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Doing Fashion is easy but creating Fashion and Fashion trends for people is not an easy thing. Fashion is an art and it requires sense to create Fashion Trends. Pakistan Fashion Industry is fulfilled with the most talented Fashion Designers. Pakistani Fashion Designers are not only admired in Pakistan but they are also applauded in the other countries. The work of Pakistani Fashion Designers is admired in many countries of the world and our designers have their outlets worldwide. Pakistani Fashion Weeks are held throughout the world and people from different countries want to wear the clothes designed by some of the known Pakistani Designers.

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Deepak Perwani is a Big name among the Pakistani Designers. Deepak is the Top Pakistani Fashion Designer; his name runs throughout the world. He is that one designer who started from a small platform and now he is one of the expensive most designers of Pakistan. We have a lot to discuss about this man. He is totally a role model for all those people who want to pursue their career in the Fashion Industry. Fashion is definitely not an easy ride that everyone can take. People consider the Fashion Designers as they are doing the very easy jobs and earning much money. But the fact is that Fashion is a tough game, it’s something that requires great hard work and time to come up with some unique designs. It requires years to establish a name into the market and to make people trust you. Deepak in the same way has taken a long ride, years of hard work that now everyone knows him, trusts his brand.

Deepak Perwani says, “Fashion is not a ride for everyone”. This statement actually stands true because a lot of people start their Fashion career but only a few go really successful. Deepak is not just a name but he is a Legacy in the Pakistan Fashion Industry. Deepak says that he has had an Amazing life and journey and he is not at all among those who keep complaining. Deepak Perwani’s collections are among the Top Rated and Best Collections each year. He amazes his fans and lovers each year with such unique and perfect Ideas. Deepak is a flawless designer and his collections are amongst the most expensive collections as well but they are totally worth it.

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Deepak is a famous and successful Fashion Designer but he actually wanted to be a Fashion Merchandiser and an Actor. And he also fulfilled his dream of acting when he appeared on TV as an actor. He didn’t want to be a Fashion Designer and it was something that was cross his mind. He was in New York, and then he came to Pakistan. In Pakistan, he started working for his Uncle’s export House, Deepak used to help his uncle out with designs and he was basically managing everything. Just for earning some pocket money, Deepak started designing as well. It was never expected to be a full-grown thing. During that, he was always supposed to go back to New York and continue his studies.

It is often seen that men are not supported in the field of Fashion. But Deepak’s mother has been greatly supportive to him throughout his career establishment. He says that his mother is a cool chic. In fact, as a matter of fact, both of his parents have been much supportive all over. His parents were the actual source that built a man who is vastly known as Deepak Perwani today. His parents gifted him a store space as a gift on his 21st birthday and not only that, they also gave him money to decorate that store and fulfill his dreams. Deepak is a name whose designed clothes are worn by famous actors and people worldwide. People say that Deepak came up with a unique idea and he totally lavished the Pakistan Fashion Industry.

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Deepak Perwani started his career at an early age of 20 when he was studying in New York and he used to come back to Pakistan, he started working in his uncle’s store and started designing as well for the sake of some pocket money. Deepak put his steps into a business that he didn’t know that it was going to make his life this better. There were celebrities, ministers, prime ministers that he designed clothes for and he was just 20 years old. He got two MTV Awards, two HUM TV Awards and several International compliments and acclaims one after another. Deepak Perwani now sits down and counts his more than Twenty years of excellence, betterment and acknowledgement throughout the world. He doesn’t take attention rather he gets attention on his exceptional works and we can say that 20 very successful years have definitely settled him down so far that he doesn’t fear any competitors.

Deepak recently created the world’s largest Kurta and once again, he astonished the people. He is lucky enough to enroll his name in the Guinness World Records because of creating that world’s Largest Kurta. It can be worn by a 175-foot (i.e. 53 m) taller person; it was unveiled at a public ceremony. It weighs around 800 Kg, its 101 feet tall and 59 feet 3 inches wide. It took only 30 days by 50 professional tailors to work on the design and make this Kurta. It was simply amazing and you have to move your head up to look at it.

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Full Name:                                     Deepak Perwani

Date of Birth:                                1973

Zodiac Sign:                                   N/A

Nick Name:                                    Deepak

Height:                                           6 feet

Weight:                                          90 Kg

Age:                                                44 years

Eyes:                                               Black

Hair:                                                Black

Complexion:                                  Whitish

Body Type:                                     Slim

Ethnicity:                                        Pakistani

Marital Status:                               N/A

Religion:                                          Hindu Sindhi Community in Pakistan

Famous For:                                    Fashion Designing

Debut:                                              Kadoorat-Drama Debut

College:                                            N/A

Education:                                       N/A

Hometown:                                     Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan

Languages known:                         Urdu, English


Hobbies:                                               Travelling, Designing Clothes

Favorite Food:                                     Chinese Foods, Continental Foods

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Place of Birth:                                       Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan

Current Address:                                  Karachi, Pakistan

Mobile Number:                                   N/A


It is the part of Deepak’s work that he has to keep himself updated, interactive and much social. He has a formal marketing staff that does interact with the people. You can follow Deepak on his official Facebook account using the link:

Follow Deepak on Instagram using the following name: deepakperwaniofficial

Follow Deepak Perwani on Twitter using the link:


Deepak Perwani always wanted to be an actor and he actually has got acting skills. Deepak is a multi-talented person; he also has proved himself in the acting field. Deepak made his Drama Debut in a Drama Serial titled as “Kadoorat” that aired on HUM TV in 2013.

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