Complete Guide on how to earn money from website in Pakistan

how to earn money

The biggest and the most revolutionary invention of 21st century was the one which happened in the last two decades. It was the invention of internet- a network of computer devices which can transfer data and information in fraction of seconds. This highly technical invention opened new doors of innovations and opportunities which were beyond the comprehension of human mind. Internet was an academic project which was meant to connect universities through fibre optics to synchronise research but it got attention of defence industry and it was developed. Ultimately it was opened to common people and commercial interests acted as a catalysts and internet was become as information investion as once invention of wheel and steam engine revolutionize the human history. Nowadays, the extent of power of internet can be seem from the fact that all new billionaires that have exceeded ten billions are result from tech startups. Here are the top ten ways of earning ”
Making a blog

Another important thing about wordpress and blogger is that you can use as many themes as you desire by click of button. You can also make use of pluggins as required by your website.
Method of monetization for Pakistani.
There are thousands of methods for monetizing websites through out the world. But due to non availablity of paypal for Pakistani nationals majority of methods are of no use for Pakistanis. Other than that, due to bad reputation of Pakistanis, many cpa companies are not entertaining our applications and rejecting us for multiple reasons (definitely they cant say that they are rejecting you because of your nationality).
In such case the following are the best available methods of menetization for Pakistani webmasters.
Adsense is the google network of publishers in which they publish advertisements on webmaster webspace and in return adsense pays on pay per click and pay per view basis. The only problem with adsense is that in order to apply for this publisher network, you need to have a well established site and you need to have atleast thirty unique articles. This is for once only. Once your account is approved, there will be no problem for you to use it on as many sites as possible. First payment is make through check that can be submitted in bank account whereas further payments can be collected through western union.
Second best monetization method for Pakistani webmasters is clickbank. Clickbank is difference from adsense. This is because Clickbank is a cost per action advertising company. Unlike adsense, you just dont need traffic only, you need to actually get a sale from your traffic in order to earn money. There are hundred of niches on clickbank and they all pay well. Most of them pay 75% of sale value to their affiliates marketing. Payment is through check and bak wire transfer as well. Therefore, it is suitable for Pakistani webmasters. But in order to earn considerable amount, you need to have english content and traffic from first world countries.
Amazon associates program
As you all know, amazon is the biggest dropshiping company of the world. Like google and clickbank, they have started their own affiliate program in which they pay their webmasters who send them traffic commission based on percentage of sales. The best thing about amazon is that you will get commission for any sale that you have made in a period of 24 hours regardless to the fact it was the product that you referred or otherwise. Amazon also works best on american traffic and other english speaking countries. Such traffic really convert very well. It is the only affiliate program where most of the webmasters are earning more than 100$ per 1000 visitors. None other network is as rewarding as this network. Payment is also through bankwire.
How to get traffic on Pakistani website.
This is the most important question as far as the adventure of owning a website is concerned. Website is totally useless if you are not getting any traffic. Your earning will directly depend on the amount of traffic you are receiving. The best and most reliable to get traffic for your website is by doing search engine optimization. SEO can really bring a lots of traffic in long term that too free of cost. You need to write quality content in your website and get the link of your website registered and posted by other websites in order to get good ranking in search engine. The most good thing about SEO is that once you have optimized your website, you will get targetted traffic from google for a longer period of time. This is the traffic that converts the most.
The second important tactics for getting traffic is by getting traffic from social media websites. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and google plus are the most common social media websites. Each of the website is goldmine of traffic in itself. The more your content becomes viral and gets share in these site, the more traffic you will get. You need to have good social media presence in order this traffic. This is the fastest way of getting traffic.
The third best way of getting traffic for Pakistani website is by posting relevant comments and materials on relevant and general forums. Forums in same niche are good source of high quality traffic. This is also fast source of traffic. Other good thing about this source is that this source can really bring visitors fast in no time. Visitors from forum posting also are more loyal than social media and search engine traffic. Building a profile in relevant forums can be really profitable for you in longer time.
Commenting in relevant blog posts can also be a great source of traffic for your new website. This is because you are cashing authority of already ranking websites and it can attract visitors from other websites.
Generating traffic is not easy, it needs lots of consistency and hardwork. My friend Rana started a website but gave up as he was unable to get traffic.

How to (SEO) optimize your website for Search Engine

Search engine optimization is really important for every kind and type of website because it is the search engine that supplies website with traffic at no cost. The second best thing about SEO traffic is that the quality of the traffic is really good. The reason for their superior quality is that it is not only targeted but the conversion rate is also very good.

There are two types of search engine optimization.

  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization


On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is the type of optimization in which webmasters do necessary changes in website so that it is picked up by the search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is relatively easy and there is not that great room for improvement. Following are the elements that should be kept in mind while doing On Page Optimization

H1 Tags

Html tags are really important for the proper optimization of the website. These tags include h1 tag, h2 tag, h3 tag, h4 tag, h5 tag and h6 tags. In Pakistan, webmasters are currently ranking for less competitive keywords without any other effort only by properly utilizing these tags. Another added benefit of these tags is that they add to the aesthetic sense of the website.


Images are cornerstone of on page SEO. Proper utilization of image names and alt text of the image helps your website to stand out in the eyes of search engine resulting in higher ranking. If you are wondering about Alt text, it is the alternative description of the image for search engines. Using targeted keywords will really help for better ranking.

Word Counts

Word count of the articles or pieces of content published really matters a lot for better ranking in search engines. Nowadays, there is no fixed criteria for the better ranking of the post except longer the post is, better it will be. You can use at least 700 words in your posts for better ranking of the posts for the concerned keywords. Some competitive keywords, posts above 700 words are recommended.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is really important parameters in eyes of search engine. Normally Google is really fond of keyword density around 1.2 to 1.8 % for a particular keyword. Over optimization will definitely kill your website and destroy your ranking. In order to make Google love your website, you must keep the density around 1.5%.

Using synonyms

Another important parameter for ranking of Pakistani Websites is the use of synonyms in a piece of content. The greater the number of synonyms, the greater will be the chances of getting better ranking. Synonyms also increase the impression of reader about the writer and it helps in keeping the keyword density below 1.5%.

Links to the authority Website

Another important aspect, which is considered by search engine, is about linking of the content to authority websites. It shows that you are writing the piece of content by researching well and it also shows tendency that you are writing a genuine piece of content. Links to website like Google, Wikipedia, news sites help a lot in this regard.

Use of info graphics

Use of info graphics is really good for on page optimization. Info graphics are graphical representation of the facts and figures about particular facts. They can really help the reader to understand the concept just by seeing a single picture. As they “picture is worth 1000 words”, info graphics is really prime prove of it.

Use of Videos

Another important factor that can rank your website in the search engine is the use of videos in posts. Use of videos has not only SEO benefit, but it also grabs attention of readers. It can increase the stay time of visitors in your site which is a valuable parameter in negotiating price of advertising on your website.

Domain Tld

Domain tld is another important factor for proper setting on page. The best domain for seo purpose is the .com domain for international websites. For national websites, and .pk domains are the best domains in this regard. If you are using some other domain like .tv, .net or .org or any other tld, it is better to switch your domain to the new domain and it wont be any problem.

Domain age

Domain age is also very important parameter for search engine. The more aged your domain is, the more respected it will be by search engines. Search engines really likes aged domain because they show that the website have some authority. You can easily buy domains from various forums and marketplaces. Best way to buy or .pk domain is to check whois data and in most of the cases, contact number is given by the domain manager.

Domain Expiration Date

Another parameter for One page Seo is the expiry date of domain. It means that the domain is registered for x numbers of years. Most of the webmasters have registered their domains for atleast ten years.

Number of posts on website

Another important factor in deciding the ranking of Pakistani websites is the number of posts on the websites. The greater is the size of the websites, the better it will be for search engines. A websites having more than 20 articles will outrank websites will having fewer articles. Once must go for big websites for getting more visitors from search engines.

Targeting Long term keywords

Another important factor for dealing with search engines is to use long-term keywords. There will be two clear benefits in this instance. The first benefit will be that it will be much easier to rank then short keywords. This can be illustrated by the fact that a keyword “small cars” will be much difficult to rank than “660 cc small cars”. So websites will start getting search more easily than the more competitive short keywords. The second added benefits would be that it would be more appealing for Google as it will indicate that you are covering various aspects of your topics.

Off Page Search engine Optimization

The other way to increase your website ranking is called off page search engine optimization. As the name indicates, the this kind of SEO has nothing to do with your website. It deals all other methods, tools, procedures and guidelines that can make you rank to the top. Off page SEO includes pointing other established or new web properties to your website so that google can know that you have get quality as well as authority for a particular term. When Google knows that you have quality and authority, it will rank you higher for the required terms. Links and social signals are the two corners stones of Off page SEO. Following are the techniques in managing the Off page management.

Commenting in Relevant Websites.

The best way to get links to your website from relevant websites is to comment useful things in the comments section of the relevant websites. This is usually a boring work but it is not as boring as it seems. One can enjoy while interacting with other readers. Another added benefit for this technique of commenting in relevant websites is that along with the backlink, you can also get referral traffic. Best places to comments are relevant banklinks are blogs, forums and other websites that allow interaction between visitors.

Guest Blogposts

Another best way to get links to your websites from other relevant websites is to offer them your service to write blog posts for them. This is the mutually beneficial approach for both of the websites. One website that has authority gets content free of cost and on the other hand, other website gets banklink from a relevant website with authority. Another added benefit for the guest blog posts is that you get also exposure as well as traffic of the authority website. The best way to write a blogpost and send emails to the relevant webmasters offering them to publish your post along with links to your website. The most recommended way is to send half of your article along the email. When you get response, you can send the webmaster your article along with the articles. Doing so will definitely increase your authority and ranking in search engines.

Private Blog Network

Another best way to get links to your websites is to create your own private blog network. Private blog network is the collection of small websites that you make in order to get source of unlimited back link opportunities for the webmasters. These small websites that must contain atleast ten unique articles of the content relevant to the website.

One important thing to remember that these websites must not have some footprint. Footprint includes hosting the websites on the same server, ip or using the same theme for the websites. Hosting that much sites on a different post can be quite expensive and cost a lot. But the benefits are greater in number than the costs.

Problem with the method is that is that it can be costy and it really takes a lots of effort to create such network. The benefit is that once your blog network is matured, you can rank as much keywords as you want.

Creating Web 2.0 Properties

Another important mehtod to rank your websites is the use of the web 2.0 properties. Web 2.0 properties are the platforms that allow user to create their own blog free of cost on the blogging platforms. Popular web2.0 properties include blogspot, blogger, wordpress, tumblr and wix. These blogging platform provides opportunity of starting a blog with a single click about anything. They establish your blog on one of their subdomain and host you for free. Some of these networks take extra money from the users for value added services. On web 2.0, you can create links to your comments by creating relevant content for the website.

Using Article Marketing

Another important method to get relevant back links for the website is the use of article marketing. Article marketing is the use of content on article websites along with relevant anchor texts resulting in creating of backlinks that will have good authority and value. Most common article marketing websites are ezinearticles, ehow, goarticles etc. The difficult thing is that each article marketing website have different guidelines for posting on such websites. The benefit is that you can also get some traffic along with the backlinks.

Writing Press Releases

Another important method to get relevant back links for the websites is to write a press release and submit it to the press releases sites as well as the news sites. Press releases are the easiest way to get backlinks as the same article will be syndicated to the different press releases websites and there is no hassle of managing huge amount of content.

Question Answers Websites

Another important method to get relevant back links is the use of question answers websites. Question answers websites are online communities where people interact with each other by asking and answering questions. The most famous websites in this niche are quora and yahoo answers. These websites are huge source of getting relevant backlinks to your website. Another added benefit for such websites is that these websites are huge sources of high quality traffic.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Another interesting method to get relevant back links is the use of the social bookmarking websites. Digg, stumble Upon and Pinterest are the best social bookmarking websites for getting relevant websites. It is the most easiest way to get the backlinks as you just need to press a button. Only drawback about this method is that back links created as a result of this method are not that useful in competing in highly competitive keywords.

Classified Ads Website

Another interesting method to get relevant back links is the use of the classified ads websites. Classified ads websites are the websites in which users can post ads free of cost by signing up for these sites. Sometimes, there are small fees associated with the posting but it is still worth the risk. The most famous classified websites are craiglist, ebay and gumtree depending on which country you belong.


How to get traffic to Website in Pakistan

Internet has opened endless opportunities in the present era for earning money. Unfortunately, none of it is possible without getting traffic to your website, blog or application. Driving traffic to a website is really complex phenomenon and it needs a lot of hard work. Following are the ways to get traffic to a website.

  1. Getting Paid Traffic

The most easiest and expensive way to get traffic to your website, blog or application is to get paid traffic. Paid traffic is the way of getting traffic to your website, blog or application by buying the traffic from search engine and other media websites. Following are the top five sources of paid traffic.

  1. Adwords by Google

The best way to get traffic is to buy traffic and the best traffic provider is google adwords. Google adwords is a platform in which traffic is bought against keywords at a competitive environment. Competitive environment means buyers bid against each other and they have to outbid others in other to get traffic. Google sells traffic in three ways:

  1. Pay per view
  2. Pay per Click

iii. Pay per video

Pay Per view:

Pay per view is a system in which user pay for a ad to displayed over the Google publisher network regardless to the fact whether it is clicked or otherwise. In this model, users normally bid per 1000 impressions and definite amounts of visitors is not guaranteed but the price is usually cheap. The amount of visitors depend on the click through rate and click through rate depends on various factors. I will write a separate blog post on this topic.

Pay Per Click:

Pay per click is a system in which user pay for a click on the ad and visitors actually visits the website of the advertiser. In this model, Users decide their budget, and they select their bid price and they know exactly how many visitors they will get. The only complication in this model is about deciding the bid price. If it is too low, your ad will not be served in the publisher network. and if it is too high, your campaign will not be profitable. One need to be sure that he is selecting good bid price for the advertisement. It is the fastest way to get traffic when the bid price is right.

Per Per video View:

Pay per video view is a system in which users pay YouTube and other Google partner services to display their video to the publishers. It is normally serve with the other videos of interest of the visitors. Advertisers pay per 1000 views in this model as well. In such case, bid price is important as in pay per click.

Face book Advertising:

The second best way to advertise is the use of face book advertising. Face book advertising is the second biggest advertiser network of the words. Face book is the biggest website as far as daily visitors are concerned. More than 1 billion people are part of this social network. Face book advertising is an intelligent network in which relative ads are served to users who have interest. Face book advertising model is of two types:

Pay per Like

Pay Per Share

Pay per Like model is similar to the pay per click model of the Google. The only difference is that here, the advertisers pay for number of likes they want. Again, bidding mechanism is in place for the users who wants to get like on their fan page.

Pay per Share model is similar to the pay per click and like method. In this method, advertisers pay for the number of share of their posts and in this method as well, there is no fixed estimate of the visitors. Pay per share are shown in sponsored posts and they are shown on the users who have similar interest and demographics.

Buying Banner Space:

The third best way to get traffic is to get by buying banner space. In banner advertising, advertiser pays to buy a banner space for their websites on other websites. In this method, the advertiser pays a fixed amount regardless of the amount of traffic send by such banner. Again in this method, the amount of traffic sent which is sent depend on the click through rate. Click through rate depend on multiple factors. These factors are numerous and I will cover them in another post. There are some established marketplace to buy banner space on established websites and these websites are based on commission on successful deals.

Email Marketing:

Another way to get traffic is to by email marketing. Email marketing is the technique in which advertisers pay to webmasters who has list of subscribers to get traffic from them. In such method, user pay on guaranteed visitors to the webmasters. This is expensive method of getting traffic but the quality of visitors is targeted and their quality is generally good. Email marketing is a modern way of getting visitors.

There are few websites that offer email list for swap and purchase as well but the best way to get quality visitors is contact webmasters who are not habitually selling their lists and blasting them with unwarranted emails. This is also a quick method to get high quality targeted traffic but in such case, it is not long term and traffic diminishes with increase number of pay per sale options.

Buying Twitter followers

Another method to get quality traffic for advertisers is to buy twitter followers. Twitter is also a social network website similar to face book and quality of traffic is also very good. The model of twitter is that advertisers pay for their keywords and niches to get followers which is lifetimes. These followers then response to the tweets of the webmasters.

All of the above methods are for those webmasters who have separate budget for marketing of their websites. For those webmasters, who don’t have any budget, going through social media marketing and organic traffic are the only plausible options.


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