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This man named Fawad Khan has gone through many different stages between being a struggler and now a super star, who is widely known in the whole world. Even Fawad doesn’t know himself how much fan following he has and people specially girls, ladies from different countries of the world are a die-heart fan of him initially for his Television appearances and now for his films. 34 years old Pakistani actor Fawad Khan started his career at a very early age, he was initially a singer and then he came to acting later. He started his own band named as Paradigm, he was lead vocalist of the this band, he then started working for a project titled “Jutt and Bond” used to be aired in Indus Vision, the band was really popular and active in the Lahore’s underground music scene. During the early 2000s, Fawad Khan, the lead vocalist of Paradigm started working together with Ahmed Ali Butt who was the lead vocalist of the band “Entity”. Entity was again a very active band of that time in Lahore and Ahmed Ali Butt already belonged to a family of music so they were both offered to work together for the popular sitcom “Jutt and Bond”, the show was a big hit and the director requested to both the bands to sing a song together so that the audiences will love them seeing them together and then the both bands collaborated to work together and they recorded a very famous title track of the show titled “Hamein Aazma” within a week. It was one of the most popular tracks of that time; it was played at the beginning and end of the show.

There was a “PEPSI BATTLE OF THE BANDS” advertisement began to come on Television in the early 2002. It was a competition held for all aspiring Bands all over Pakistan. Since realizing the fact that none of these bands had an official song released on the record, they decided to send “Hamein Aazma” as a collaborative effort for the competition. It was all during this time that the “Entity” and “Paradigm” evolved into “Entity Paradigm”. It was then started to be considered a mainstream rock bands in the Pakistan Music Industry. They released their debut album “Irtiqa” in 2003. This album was considered the first mainstream concept to be released by a Pakistani artist. On January 2007, the Entity Paradigm Band had in interview in which they announced that the band would disband due to various reasons.

The Entity Paradigm had their official return on 12th March 2009 and they all re-united. And the band is still working together on various projects.

Charming man, star Fawad khan had his television debut in a TV Series titled “Jutt and Bond” as already discussed.

Fawad Khan was lucky enough to make his Debut in Pakistan Film Industry in a film known for its originality and art titled “KHUDA KAY LIYE” in 2007. It was actually the highest grossing film of 2007 of Pakistan.

He was then being offered to work in various drama series for Pakistan Drama Industry and he appeared in many drama series such as Satrangi, Dastaan, Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzaar Hai.

Well, we all know that Humsafar was one of his most popular and successful series that made him known widely all over the world, his acting, his appearance, style took hearts of millions.

He made his debut in Indian Film Industry in a women centric movie titled “Khoobsurat”, he was blessed to work in his bollywood debut with Sonam Kapoor, the charming and known bollywood actress.


Well this handsome hunk doesn’t really let himself came across scandals and he takes his steps so logically and wisely. He is not one of those who once come across fame; success and popularity forget their values and relations and start establishing new connections. He always loved his wife. He had his first ever affair at the age of 16 or 17 years when he was probably doing his A-Levels. He fell in love with Sadaf. He had to face a lot of problems and struggles to make this relationship official. No one can really believe that this gentleman who doesn’t really involve himself in extra-marital affairs is the one who loved in such an early age where a mind isn’t even much grown up. He continued his affair for 8 years and he remained all loyal to Sadaf whom we must say is a very lucky woman to have such a loyal gentleman like Fawad Khan in her life. After eight years of this loyal courtship, he married Sadaf on 12th November 2005 at a very young age. He has been loyal to Sadaf since then and considers himself luckiest man to have Sadaf in his life.

Fawad khan clearly says, “No One would like to have an Affair with me”:

In an interview, he was asked about his marriage life and wife being jealous as it is obvious that women get jealous easily by other women connected to their husband by any means.

In response, Fawad Khan clarified and said that to the interviewer that if you are trying to ask if my relation with Sadaf or marriage is falling apart than you should know that my wife is very much secure because she has a clear idea that I (fawad) will never be able to find anyone or another life partner because I am not very good at it.

When a question regarding his extra-marital was asked to him, he had to say:

If you are asking possibilities of my affairs so let me clear that no one would like to have an affair with me because no doubt I really am good at conversation but that’s only thing I am good at. Well, joking apart then he says that even if you are a banker, lawyer doing any job, these insecurities do actually exist everywhere around the world. These insecurities and jealousies can happen at any time or any stage and can even happen if you are at a party and someone comes and talks with you. So, there’s nothing that is unusual or unstable in his love life.

Fawad further clearly adds that he obviously has fights with her wife but the point of argument is never any girl:

Fawad says that he really likes it when attention is being given to him, but when he feels having extra attention, it doesn’t please him. He is possessive that way and he expects her to be that way. But it never happened to an extent that it had interfered with their relationship. He says that they do fight but that’s like in every else relationship. There exist many excuses to fight. And most importantly they both have been going very strong and they have gone through that patch after which life can’t be restarted. They are very happy and both are very lazy to restart things so it never came up any issue and it has always been a very chilled dynamic between them.


34 years old handsome man Fawad Khan was born in Karachi on 29th November 1981. Fawad’s father used to work in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company. It was the requirement of the nature of the job that the family had to move to Athens, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and then Riyadh and later they moved to Manchester during the Gulf War. Fawad with family moved back to Pakistan in Lahore when his was father was near to his retirement. His father wasn’t near his official retirement age but doctors advised him to get an early retirement because of his cardiac condition. His father couldn’t bear any more pressure and tension about the work so he had to take an early retirement. Fawad was only 13 at that time and his father also wanted to start something his own. Fawad’s mother was a housewife.

Fawad was having interest in animations so he took up his subjects in computers and started doing Bachelor’s in Computer Science. He wasn’t an excellent student but an average one. He had no deep interest in studies but managed to get going with C grades. He was successful in establishing his music band in his college as he being a lead Vocalist. The band later had done more than 250 shows; the band was known as EP and became the most popular music band of that time.

Fawad was only 17 when he fell in love with Sadaf, and by now he was dying to get married to her as soon as possible. Fawad belonged to a conservative family and also Sadaf thought that her father wouldn’t agree with him doing music only so Fawad had to get a 9 to 5 ob after college to marry Sadaf.

Fawad Khan Talks about his wife Sadaf and tells his exact love story origin in his words:

He says that he met Sadaf when he was 17 and he met her through chatting online with very noisy dial-up modems. Sadaf used to study in the girls branch which was very famous among boys for all the pretty ladies studying there. He met with her somehow at their tuition classes and Fawad was really quick to propose to her within a week of meeting her being quite a traditionalist. Sadaf went to a university where Fawad couldn’t get admission and he feels that one of main reasons for him to not be able to achieve good grades in college was that he spent almost half the years of her college and even her college sentries thought that he used to study in that college. They married after college because their love was so intense and sincere.

Fawad gets his first baby, boy they named “Ayaan”, after his marriage. Fawad Khan and his wife in collaboration with each other launched their debut collection, a clothing brand called SILK by Fawad Khan in August 2012. Fawad loves his family more than anything else.

Fawad Khan recently posted on his official facebook account on October 7, 2016 that they are expecting their second child:

He says: “I’ve been in Lahore since July as my wife and I had been expecting our second child.”


Fawad khan is one of the highest paid actors of Pakistan and he’s being offered many different projects from Bollywood, internet is loaded with his pictures and interviews. Here are some pictures and interviews of Fawad Khan with description:


The most stylish and handsome hunk of Industry, Fawad is at the 15 Lux Style Awards #LSA2016. He is wearing a dashing 3 piece suit, wardrobe: #Republic by Omer Farooq. He is as always grabbing the attention of everyone present at the Awards. He is hosting the show with his great companion and friend Ahmed Ali Butt.


In the video, Fawad Khan is showing his versatility and he has showed that he can pull anything off, he is extremely hilarious. It even looks like a trailer of some movie than the advertisement of Oye Hoye Chips. He has convinced everyone to must try this Oye Hoye Chips. He is just a brilliant actor.


This man is again gaining attention of millions of his fans holding a prop saying “YES”, where you must be thinking that he’s saying Yes for some marriage proposal but he’s in Bahrain and he received a warm reception and great number of supporters for a WORTHY CAUSE IN SUPPORT OF SHAUKAT KHANUM MEMORIAL CANCER HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH CENTER. He’s wearing Wardrobe by Republic-Omar Farooq.


This brilliant actor with style is receiving respect across the border. He is at AFA16, Awards show across the border. He is receiving the award and love from the people there. Talent convinces people to do anything. His Wardrobe again by Republic-Omar Farooq.

This is Exclusive Interview of Fawad Khan. The interviewer praises him in such a beautiful way that she says that “Women want him and then the men want to be him”. The fawad khan replies her in a way that he says that he considers himself nothing around 15 years back, at that time Fawad Khan was only known to his parents and sisters sitting at home.

Fawad Khan also said that everything wasn’t that smooth and he had to struggle a lot to become what he is today and that there were always things that were harming but my wife has always been a great support, he says, “I remember that Sadaf was like a light at the end of the tunnel”.

Dashing Fawad Khan and Pretty Sonam Kapoor are being interviewed by Komal Nahta talking about his Bollywood Debut Khoobsurat. Sonam Kapoor says that the first question I asked Fawad when I met him was, “Are you married?” and Fawad was like, “YES”. Sonam clearly looks like a fan of this handsome man, and she is saying in a humorous way that she was hear-broken hearing that he was married.

The host then asks Fawad Khan that if he did think of that he should not be doing the movie because the movie “Khoosurat” was mostly “HEROINE CENTRIC or FEMALE CENTRIC”. Fawad Clearly answers, “NO, because the thing is that what you do with the given set of tools, and most of the plays I have done in past are “WOMEN CENTRIC” and I have made whatever name I have made for myself from that stuff”. He is really delivering a perfect speech with good manners showing a positive and educated image of Pakistani actors.


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