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Eshal Fayyaz is one of the top models of Pakistan. She is naturally very perfect. She holds a lustrous personality with deep eyes and attractive features. She is everything that can be described in terms of beauty. Eshal has established herself in this Pakistan Fashion Industry on the basis of her beauty and very charming personality. Eshal grabs attention of millions of people because of her prettiness. We can surely say that she is a film-face and we will soon be able to see her on Big Screen and also she has all the abilities that she will soon be being offered films from Bollywood. Eshal has become the hottest face and most attractive girl of the Pakistan Fashion Industry. Popularity of Eshal is increasing very fast and she is being offered more and more projects and drama serials.


This article is specially written so that Eshal’s lovers and followers can know more about her, her hobbies and personal life. Eshal Fayyaz is one of the youngest Pakistani Model and Actress. She has joined this field on the basis of her own talent. She has made her space in this Fashion industry on the basis of her talent and beauty. She is enchanting and she attracts millions of people because of her outstanding personality. Eshal is one of the new girls in this Industry and she is emerging talent whose fame has widely spread over. Eshal has received huge sum of success and fame since the very start of her career. She is extremely versatile and that is why she is proving herself in various fields.

A lot of people say that models can’t act. But the fact is that most of the girls in showbiz are those who started their career with modeling and they started receiving acting offers. Models often want to try themselves in the field of acting and many of those don’t go much successful in this. But the recent era has given us some of the finest actresses who came up as models and they are very successful actresses and models equally. Eshal Fayyaz seems to come sooner in the list of those actresses who have been the successful and top models. Eshal is very young and she definitely has much more to achieve and it’s only the start of her career.


Eshal Fayyaz was born in Karachi. She celebrates her birthday on 21st of October and her birth year is 1993 and that makes her 23 years old. She is young and that is why she is much determined about her career. She earned her early education from her hometown Karachi. Eshal completed her A level studies from the famous L’ecole college of Karachi. She seems to be the most energetic emerging talent of the Pakistan Media Industry. Eshal started getting modeling offers because of her height, beauty and hourglass figure. Eshal belongs to a liberal and supportive family. She didn’t face many hurdles in starting and pursuing her career in this Industry.


Eshal fayyaz is only 23 years old and she started her career around four/five years back. She is one of the Top Pakistani Models. Before getting fame, Eshal was asked by a friend of hers to do a photo shoot for the expo billboard. After that, she was offered to be the Brand Ambassador of the expo in the year 2012. After that, she started to receive various offers from various popular Pakistani Brands since that point. Then she became the Brand Ambassador for Hira Lari in the year 2013. And then she has endorsed various costly and famous Brands. Other than that, Eshal has always been a very popular and liked face since she has started her career as you can see that she is been featured in various publications such as on the cover page of Mag and Me, Page 3 Magazine, Pak Observer and Jewel Time.

Eshal is that face who is adorned not only by her followers but also the top most Pakistani Fashion Designers wants her to be their Brand Ambassador and endorse their brands. She can adjust in any type of photo shoots because of her multi-talented personality. Eshal has done numerous walks on the ramp for many top fashion Designers. Eshal is a very lucky girl because of the fact that her career started from the peak of success. And she is going perfect. Eshal has done Karachi Fashion Week as well as Montage Fashion Week. As we all know that clothing brands are going as the best business these days and in the long run of various Popular Clothing Brands, Eshal has worked with some of the top Clothing Brands, She has worked with Gul Ahmed, Hira Lari, Kayseria, Orient Lawn, Rizwan Moazzam, Riverstone, Asim Jofa, Shariq Textiles, Jewellery, Bridal Couture Week 2012, and Shocase 2012. Eshal has always been the part of Top Fashion Shows of Pakistan since she has started. Other than that, she is quiet bold and Eshal goes in front of the camera shameless. She has been a part of various bold photo shoots and she doesn’t hesitate in wearing very short dresses on the ramp and in her fashion shoots.


Eshal says that modeling is an easy thing when compared with acting. A model simply stays pretty and maintains her body language. She didn’t know to catwalk at the start but she learnt so fast and now she walks the perfect of all. Because of her popularity, she received various acting offers. She finally decided to try her luck as an actress and she made her drama debut in 2015. She appeared in a drama serial titled “Abro” that aired on HUM TV. Eshal played a lead role in her first drama and that serial can be considered very lucky part for her because she got famous all over. She is currently appearing in another drama that is also being aired on HUM TV, the drama is “Hatheli” where once again she is appearing as a lead actress and her other drama that has just started on Television is “Dil e Majbour”. She is even more liked since she has acted in dramas and her acting skills are definitely admirable.



Date of Birth:                          21st October 1993

Zodiac Sign:                             Libra

Nick Name:                              N/A

Height:                                     1.68 m (5 feet 6 inches)

Weight:                                    56 Kg

Age:                                          23 years

Eyes:                                         Brown Color

Hair:                                          Black Color

Complexion:                            Whitish

Body Type:                               Slim, Hourglass figure

Ethnicity:                                  Pakistani

Marital Status:                         Single

Religion:                                    Islam

Famous For:                              Acting, Modeling, Brand Ambassador of various Brands

Debut:                                        Abro-Drama Debut

HomeTown:                              Karachi, Pakistan

Languages known:                   Urdu, English



Hobbies:                           Long Drive, Travelling, Fashion Lover, Fitness Freak

Favorite Food:                 Fast Food, Chinese Foods


Place of Birth:                              Karachi, Pakistan

Current Address:                         Karachi

Mobile Number:                          N/A



Yess, Eshal does upload her latest updates and newsfeeds because she loves to interact with her fans. She is a very lively and loving person. She loves to smile because she has a really heart-warming smile. Eshal can be followed on Facebook using the link as:

Eshal Fayyaz uses the Instagram using the name: ieshalfayyaz

Eshal does have Twitter account. She can be approached on Twitter using the link:


  • Abro
  • Hatheli
  • Dil e Majbour




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