Your eyes are the windows of your soul. Beautiful eyes give an impression of having a beautiful heart and beauty at this stage of human evolution is achievable with makeup. Laura Marcier says that your eye makeup speaks a lot about you and your style. Yes! The women with perfectly done eye makeup look a lot more voguish than those who do not. There are various ways to beautify your eyes but to go for them you need to have some insight about the size, shape and color of your eyes as well as the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Some of the simple and easy steps are here to describe how to do eye makeup which will serve you to enhance the enchantment of your eyes on regular bases and on particular occasions.

First of all clean your face with some cleanser or wash it well. If you feel some traces of previously done eye makeup, wipe it out with moisturizer using a lump of cotton or tissue. Be gentle while cleaning your eyes.

If you have an oily skin use some skin friendly make up remover or toner, this will prevent your makeup from smudging.

Apply eye primer with the help of your finger; the eye primer will even out your skin tone. If you have dark circles, don’t forget to use concealer.

Use an eyebrow pencil to give a proper well defined shape. Outline your eyebrows by drawing a lower line exactly at the starting point of your brow and draw the upper line starting from a distance, fill the brow by shading and blend the shade with bro brush.

Applying eyeliner is a bit technical task in your whole eye makeup because you need exact even wings at both sides. You can pick a pencil liner, liquid or a cake liner it’s totally up to your choice and ease. Start applying it from the middle of your eye lid closer to your lash line and then create tiny strokes so that your liner gets merge with your lash line to create even wings. For more natural looks, small wings are better and if you want to look dramatic create larger and more tilted wings.

Your eyelashes are the most beautiful part of your eyes; spend more time to make them even more beautiful. Use a thick mascara brush to apply mascara on your eyelashes. If you lack thick eyelashes don’t worry just apply a lot of mascara on them and use an eyelash curler for the perfect accompaniment of your eyes. Be careful while applying mascara on the lower lash (use a piece of tissue below your lash). Use an eyelash comb for a finer look.

Now it’s time to use your eye shadow. Select a color or colors of your choice or pick a color matching with your dress and start applying it with a flat eye shadow brush from the eye base to brow bone covering the whole area of your eyelid. If you have selected more colors start form the lightest color and move on to the darkest. Don’t forget to use a fluffy brush for an outstanding blend of eye shadow.

Kajal is an optional step in eye makeup. If you want to look more traditional, apply a kajal pencil at the waterline of your eye starting from inner corner to the outer one. The thickness of kajal line depends upon the nib of your pencil.

Your eyes need more of your attention when you have to attend some party. For an eye catching party eye makeup you need to have a branded base and a waterproof eye liner along with some thick mascara; cake liners are considered best for long lasting effects. Pick some vibrant eye shadows for night parties and evening functions. Use a good quality kajal that doesn’t irritate your eyes otherwise you will feel uncomfortable throughout the party. It happens very often that on parties and occasions like engagement ceremonies, you feel yourself pauper in ideas of how to rock the event with a perfect party eye makeup. No more worries now, pick one of these ideas and stay classy.

Sparkling gold eyelids look irresistibly hot at night functions. Apply the dull golden shimmer at the middle if your eyelids, Use dark brown color for a perfect shadowing to complement the glitter. Yes! You will look worth-staring.

Teal or grayish blue eye makeup is also a great idea for dinners and musical nights. Look how this jazzy fusion of blue and grey colors is intensifying the looks.

Smoky eye makeup is one of the great ideas to look astounding with whatever dress you want to wear for the party. Smoky eyes are typically created with sharp wings of eye liner by adding brownish grey or silver grey eye shadow with deeper hues such as midnight blue or charcoal. Creamy pencils are ideal to create smoky eyes. Use the pencil at your lash line and coalesce it with your eye shadow to give a hot smoky look. You will never go unnoticed it you are wearing a smoky eye makeup.

Do you want to look unique and prominent? Just go for these stunning emerald green eyes. The ultimate blend of brown with green and the ultimate perfection of mascara is breathtaking. Be careful in choosing lipstick with such bold eyes to give yourself a controlled look.

The bronze eye makeup will make you look exclusively stylish not only in night parties but also in daytime functions. Pick up the idea and speak with your eyes.

If the color of your dress is darker and you want to apply a bold lip shade, try this nude eye makeup to balance your looks. See how this brownish beige shade of eye shadow is complementing your appealing eyes.

Pink is an innate favorite color of every girl. Try this pinkish eye makeup with rosy blushers to look more adorable in the gatherings.

The royalty associated with purple color will make you stand out in the party. To make your eyes look bigger draw a long wing of your eyeliner along with another wing of some glittery liner and see the magic pleasure of purple.

The love of peach hues in all the beautifiers has been in air since 2015. Peach and orange shades give you a fresher look. This very fine amalgamation of peach and brown shades is ready to be picked up for your eyes in all the occasions.

Multi-color smoky eyes are also in trend and are replacing fuscous smoky eyes at night functions. Two or three colors are used to create perfect bold eyes. Yes the multi color smoky eye makeup gives you quite unusually different and seductive looks.

Are you a kind of person who is snappy and lively? Then surely you love colors of spring. The idea of rainbow eyes will blow minds of people. Feel free to grab this zippy idea and live the way you are.

The eye makeup trends keep changing time to time. The back view mirror of time tells us how matte eye shadows and bright colors were in. Those flat colors are no longer seen in 2017. Lustrous pink and glossy hues look trendier these days. The straight, boyish and dense eye brows are taking the place of curvy thin eye brows this year. Yes look at this Pakistani model, isn’t she looking hotter in her dense eye brows.

Some imperfections are also being incorporated by some beauty experts this year for a more perfect outlook. The incomplete eyeliner is one of them, yes incomplete! The black liner applied in the middle leaving the corners of eyes look more alluring than the complete one. Be beautiful without being a perfectionist.

Say good bye to black mascara for your eyelashes, now it’s time to distinguish yourself among the rest of girls and by using burgundy mascara. Astonished?  Yes burgundy is going to be your mascara hue throughout 2017.

Do you have to go to some casual outing and shopping with friends? A light and soft eye makeup is a perfect choice for such hangouts especially in summer. Use a subtle color of eye shadow and apply a thin line of eye line. Go for these simple and easy steps for doing a light makeup yourself for a livelier and youthful look.

Use skin brown and peach shade to create the ultimate soft looks on a hot summer day. Apply a little bit of dark brown shade and smudge it well with a fluffy brush (You can use your fingers as well). Make the wings of your eyeliner and tilt them a little. Remember, highly tilted wings will ruin the softness of your eye makeup. Apply mascara and don’t forget to comb your eyelashes with an eyelash comb. Be stylish and decent!

Give your eyes more natural look by adding the dawn hue to your life. Dark and light shades of pink are mixed together to create a more sophisticated homogeneous color. Use a white pencil at your waterline and dust the lower side of your eyes with charcoal shade. Don’t apply heavy mascara on your eyelashes.

Make your decency shine with this spellbinding idea. Use a white color on your eyelid so that your makeup gives more neutral looks when done. A dark brown shade applied in the middle of eye lids will deepen your eyes making you look more attractive. You can go out with or without the glitter eyeliner. Have a happy hangout!

Green is the color of nature. It is the metaphor of freshness and life. Draw an outline with a soft green pencil and color it with matte green, darker at the corner. Add some golden hue for a look full of life and energy.

  1. You can also go out without eye shadows. Just make perfect wings of your eyeliner as tilted as you want. Apply plenty of mascara and use kajal if necessary. Wear a fresh color of lipstick and flaunt your simplicity.

Eye makeup is quite tricky a task and you need to have enough knowledge of it if you want to do it yourself. Let’s have a look on some basic tips and tricks that will help you in giving a fine finish to your eye makeup.

Want your eyes look bigger?

            Whenever you put on some eye makeup you want your eyes look bigger than normal. A simple technique will help you to have your desired look. Use a white pencil at your waterline and leave space at the corners. Your eyes will appear bigger. If you have small eyes avoid applying full length black eyeliner.

Brighten your eyes

Experts say that if you use some other light colored pencil such as blue or turquoise, the whites of your eyes will look brighter than usual. Try this, this is an awesome technique.

Funky casual looks

Have to go for shopping and don’t have time to put on makeup? No worries girls. Here is a simple solution to your problem. Colored and glittery eyeliners are now available in market, pick your favorite color and make your casual looks jazzier.

False Eyelashes

It is a widely accepted myth that false eyelashes are only used for wedding ceremonies and bridal makeup. Please don’t believe in it. If you love long eyelashes you can put them on anytime you want but be careful while buying these, don’t buy heavy lashes they will make your eyes look sleepy.

Mascara tip

Try to use eyelash curler before applying mascara and then comb it with an eyelash comb before it gets dry. Once your mascara dries and you comb your lashes your mascara will flake off ruining your makeup entirely.

Perfect eyeliner

For the perfect wings of your eyeliner you can use tape at the corner of your eyes. Stick a piece of tape starting from your lower lash and tilt it the way you want to get your wings tilted. Apply your liner and remove the tape. Remember, for real looks your wings must be less tilted and for more dramatic and Asian looks the wings are more tilted.

Your confidence is the sexiest element of your personality and a proper eye makeup undoubtedly gives you more confidence. Get your eye makeup done perfectly and stay confident.





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