feeling in world when you were married to a person who meant everything to you. He said that it might sound clichéd, but it was fantastic to be able to find such a [nice] person. He further added that whatever good he had in him, was because of the influence of Sadaf, his family and of course of Ayaan and Elayan.

Dealing with Fawad Fans: (especially Girls)

As Fawad is heartthrob of millions of girls. He is one of the most handsome actors of present era. Sadaf explains how she deals with Fawad about his fan following of girls, she tells that she feels very proud of this. She loves to see people going crazy for her husband and it is best feeling in world. Fawad once tells that I have been in Sadaf’s place I may have been much more possessive. But they both are in love with each other and have been together for a very long time. They understand each other and this type of things can’t disturb their relationship.


Favorite Holiday Destination:

Sadaf has recently visited Turkey. She has loved that pace and loves to be there whenever she get time.



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