Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan kicked out of India and they are angry about it


Bollywood, the land where dreams come true for actors and actresses, has shown its real face. Due to the recent escalation between Pakistan and India, the extremist parties have demanded that all artists who belongs to Pakistan should leave India at once.

Extremist Group MNS has demanded that Fawad Khan as well as Mahira khan to leave India in a deadline of 48 hours depicting worst example of intolerance and extremism. As a result, Fawad Khan was kicked out of promotions of his upcoming venture with Karan Johar and he has returned where he belonged.

It is also believed that Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan will not get any new role in near Future.

So, days of glory for Mighty Fawad Khan is over who said that he was no longer interested in doing Pakistanis Dramas- the very place which give inception to this celebrity status of him.

Sources also said that he refused Sajjad Ahmad,the very director who gave him debut in national television dramas, to act in his new Patriotic Drama based on National Accountability Bureau.

Sources also told that Fawad Khan is really angry at the kick out which he has experienced from the hands of Indians. He is like as depicted in the picture below:
Fawad Khan reaction anger on returning from India


Mahira Khan is also believed to be crying on the untimely return from the neighboring country. She is not happy that now her costar will be Hamza ali Abbasi instead of Shahrukh Khan. She may also not attend the premier of her upcoming movie Raees. Feeling really bad for her.

Mahira khan sad and crying


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