Top Designers of Pakistan- A Must Read for Those Who Love Designer Dresses


Edith Head says “you can have anything you want in your life if you dress for it”. Dressing is not all about fashion because fashion gets over quickly dressing is about your style that lasts forever. The designer wear induce style in you as well as fashion. Once you get addicted to designer dresses you feel yourself incomplete without that specific style you wear mostly. Pakistan’s fashion industry is growing fast and it is ranked among the top fashion industries in the world since last decade. Our talented designers are renowned for creating outstanding styles that gives people a sense of uniqueness when they go for those styles. Let’s meet our famous and successful designers to have a look on their unrivaled latest outfits:

  1. Hassan Sheharyar Yasin (HSY):

Hassan Sheharyar Yasin is known as the king of fashion industry not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. This resident of Lahore started his career in 1994 as a fashion choreographer and then he was acknowledged as top fashion designers. HSY is most commonly recognized by his bridal couture and formal wears. Here is the latest collection of HSY that is really mind blowing.

  • Look at this decently designed formal wear presented in Pantene bridal couture week. The intricate work of peals and golden thread on beige chiffon is looking elegantly beautiful. It is the peculiarity of HSY how he makes a model rule the ramp with his exceptional styles.
  • What a fusion of modernity and tradition! This formal Gharara style is made with jamawaar stuff and a long kurti in golden and brownish shade of thread work is looking spellbinding with pink traditional jacket. The combination of pink, blue and golden colors in dopatta is complementing the look of the whole dress.
  • Red color that was quite popular among brides in the past was faded away but we see in the last few years HSY brought that old fashioned red back with all richness of this hue. The combination of peach, black and orange on red base with glittery golden embroidery is giving red an entirely new look. Ready to wear on your Barat day.
  • This formal wear with combination of teal blue and copper color is looking extraordinarily amazing. The grace of chiffon is enhanced by big thread work motifs and open shoulder style is making the dress even more stylish.
  • Black and white is the oldest and classiest combination of dresses that has been very popular since ages. We are surprised to see long maxi back in fashion. How beautifully the boarder of brown fur on black and white box print is making the dress stand out.
  1. Deepak Parwani

Deepak Parwani is one of the few multitalented personalities Pakistan have. Besides being a successful designer he is a very good actor. Deepak Parwani’s designs are popular because of the elegance and sophistication he adds while designing. Following are a few designs that have been presented in national and international fashion shows.

  • The work of silver embroidery on powder pink chiffon fabric is looking opulent. The sleeveless full length frock is enhancing the richness of conventional ‘choori daar’ with a modish look.
  • Tea pink and golden when combined together complement each other with an elegance of new contrast. The detailed work of golden thread and peals around the boarders of dopatta are making the design matchless. The off white Sherwani of male model and customary maroon turban with a silver motif in the middle is also incredible.
  • Jamawaar looks decorous because of its well defined creases. Here is the combination of blue, golden, black and off white jamawaar on the perfection of aesthetics. The work of tiny mirrors on dopatta and tussles on the corners is looking fabulous.
  • The amalgamation of royal blue silk with navy blue velvet and the detailed thread work of silver and tangerine on long sleeved kurti is a ready to wear choice for formal occasions. Stay royal!
  • Deepak Parwani undoubtedly a king of color combinations. The way he designed maroon with off white and golden shades is exclusively astonishing. The grace of fabric and stone work are complementing each other inventively.
  1. Maria. B

Maria. B is a popular name in the world of fashion. Her collection includes formal, semi-formal and casual outfits. She gives a new touch to casual lawn wears with laces and embroidery. Maria. B has introduced both stitched and unstitched lawn, linen, cotton, fancy and dresses for kids as well. Here is a collection of some of her dresses.

  • Maria B. is one of the designers who introduced organza in 2016. This light purple shade in organza and thread embroidery on sleeves and boarders of shirt with well creased cigarette pants is looking stylishly graceful.
  • The beige short shirt with net laces all around and bell bottom sleeves along with same colored embroidered straight trousers is mesmerizing. Powder pink net dopatta surrounded by lace is complementing the grace of this semi-formal dress.
  • The fusion of print and thread work on the fabric of lawn sounds amazing. The style of sleeves with off white pearls is making the dress more outstanding and stylish.
  • The dark maroon and plum shades are blended together to create a new and stylishly beautiful combination. The tulip pants along with short frock and dopatta tied with belt is looking marvelously stylish. This new and unique style is designed for all formal and semi-formal occasion.
  • A soft look with turquoise and off white combination is perfect to wear on any occasion in summer. The net lace around the trousers and sleeves is making the dress more decorous. The intricate thread work of a bit darker shade is looking even more sumptuous.
  1. Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is fresh and young addition to Pakistan fashion industry. He is famous for his pret and party wears. This young man knows how to disuse an eastern design to a western one. He experiments with cultural outfits which distinguishes him. Some of the designs by Nomi Ansari are here.

  • This baggy frock with all the colors of ‘Sindhi Ajrak’ is a true depiction of sindhi culture. Plum and purple shades with golden embroidery and the jamawaar lace in the bottom is making the frock tremendously beautiful.
  • The full length umbrella frock of silk will remind you of an old British princess. Deep neck collars and work of golden thread on full sleeves is adding more royalty to the dress.
  • Here is another beautiful combination of brown and a shade lighter than maroon. The full length shirt sleeveless with V shape neck and loose trousers are enhancing the attractiveness of self-print chiffon fabric.
  • Here is how Nomi Ansari has nailed the grace of dodger blue by combining it with turquoise blue and the golden embroidery with stone work. The motifs on sleeves are making the dress more striking.
  • Flared frocks are always a wonderful idea to carry on formal occasions. Look at this extremely beautiful full length frock with almost all the shades of blue and purple. The lemon yellow and green patches just above the boarder of the dress are looking eye catching. Go flaunt the dress with high heels.
  1. Umar Sayeed

Umar Sayeed is a big name in the world of fashion. The glamor he adds to his dazzling styles and distinctive patterns makes him stand out among other designers. He has participated in many national and international fashion weeks and bridal couture. Let’s have a look on the products of this talented man.

  • This glamorous multicolored lehnga by Umar Saeed is speaking by its own. The work of ‘zari’, thread and pearls on chiffon is ultimate. Purple, orange, tangerine, pink and green colors would never look this stylish if the dress was not designed by Umar Sayeed. The thin red jamawar patches around the shoulders are giving a more aesthetic touch to this master piece of fashion.
  • The plain black skirt style ‘sharara’ with a multicolored ‘choli’ with glittery work on it is giving a traditional look to the dress. The open shoulders style is a milestone in blending culture and modernity.
  • Not only formal and bridal dresses, Umar Sayeed’s fabulous lawn collection is also outstanding. This dress with the combination of fresh yellow and blue hues and the detailed thread work on front is looking stunningly stylish.
  • Umar Sayeed promotes our culture and traditions by designing shalwar Qameez as well. The softness of the combination of pink and beige colors with a jarjet dopatta is making a perfect choice to go out in summer. The decency and elegance of this dress will make you look more exquisite with a nude makeup.
  • Look at this sleeveless long frock in grey color. Red and aquamarine floral motifs and the mustered boarder in the bottom around frock is really rocking the style. This dress will make you look alluring in formal events such as wedding ceremonies.
  1. Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi is one of the top ranked Pakistani fashion designers who are known for the uniqueness of their work. This elegant lady took inspiration from Mughal art and so it is reflected in her work. Bunto Kazmi plays with colors and creates master pieces with her innovative ideas. She represented Pakistani culture on different national and international ramps.

  • Look at this combination of maroon and black on silk stuff. The golden embroidered sharara with black velvet blouse and the heavily embroidered open gown will look gorgeous on formal events.
  • Off white long sleeveless shirt with laced bell bottom is absolutely pretty. The print if Mughal architecture on the shawl is complementing the sophistication of shirt and trousers. You can pick this dress for all the semi-formal and formal events.
  • This lovely lehnga style with short kurti is also an amazing dress by Bunto Kazmi in 2016. The combination of red and yellow is quite different in look and the wonderful thing about this dress is that Bunto Kazmi has also combined purple with the combination which gave unique touch to conventional colors. This bridal dress can be your choice on your mehndi function if you are not wearing traditional red on your Barat.
  • Here is a Shalwar Qameez dress from the lawn collection of Bunto Kazmi. She has made a brilliant effort in giving a stylish touch to a casual suit. Pink and black printed shirt with pink cigarette pants and beautifully printed jarjet dopatta is enhancing grace of the whole dress.
  • The ritualistic coalition of red and brown for wedding is innovated by styling it in an entirely different way. The decent long shirt with peals on the bottom and a baggy lehnga are making the design fabulous. The intricate detail of thread work is phenomenal.
  1. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is a popular brand not only in Pakistan but also in USA, UK and UAE. Asim Jofa started his career from jewelry designing and then he expanded it form jewelry to casual, formal and party wear dresses. Asim was declared as the best designer in the world in 2012. Let’s have a glimpse on some of his work.

  • Look at this bridal dress how pink and dull golden colors with short embroidered kurti are looking astoundingly remarkable. The side tussles on lehnga are beautifying the dress more.
  • Jofa is famous for its silk collection. Here is a pink and golden silk shirt with yellow trousers and printed multicolored dopatta. You will look gorgeous of you go for this dress on evening occasions.
  • The sleeveless velvet maxi with silver grey embroidery on front is enough to enhance the richness of maroon color.
  • Here is another dress from Asim Jofa bridal collection. This stunning blend of light and dark pink and the ‘aplic work’ of organza on the boarders is making the dress worth wearing on night parties.
  • Eid collection of Asim Jofa is as fabulous as other collections of his brand. The combination of grey and blue with plain velvet patches is looking unprecedentedly appealing. Pick up this dress and you will never go unnoticed on Eid.




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